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Curriculum Vitae
James S. Ang
November 13, 2014

General Information
University address: Finance
College of Business
Rovetta - Building A 0529
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1110

E-mail address:

Web site:

Professional Preparation
1972 Ph.D., Purdue University. Major: Industrial Administration. Finance & Quantitative Methods.
1968 M.S., Purdue University. Major: Industrial Administration.
1967 B.S., University of the Philippines. Major: Chemical Engineering.

Professional Experience
1998–present Eminent Scholar, Finance, Florida State University. Teaching and research.
1994–1998 Barnett Bank Chair Professor of Finance, Finance, Florida State University. Teaching and research.
1980–1994 William O.Cullom Chair Professor of Finance, Finance, Florida State University. Teaching and research.
1977–1979 Director of Graduate Programs (MBA and PhD), College of Business, Oklahoma State University. In charge of admission and administration of both the MBA and PhD programs.
1977–1979 Professor, Finance, Oklahoma State University. Teaching and research.
1974–1977 Associate Professor, Finance, Oklahoma State University. Teaching and research.
1971–1974 Assistant Professor, Finance, Oklahoma State University. Teaching and Research.

Visiting Professorship(s)
2001 London Business School.
1992 Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
1991 Concordia University, Montreal Canada.
1979–1980 Purdue University.

Honors, Awards, and Prizes
The William R. Jones Most Valuable Mentor Award for supervising African American doctoral candidates, The McKenzie Foundation (1998).

Plaque of recognition, as past President, Financial Management Association International (1997).

University Professorial Excellence Program Award, Florida State University (1997).

John S. Day Distinguished Alumni Academic Service Award, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University (1995).

Plaque of recognition, two terms editorship of the journal, Financial Management, Financial Management Association International (1994).

Herman Krannert Research Fellowship (1970–1971).

Davis Ross Foundation Research Fellowship (1971).

Current Membership in Professional Organizations
American Economic Association

American Finance Association

Beta Gamma Sigma

European Finance Association

European Financial Management Association

Financial Management Association International

Phi Gamma Mu

Phi Kappa Phi

The Society for Financial Studies

Western Finance Association

Courses Taught
Seminar in Finance (FIN6449)

Problems in Financial Management (FIN4424)

Doctoral Committee Chair
Fulmer, S., graduate. (2014). Two Essays: Clawback and Deferred Compensation.

West, J., graduate. (2014). Two essays: overpay and underpay CEOs.

Chua, A. C., graduate. (2009). Two essays on initial public offerings.

Lawson, D. T., graduate. (2009). The role of owner in capital structure decision (Essay1); Negative equity firms and leverage (Essay2).

Majadillas, M. A. E., graduate. (2009). Two essays in finance.

Krieger, K. M., graduate. (2009). Essays in corporate finance.

Fodor, A., graduate. (2008). Two essays on CEO compensation.

Lo, Ying-ling, graduate. (2007). Two essays on transparency in corporate finance: mergers and repurchase.

Holmes, V., graduate. (2006). Two essays on firm capital and firm valuation.

Hunsader, K., graduate. (2005). Two essays on the strategic aspects of information release.

Nagel, G., graduate. (2005). Essay 1: The home court advantage and CEO asset performance persistence; Essay 2: Automative racheting of CEO pay.

Flaherty, S., graduate. (2003). Essays on financial market liquidity under market duress.

Kong, S. X., graduate. (2003). Market misvaluation and corporate investment decisions.

Hollowell, B., graduate. (2002). Non-static pay- performance sensitivities: incorporating firm holdbacks and takebacks.

Boyer, C., graduate. (2000). Two essays on IPO of firms from new industries.

Ciccone, S., graduate. (2000). Two essays on financial transparency: 1. Information quality and stock returns, 2. International differences in financial transprency.

Costa, B., graduate. (2000). Paying for performance: The compensation of chief executive officers.

Yu, J., graduate. (2000). Essays on IPO and M&A volumes around the world.

Brau, J., graduate. (1999). Three essays on the going public process.

Keys, P., graduate. (1998). Two essays on executive pay and firm performance.

Kohers, N., graduate. (1998). Acute information asymmetries in mergers and acquisitions: Doomed deals or potential gems?.

Li, J. W. M., graduate. (1997). Board of directors in the context of corporate governance: Two essays.

Swint, F., graduate. (1997). The control and pricing of agency costs in real estate investment trusts: Two essays.

Best, R., graduate. (1996). Wage revision and persistent firm performance: An empirical investigation of the managerial labor market.

Narayanan, R., graduate. (1996). Executive compensation contract negotiation: A study of the repricings of 'underwater' options.

Cox, D., graduate. (1994). Controlling the agency costs of insider trading and The role of insider trading in correcting overreactions: Two essays.

Fant, F., graduate. (1994). The impact of heterogeneous valuation on mergers and acquisitions.

Tyler, F., graduate. (1994). A study of companies preparing to sell.

Hodges, C., graduate. (1993). Empirical tests of the marginal value of voting rights in contests for corporate control.

Goebel, J., graduate. (1991). Announcement day effects and the role of strategic transactions: An empirical investigation.

Lamb, R., graduate. (1990). Institutional trading behavior around significant corporate restructuring announcements: The case of life insurance companies around mergers and leveraged buyouts.

Speltz, J., graduate. (1990). Voluntary corporate restructuring.

Jung, M., graduate. (1989). The role of strp financing in leveraged buyouts: A theoretical analysis.

Moore, N., graduate. (1987). Essays on the relationships between the management of private uninsured defined-benefit plans, shareholder wealth, and corporate capital structure.

Megginson, W., graduate. (1986). Restricted voting stock and corporate control.

Pattaphongs, D., graduate. (1986). Two essays on sovereign debt.

Jessell, K., graduate. (1985). The value of reputation on the financial signals of the firm under asymmetric information.

Schwarz, T., graduate. (1984). Risk aversion, investment horizons, and heterogeneous information: An experimental investigation into the variability of asset prices.

Fatemi, A., graduate. (1977).

McDonald, J., graduate. (1977).

Pohlman, R., graduate. (1976).

Weaver, D., doctoral candidate. Two essays: a) The unintended consequences of pay for luck. 2) CEO pay and sentiments.

Doctoral Committee Cochair
Wu, Chaopeng (Xiamen University), graduate. (2009). Two essay on intellectual property rights and finance.

Zhang, S., graduate. (2002). Two essays in finance and statistics: Building tracking portfolios and designing risk management programs.

Doctoral Committee Member
Van der Poel, Marike (Erasmus University), graduate. (2008).

Danisevka,Petra (Erasmus University), graduate. (2004).

DeJong, Abe (Tilburg University), graduate. (2003).

Valencia, A., doctoral candidate.

Research and Original Creative Work
Refereed Journal Articles
Ang, J. S., Colak, G., & Zhang, Tai-wai. (in press). Decoupling by Clienteles and by Time in the Financial Markets: The Case of Two-Stage Stock-Financed Mergers. Journal of Corporate Finance.
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