Art 111-11 Spring 2012 Exploring Personal Aesthetics Essay due: monday, jan. 30TH

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ART 111-11

Spring 2012

Exploring Personal Aesthetics Essay
DUE: MONDAY, JAN. 30TH beginning of class or time-dated email that arrives in my email before 11 am that day.
Objective: The student will be given a number of optional exercises, which will deepen their understanding and stimulate their interest in various aspects of art.
Followed instructions 25

Proper and correct writing style 25

Explored personal aesthetics 25

Provided supportive imagery 25

100 pts

  1. The essay length should be 2-to-3 pages, (no less than 1.5 pages no more than 3 pages). Please have it typed, double-spaced, left-justification, 11-pt, using Arial or Times Roman font. In the upper right hand corner of the first page, single-spaced, left justification, each on a separate line: your name, ART 111-11, title of paper, and date.

  2. Attach the image you’ve selected to support your discussion of beauty as your last page. Do not provide original images.

Answer the following:

  1. How do you define the concept of beauty as it relates to art?

  1. Think about it using the following questions:

    1. What is your personal definition of art?

    2. How are you a creative person?

    3. Why do you believe we create art?

    4. What is the nature of art?

    5. What is the “function” of art?

    6. How can we appreciate art?

  1. Explore your personal aesthetic. Choose something of your own, your family may own, or a place (as it relates to art forms and styles) as an image example that supports your position. The object can be art, 2-D (painting, prints, photography, etc) or 3-D (sculpture, ornamentation, etc), craft (jewelry, ceramics/pottery, metalwork, fiber/material/needlework, glass, antiques, furniture, etc), heirlooms, or your own personal art.

  1. Attach the image on a separate sheet of paper to your essay.

  2. This is an opinion paper. You will not be graded on your perspective. There is no wrong or right answer.


  1. Chapter 1 of your textbook

  2. Lecture 1 slides

  3. Video:

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