Commas Put commas where necessary in each of the following sentences

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Put commas where necessary in each of the following sentences.

  1. While waiting for his friend he read the newspaper.

  2. The computer which she bought a week ago was broken.

  3. We plan if the weather is good to go to the park tomorrow.

  4. I washed the dishes watered the plants and fed the cat.

  5. She studies regularly so she will get a good mark.

  6. The essay which I have never read is supposed to be excellent.

  7. However she did not enjoy the party.

  8. I would love to go to your party but I have to prepare for my test.

  9. She lives at 56 Lawrence Avenue East Scarborough Ontario.

  10.   Do you know what I mean or are you confused?

  11. For once try studying.

  12. When we arrived at her place we were greeted at the door.

  13. It is my choice however to stay for another school term.

  14. I have a test tomorrow and I am prepared for it.

  15. At the barbeque we had hamburgers hotdogs and chicken.

  16. Her answer which was wrong made the class laugh.

  17. It is important to be well grounded in subjects like art history science politics and English.

  18. Without taking much time Nicole answered all the questions on the test.

  19. Before making up her mind Gabriel went to the Counselling Centre at Centennial.

  20. However you have to book your tutoring appointment Thursday morning to get the suitable time for you.




Correct any errors in comma usage in the paragraph.

          When my friend and I visited my grandmother, last week we had a great time.  We drove about three hours, from Scarborough to Coboconk.  We stopped at Tim Horton’s, to buy coffee bagels and doughnuts.  As soon as we arrived, my grandmother’s cottage we finished our lunch.  We spent the rest of the day talking to my grandmother going for walks and swimming in the lake.  By the time the sun, went down we were exhausted.  Although we were very tired we enjoyed our visit.

Fragments and Run-ons


Mark C for a complete sentence, and mark F for a fragment.  Make the fragments into complete sentences by adding a subject, a verb, or both, and a period at the end.

  1. I was late for class

  2. As we wait for the rain to stop

  3. When Alex phones

  4. She goes to Centennial College

  5. Until you eat your vegetables

  6. They plan to visit Nova Scotia this summer

  7. Ate at a famous restaurant

  8. Even though I was tired

  9. While working the night shift

  10. For example, hockey and skating

  11. After she finished her essay

  12. Expecting to hear from you soon

  13. Provided that you pass the exam

  14. Before you leave

  15. Although he was shy

Complete the sentence with an appropriate independent clause.  Add commas where necessary.

  1. Even though it was raining ____________________________________

  2.  ______________________________________ until we bought the car.

  3. If you want to do well in your essay _____________________________

  4. Having moved to a new country ________________________________

  5. _____________________________________ before I change my mind.

  6. Although she was late _______________________________________.

  7. __________________________________ because he studies regularly.

  8. ____________________________ like baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

  9. _________________________________________ after I proofread it.

  10. _______________________________ as soon as I finish the assignment.


Correct each of the following run-on sentences.

  1. I washed the dishes then I did the laundry.

  2. Those skirts are nice I will buy one.

  3. There was no heat, consequently we froze all night.

  4. It was my bestfriend’s birthday I gave her a present.

  5. He asked for a raise she got it.

  6. She is a good mother, she pays attention to her children.

  7. My paper is late thus it will lose marks.

  8. Students write essays, teachers correct them.

  9. The teacher raised his voice, he was frustrated.

  10. The movie was hilarious, I saw it three times.




Correct the run-on sentences.

  1. Writing an essay is hard work, it is satisfying.


  1. I wanted to book a tutoring appointment, the tutor is fully booked.


  1. She wanted to be a nurse, she is interested in helping other people.


  1. Carl wanted to buy a new car it is too expensive.


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