Controls focus on the algorithms and techniques needed to achieve the desired performance in complex dynamic systems

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Before I start, foreign universities classify majors differently than domestic universities, so I’m using MIT as an example to talk about its educational fields similar to detection, guidance and control technology and Aircraft Control and Information Engineering.
Controls focus on the algorithms and techniques needed to achieve the desired performance in complex dynamic systems. It includes estimation, filtering, and navigation to determine how the system is behaving, and the design of feedback algorithms (classical, optimal, robust, and adaptive) to modify that behavior. In addition to these rigorous analyzes, their focus is on developing practical control systems for aircraft, UAVs, cars, and robots. Current research is addressing the integration of these traditional control approaches with machine/reinforcement learning for real-world systems.
The educational goals of this field are to develop the algorithmic and software skills to design classical, state-space, and optimal controllers/estimators for dynamic systems. They also focus on the interpretation of how these algorithms achieve the desired performance goals, which is cemented in a firm understanding of the dynamics of the system. The limitations embedded in the assumptions of the approaches is also discussed to highlight the practicality of the techniques. Hardware experiments provide experience in the implementation issues that often arise in real-world systems.
As for Communications and Networks, this department faculty are engaged in a wide range of research activities in the communications and networks area, including wireless and sensor networks, space networks, satellite and hybrid communication networks, location-aware networks, and ultra-wideband systems. A student completing a degree in the area of communications and networks will obtain solid knowledge of distributed sensing and communication networks. In addition, a student will obtain knowledge in a number of closely related fields, such as information theory, optimization, control, as well as statistical inference. The specific educational plan would depend on the student’s research interests.
As for their students’ employment, it’s medium market demand, the main occupation is aerospace design engineer. The average salary is much higher than that of other engineering graduates; The employment of foreign students is limited to a certain extent. It is difficult for foreign students to practice and get employment in the military industry, national defense and government departments of the United States during university study and after graduation. After being employed by the United States government or relevant defense departments, they still have to undergo regular "security checks".
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