Directions: Required Length: 600 words minimum

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ersonality Profile Essay

The purpose of this essay is to better understand yourself and others through completing a personality profile, and reflecting upon the results.

Required Length: 600 words minimum (hint: The students who get ‘A’s on this essay usually write more than 2 pages.)

Format: Double-spaced, size 12 font.

This Project is due on _________________________.
1st Paragraph

Define and explain “personality” (use your notes). Discuss the different ways that personality types have been labeled in the past. State what your personality type is (the 4 letters).

2nd Paragraph: E or I

  1. Give your first letter.

  2. Define this part of personality

  3. Explain all of the characteristics of that letter that accurately describe you.

  4. Explain any of the characteristics that you may have for the opposite letter type.

Follow the same format for each of your other three letters in the paragraphs below.

3rd Paragraph: Your Second Letter – S or N
4th Paragraph: Your Third Letter – T or F
5th Paragraph: Your Fourth Letter – J or P
6th Paragraph: Conclusion – What did you think about this study of personality types; what did you learn about yourself, how can you use this knowledge about different types of personalities to understand yourself and others better?
NOTE: The info above is the minimum that you should be writing about. In order to receive an ‘A’, you will need to go more in depth and incorporate more of your research. Examples of ways to provide more depth would be to discuss how your personality impacts your relationships, your career, etc.
You may use the following websites to research this project: - General overview of the four letters - To read details about your personality type - To see what types of jobs might fit you - To research how your personality affects your relationships – For additional research on your personality type
Your grade will be based upon:

Following Directions Completeness Overall Presentation

Creativity Depth of Thought Use of In-Class Time

Download 12.5 Kb.

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