About cpiml new Proletarian And Its Founder General Secretary Sheo Mangal Sinddhantkar Author's Note

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About CPIML New Proletarian

And Its Founder General Secretary Sheo Mangal Sinddhantkar

Author's Note

This is not a book systematically written for publication. They are compilation of my extempore speeches, pamphlets, press releases and comments dated from 2001-2010, nearly a decade. Naturally there must be repetitions which could not be avoided without restructuring the whole of the pieces which is not possible as on now. The texts were done into English by D. Prakash and language was edited by Baldev Sharma. I am grateful to them. The pieces that are published in the magzines such as 'the Other Side' etc. and the press releases issued from time to time, were originally written in English by the author himself.

Transcriptions were made by Arun Kumar and other technical details have been managed by the printers. I am also indebted to them.

A part from the above customary note I would like to mention that I am in need of a team of young men who could carry forward my new proletarian thought and new practices with new instruments. That is why I am publishing these materials with singularity of authority with different pillars within and without in this new era of imperialism and globalisation which is collapsing and inviting new proletarian revolution world over in line with finites.

I have no problem even if bouregois parties allow a sort of Socialism with dialectical approximity in USA about which, examining the productive forces prevailent in the Silicon Valley, we have had wrote, published and propagated that if Marx would have seen this stuff he would have certainly jumped to state this was what the socialism he thought of, Sans exploitation I may add to it and also state that the present conservative communist parties and organisations even of the M-L type have become outdated except CPIML New Proletarian, which is supposed to be refounded by the author with the singularity of authority with the co-operation of Vimal Atal, Narendra and others in 1999-2000.

The out dated parties have failed to catch up with the rising productive forces which have gone into recession and depression. Reality goes on to visualise that the more higher order has got more stagnation which demands new system but we fail to provide it, let new bourgeois system give birth to a new system of socialism different and superior than that of past Soviet Socialist System. The bourgeoisie has been using Marx to their ends; let us use Marxism to fulfil the working class ends. A struggling synthesis of both the system's higher ends can create a new commune system instead of premitive communes which are being practised in some areas of the world and the existence of which is boasted by the fools like us. Parallelism is to be ruled out. I have already said it in one of my articles published in “the Other Side” (New Delhi Nov. 2008) that Marx was not only the teacher of proletarians but that of the bourgeoisie too. And the bourgeoisie has had benefited from him no less than the proletarians or new proletarians.

In the present case of global depression, really speaking the forces that are being instructed required change of engine, the System, that is how dialectics operate both in nature and the society. Nature and Society both are insepartable. This is scientifically proved.

On the basis of dialectical approximity I have been saying that the revoluntionary reform by the bourgeoisie is and will remain always welfare socialism where as outdated reforms even in the socialist system will prove anti-clockwise.

Life line of the state is the Treasury without which all organs of the state machinery will collapse, and the banks are the arteries, if they are blocked functioning of the state will stop.

Socialism is the inevitable natural product of the social development through capitalism and or extreme of imperialism and this is the demand of the hour, in the USA bailouts are being managed to make it anti-clockwise turning the nationalization as temporary and adhoc affair.

"Americans have been genetically opposed to blacks occupying social position". What to talk of state’s highest position but that stringent attitude has changed that is how Obama could win as the 44 President of America which was a symbol of 'all inclusiveness', because as you know with out the support from Whites he could not have turned victorious in the Presidential frary.

During the election campaign Obama was suspected of his links with terrorists. And now he is suspected of turning America as socialist a slur on the Americanism, since cold war but there are some advocates of socialism in America who plead that soviet type of socialism has changed to Chinese type of socialism. They also are of opinion that some lemon socialism could not be ruled out. Conservatives opine that Obama is trying to build some European type of socialism . One Mr. Sanders says “I think country would use a good debate on what goes on in place like Sweden, Norway and Finland.” He further says that notions like universal health care, more funding for education and a greater tax burden on wealthy have accessible models in those countries. But Republicans don’t fail to denounce European-type-Socialism even. In fact these Republicans know where the economic motion is going on and where it will reach out to. They know that even in a bourgeoisie system of state socialism can be built as in a socialist state system bourgeois political economy had operated and is operating as on now.

I would like to critically look at what Mark Leibovich Writes in New York Times, Asian Age on March 7, 2009. “Earlier this week, we heard the world’s best Salesman of socialism address the nation, “Senator Jim De Minst, Republican of South Carolina, said recently, referring naturally, to a certain socialist in chief.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas decried the creation of “Socialist Republics” in the United States. “Lenin and Stalin would love this stuff”, Mr. Huckabee said speaking at the conservative Political Action Conference here recently, a kind of wood stock for young conservatives.”

'And we find several written or unwrriten talks of such type of stuff in the media and web sites in America and elsewhere. This is being used to hit Obama with wood stock', but there must be some substance of spectre of socialism feared by the conservatives and the Democrate too.

Continuing further I would like to pointout that the spectre of communism is hounting more today in America and European countries than it was observed in the 1840’s & 1850’s onwards and this hounting resulted in Peris Commune of 1871 for 72 days and thereafter Moscow Upprising of 1905 and eventually October Revolution of 1917 when the Feudal Imperialist Russia was overthrown by the proletarians and the Bolshevik rule was established.

Today extreme of imperialism of America is stumbling day by day inspite of state intervention with a bailout package of seven hundred billion during departing Bush and nearly eight hundred billion immediately after the taking over by President Obama. Bush was ironically called Comrade Bush and Obama is similarly called Comrade Obama. All that signifies how the spectre of communism is hounting America. And the fusion of the opposites are also throwing up higher orders. Two and a half crores of workers strike in France has threatened the East European Union to be followed with the same in a more massive magnitude. What the analysists of the small Political economy visualise. This way the situation is crystal clear, one admits or may not admit. Signal is clear and prevention is being considered through parleys after parleys. That we are observing. Bourgeoisie which was calling socialism as an Ogri is being forced to embrace state capitalism of a different nature than that of Soviet Union which I have been analysing in my earlier writings.

Here I am neither creating confusion among our circles nor be fooling himself but trying to catch the winds that are blowing to blow the nest. Even Nobelite like Paul Krugman does not understand what is happening in USA and why Bush in the past and now Obama is rescuing banks. If economists understand economy there will be no need to embrace the polity to govern the country. It is to be noted that the banks govern. I have said many a times that the banks are no less important than any of the strategic state machineries. It is the prime. All that I am throwing up before the friends to aiming at to re-defining Scientific Socialism in the present globalist scenario without compromising with the Marxist-Leninist New Proletarian Thought.

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