D. Other Land Use Urban land development

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D. Other Land Use

1. Urban land development- (urbanization ; suburban sprawl; planned development)

Urbanization: City living

50% World 75% U.S. and increasing.

Urban Growth: The rate of increase of urban populations. * Urban Sprawl

Reasons moving into the city:

Pushed into urban areas by factors such as poverty, lack of land, and declining agricultural jobs.

Pulled- jobs, food , housing entertainment.
Problems that arise with large cities are :

Severe air pollution

High unemployment

Deafening noise

High crime rate

Sub-Urban Sprawl- Expanding Cities.

Suburbs- area attached to the city
Reasons for: land, housing, school, less crime.

  • Affordable gasoline.

Disadvantages, including:

Long transport distances to work – fossil fuel consumption- accidents- obesity- hypertension

High car dependence

Inadequate facilities eg: health, cultural. etc.

Higher per-person infrastructure costs.

Loss of socialization: solar capital

Shanty towns - experience extreme poverty

Most states are imposing urban growth boundaries.

Smart Growth Communities - Ecocity or Green City

-Boulder ,Colorado- green inovator

-Portland, Oregon- # 1 Green City U.S.

-Chattanooga , Tennesse- from brown to green

-Curitiba, Brazil- mass transit, no cars in the city.

Whats being done:

-Prevention of pollution & waste

-Efficient energy use

-Recycling & reducing

-Transportation alternatives to cars.

-Green areas- green belts

Neighborhood Development- Urban Growth Boundary – New York’s Central Park

Traditional Housing - tract homes, even spaced lots. (Old School)

Cluster Development - grouped housing – lots of open areas

- mixed use. Everything you need (walking distance)

What kind of neighborhood do you live in? What kind, would you design?

2. Transportation infrastructure-

(Federal highway system; canals and channels; road less areas; ecosystem impacts)

Feature: Fixing Roads and Bridges First
1 in 4 Bridges and 1 in 6 roads need repair. *dangerous…….
U.S. Car Addiction. Too many accidents – More cars in China. (no pollution restrictions)

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