Chc2d final essay topic list assessing a Canadian Prime Minister

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1. Assessing a Canadian Prime Minister – Triumphs & Failures; (ex. Macdonald, Laurier,

Borden, Meighen, Bennet, King, Diefenbaker, Pearson, Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin,

2. Assessing any other famous Canadian – ex. Louis Riel, Romeo Dallaire, Stephen Lewis,

Arthur Currie, Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, John McCrae, Norman Bethune, Sandford

Fleming, Billy Bishop, William Stephenson, Rene Levesque, John Molson, Sam Steele,

Tommy Douglas, J.S. Woodsworth, Frederick Banting, Alexander Graham Bell, Terry Fox, etc.

(see for further details on the CBC’s “Greatest

Canadians” website)

3. Canada’s role in the Great War (1914-1918)
4. A detailed analysis of Canada’s role in a specific battle of the Great War
5. The treatment of enemy aliens during the Great War
6. Canada at the Treaty of Versailles (1919)
7. Account for Canada’s prosperity during the 1920s
8. Why did the Great Depression hit Canada so hard?
9. Comparing the WWI Conscription Crisis with that of WWII
10. Canada’s role in WWII
11. A detailed analysis of Canada’s role in a specific battle of WWII
12. The Treatment of Japanese Canadians during WWII
13. Newfoundland joins Confederation – 1949; Joey Smallwood
14. Canada’s role in the United Nations
15. The role of NATO (or NORAD) in the Cold War
16. The Avro Arrow – who was ultimately responsible for its fate?
17. Cold War Spies

18. The “Red Scare

19. The role of the CBC in Canada – Is it still necessary? Was it ever? Should it be reformed?
20. The role of the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) – Is it still


21. An argument in favour (or against) Quebec sovereignty
22. The Duplessis Era in Quebec – success or failure?
23. The Quiet Revolution – origins? Impact?
24. The October Crisis (1970) – The FLQ – The War Measures Act
25. 15 November 1976 – Victory for the Parti Quebecois!
26. The Quebec Referendums of 1980 & 1995
27. Quebec’s reaction to the 1982 Constitution
28. Multiculturalism and/or Bilingualism: Benefit or hindrance?
29. Analyze the impact of a specific immigrant group to Canadian society (Ukrainians, Chinese,

Italians, etc)

30. The rise of the Reform Party (or the Bloc Quebecois) – underlying causes, etc.
31. Constitutional Woes – The Meech Lake Accord and/or the Charlottetown Accord
32. Canada-US differences – What are the historical reasons for a distinct Canadian identity?
33. Canada-US relations – too close? Too confrontational?
34. The Canadian film industry – representing our identity?
35. Canada-US trade disputes – Lumber; Beef; etc.
36. Canada’s role in the War on Terrorism – effective?
37. Canada & the 2003 War in Iraq – was staying out a good decision or a mistake?
38. The role of the Canadian armed forces in the world
39. Canada & the Suez crisis
40. Canada’s role in APEC
41. Canadian refugee & immigration policy

42. A topic of your choice – discuss with your teacher before beginning research!


Canadian History Grade 10 Argumentative Essay



Vimy Ridge


Avro Arrow



Bomarc Missiles

Women in War

Canada and D-Day (Juno Beach)


Battle of Britain: RCAF

Canada’s Role in the Battle of Hong Kong

Camp X

War Measures Act

Internment of Japanese Canadians

Effects of War on Canada

Halifax Explosion

Merchant Marine & Convoy System
Battle of Atlantic: Royal Canadian Navy
Canada and the Italian Campaign
Liberation of Netherlands
Canada and peacekeeping
Canada’s Role in Gulf War
Canada’s Role in Korean War
War on the Homefront
Canada and the Cold War
Canada and Afghanistan
Canadian Armed Forces


Quebec Referendum - 1980

Quebec Referendum – 1995

Parti Quebecois

October Crisis

Bill 101

Suez Crisis

Meech Lake Accord

Charlottetown Agreement

Oka Crisis

Constitution Act 1982

Person’s Case

Winnipeg General Strike

Relief in Great Depression

League of Indians
Indian Act

St. Louis

Gouzenko Affair

Canada and United Nations

Official Languages Act
James Bay Agreement



Head Tax
Women's Movement

1972 Summit Series

Immigration since 1945



Canadian Inventions

Group of Seven

Bootlegging & Prohibition

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Canada Council
St. Lawrence Seaway
Social Support (welfare)
Residential Schools
Canada and Space
Sponsorship Scandal
Canada and Globalization
Legalization of Same Sex Marriage

National Energy Policy

Auto Pact

Free Trade Agreement


Branch Plants

Canada and Foreign Aid

Funding of Military

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