Dol—February 2, 2011

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DOL—February 2, 2011

  • Get out your essay. Put it in the following order:
  • Top: Final Draft
  • Middle: Rewrites
  • Bottom: On-Demand
  • 2. Describe what an “outsider” is and write your answers in sentence form using parallel structure.

DOL—February 3, 2011

  • Get out your handout from yesterday about The Outsiders.
  • What are the three main social classes? Write your answer using parallel structure.


  • Definition: unaware of surroundings; preoccupied
  • Sentence: “I absent-mindedly watched Darry as he searched the icebox for chocolate cake” (Hinton 97).


  • Definition: kidding or teasing
  • Sentence: “’Ain’t you about to freeze to death, Pony?’ ‘You ain’t a’woofin’,’ I said, rubbing my bare arms between drags on my cigarette” (Hinton 49).


  • Definition: short for switchblade, a type of pocketknife
  • Sentence: “’Look!’ He showed me the handkerchief, reddened as if by magic. ‘Did they pull a blade on you?’” (Hinton 10).


  • Definition: rumbler, or fighter, to the Brumly gang
  • Sentence: “I mean, you take a guy that calls a rumble “bop-action,” and you can tell he isn’t real educated” (Hinton 122).


  • Definition: used as an adjective to mean wretched, worthless
  • Sentence: “’And even if you are mad at us, that’s no reason to go walking the streets with these bums’” (Hinton 41).


  • Definition: drunk
  • Sentence: “He was pretty well crocked, which made me apprehensive. If Dally was drunk and in a dangerous mood…” (Hinton 54).


  • Definition: understand, appreciate
  • Sentence: “Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That’s gold” (Hinton 154).


  • Definition: police
  • Sentence: “’How’s Sodapop? Are the fuzz after us? Is Darry all right? Do the boys know where we are? What…’” (Hinton 71).


  • Definition: brave
  • Sentence: “Two-Bit gallantly offered to walk them home—the west side of town was only about twenty miles away—but they wanted to call their parents and have them come get them” (Hinton 35).


  • Definition: gun
  • Sentence: “I didn’t know about the Brumly boys, but I knew Shepard’s gang were used to fighting with anything they could get their hands on—bicycle chains, blades, pop bottles, pieces of pipe, pool sticks, or sometimes even heaters” (Hinton 122).

DOL—February 7, 2011

  • Write parallel sentences for who won the Super Bowl (Green Bay Packers) and who lost the Super Bowl (Pittsburg Steelers).
  • What is parallel about MY number one above?
  • NO ESSAY!!!


  • Definition: refrigerator
  • Sentence: “I hunted through the icebox and found some eggs” (Hinton 92).


  • Definition: a light, cotton fabric of various weaves, used for shirts
  • Sentence: “He had on a madras shirt. I can still see it. Blue madras” (Hinton 8).


  • Definition: drunk
  • Sentence: “Five Socs were coming straight at us, and from the way they were staggering I figured they were reeling pickled” (Hinton 50).


  • Definition: a correctional institution for minors
  • Sentence: “If Johnny got caught, they’d give him the electric chair, and if they caught me, I’d be sent to a reformatory” (Hinton 59).


  • Definition: “Understand?”
  • Sentence: “…It’s just because you’re the baby—I mean, he loves you a lot. Savvy?’” (Hinton 19).


  • Definition: a game that is a variant of pool, played with 15 red balls (with a point value of 1) and 6 balls of other colors (with point values from 2-7)
  • Sentence: “’Gonna go play a little snooker and hunt up a poker game…’” (Hinton 43).


  • Definition: different from “tough” which means rough; “tuff” means “cool, sharp”
  • Sentence: “Tough and tuff are two different words. Tough is the same as rough; tuff means cool, sharp—like a tuff-looking Mustang or a tuff record. In our neighborhood both are compliments” (Hinton 14).


  • Definition: territory
  • Sentence: “Once we even found Tim Shepard, leader of the Shepard gang and far from his own turf, reading the morning paper in the armchair” (Hinton 93).


  • Definition: cigarette
  • Sentence: “Two-Bit grinned and lit a cigarette. ‘Anyone want a weed?’” (Hinton 29).

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