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28th Annual Report-2013-14


1. Vision and Mission


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"I shall transcend myself, be a Universal man;

and be humble soldier of my motherland".

-Uma shanker Joshi (Gujarati Poet)

The vision of the University is

    • To inculcate values of equality, unity, and justice

    • To provide leadership in higher education by imparting quality and socially relevant knowledge

    • To contribute to advancement of knowledge through research, publications and dissemination

    • To make student conscious of their duty to the country and to fellow human beings.

The Mission of the University is

    • To educate students in all areas of scholarship and to advance knowledge

    • To develop citizens with knowledge, skill and character leading to social transformation and national development

    • To develop aptitudes and skills of students to equip them to face the challenges and needs of fast emerging society

    • To create greater opportunities for girl students in order to prepare them to be effective leaders.

2. A Brief History of the University

The V.V.John Committee was appointed by Government of Gujarat in April; 1973 to review the status of higher education and establish new universities.Following the recommendations of the committee, the North Gujarat University has been established by North Gujarat University Ordinance (Gujarat Ordinance No.5 of 1986, dated 17-05-1986).The Ordinance was later converted into an Act, passed by Gujarat Legislative Assembly on 29-08-1986 as North Gujarat University Act (No.22 of 1986, dated 10-09-1986).This University has now been renamed as Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University (by Gujarat Act No.2 of 2003 dated 01-03-2003), to honour the great philosopher, thinker and Jain acharya Hemchandracharya Suri, who made valuable contribution to the studies in grammar, literature, religion and philosophy.

The jurisdiction of the University covers five districts Viz., Patan, Mehsana, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha and Aravalli and caters to cultural and educational needs of this region

There are 17 post graduate departments, two constituent colleges, and 07 centers on campus.Number of affiliated colleges has increased to more than 300 from 42 during these years.The University was accredited with B Grade, CGPA of 2.55 by "NAAC" in 2008.

This symbolizes that curriculum are well designed and revised regularly to meet with recent developments and professional needs.

The University has beautiful, well planned and lovely campus that is spread over 221 acres of land with facilities of Central Library, Computer center, Hostels for Men & Women, Well developed Sport complex, Health center, Canteen, Post Office and Bank.The campus life has a blend of rural to urban style, learning with research aptitude and dynamic curricular and co-curricular activities adding more colours to the students’ life.

Emblem of the University

The emblem of the University contains a picture of Saraswati framed in a Gavaksha or Niche.Devi Saraswati, traditionally representing learning, is depicted after a painting in the old Prakrit manuscript of Dash-Vaikalik.The design of Gavaksha, simple and elegant, is adopted from the excavation of “Rani Ki Vav" in Patan.

The emblem thus recalls the ancient art and culture of Gujarat at the peak of its glory centuries ago, when Patan was a great center of learning.

The motto invokes divine blessings of sacred knowledge.It also relates to the Saraswati, the holy Vedic Kumarika River on the bank of which the University is located and which symbolizes an endless flow of ever growing knowledge.

3. Major Milestones

In year 2013-14 Hemchandrachrya North Gujarat University (HNGU), Patan has completed 27 years of its existence.

In year 2013 with 15 new colleges, total number of HNGU affiliated colleges and department has reached 352.New Student enrollment in HNGU was 71,534 in year 2013-14.

Research at HNGU was promoted with 205 Research Guides, and 51 studentsawarded Ph. D. degree in year 2013-14.

University had total 66 teachers (29 Granted Post, 37 Self finance Post) on campus.

In the year, 12 new projects were started worth total Rs 5144600. The majorcontribution was from Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Life Science with three projects each

Total 101 research paper were publishedduring the year 2013-14 and department of chemistry was leading with 16 publication followed by life science with 15 publication.

Department of Social work was leading in book publication with of 3 books and six book chapters, Among total five books and 14 book chapters published by HNGU during year 2013-14

HNGU hosted Gujarat science congress and also organized other 16 major academic programme on campus.

Department of Law was leading with four academic events in year 2013-14.

Faculty member has actively participated in 82 different academic events. Department of Law and chemistry were leading with 14 events each.

During year 2013-14 2195 new books worth Rs 2299139 were added in HNGU central library.

IQAC of HNGU has organized the programme on RUSA jointly with KCG and faculty development programme in ICT sponsored by NMEICT.

25th Youth athletic meet was organized on campus by the Department of Physical Education.

S. K. College of Business management hosted the 25th Youth Festival on Campus.

4. Authorities of University

4.1 Chancellor

Hon. Shri O.P.Kohli

Her Excellency the Governor of Gujarat & The Chancellor,

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan

4.2 Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Ratan Lal Godara

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan

4.3 Pro-Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Dipooba Devada

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan

4.4 Registrar

Dr. Dilip C. Patel (I/c) 12/02/2014 to 25/03/2015&09/04/2015 to 19/07/2015

Dr. D. M. Patel (I/c) 26/03/2015 to 08/04/2015&20/07/2015 onwards

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan-384 265

E_mail:, office: 02766 23427, 222744, Ext.307, Fax No.02766 231 917

4.5 Faculty Dean



Name & Address of the Dean




Pri. Dr. L. S. Patel, Patan

From 23/12/2011 to 22/12/2014

Dr. D. B. Rathava, Patan

From 23/12/2014 to 22/12/2017



Pri. Dr. L. M. Swami, Unjha

From 07/02/2013 to 22/12/2014

Dr. K. K. Patel, Patan

From 23/12/2014 to 22/12/2017



Dr. M. B. Prajapati, Patan

From 08/02/2012 to 07/02/2015

Dr. J. J. Vora, Patan

From 08/02/2015 to 07/02/2016



Dr. S. G. Patel, Patan

From 02/07/2012 to 22/12/2014



Pri. Dr. J. U. Nanavati, Patan

From 23/12/2008 to 22/12/2014

Shri Kishorbhai R. Trivedi, Mehsana

From 28/04/2014 to 22/12/2017


Home Science

Smt. B. J. Shah, Modasa

From 23/12/2011 to 22/12/2017


Management Studies

Dr. B. A. Prajapati, Patan.

From 30/08/2011 to 29/08/2014

Dr. A. R. Patel, Patan

From 30/08/2014 to 22/12/2014

Pri. Dr. B. S. Agrawal, Vadu

From 30/08/2014 to 29/08/2017



Dr. Pinakin Trivedi, Mehsana

From 23/08/2011 to 22/08/2017


Rural Studies

Pri. Dr. H.C.Rajput, Samoda-Ganvada

From 01/09/2013 to 31/08/2016

4.6 Head/ Director/ Co-ordinator of Department and Center


Name of the Department

Name of the Head/ Director/ Co-ordinator of

Department / Center & Contact


Department of Sanskrit & Bhartiya Vidya

Dr. D. B. Rathva Professor & Head
O: EXT. 420, 421 I M: 91 9427680744 I


Department of English

Dr. Adesh Pal Professor & Head
O: EXT. 424, 425 191 I M: 8511120255 I


Department of Commerce & Management

Dr. B.A. Prajapati Professor & Head
O : EXT. 344,3451 9825089042


Department of Chemistry

Dr. J.J.Vora Professor & Head
O: Ext. 360, 359 I M: 9426708995 I


Department of Mathematics

Dr. M. B. Prajapati Professor & Head
O: Ext. 390, 389 I M: 9879875230 I


Department of Life Science

Dr. S.A. Bhatt Professor & Head
O: Ext. 380, 379 I M: 9998980966 I


Department of Physics

Dr. D. G. Vyas Assistant Professor & Coordinator
O: Ext. 394, 395 I M: 9426374957 I


Department of Biotechnology

Dr. S. M. Dave Co-ordinator
O: Ext. 368, 369 I M: 9377719703 I


Department of Hospital Management

Dr. K.K. Patel Co-ordinator
O: EXT. 451 | 9898458799 I


Institute of Architect

Shri Mayank K. Patel Director (I \C)
M: 9904565918


Department of Education

Dr. S. G. Patel Professor & Head
Mo. 9825676156 I


Department of Law

Dr. S. B. Vyas Co-ordinator
O: Ext. 465 I M: 9924123116 I


Department of Physical Education

Dr. Vinod Chaudhary Head (I/C)

O: Ext. 439, 440 | M: 9825541070


Department of Social Work

Dr. Roshan Agrawal, Co-coordinator
O: EXT. 434, 435 I M: +91 9879313117


Department of Computer Science and R.J.Computer Center

Dr. A. R. Patel Professor & Head
O: EXT. 400, 399, M: 93767 10106 I


S.K.College of Business Management

Dr. Ashwin Modi I/C Co-ordinator
O: EXT. 429 1 9925213800 I


Department of Journalism & Mass Communication

Dr. Nilesh A.Patel I \C Co-ordinator
O: Ext. 438 I M: 9898133275 I


Department of Library and Information Science

Dr. Nilesh A. Patel Coordinator
O: EXT. 444 I M: 9898133275 I


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. K. K. Patel I/C Co-ordinator
O: EXT. 365, 366 I 9898458799 I


Center of Indian Diaspora & Cultural Studies

Dr. Tapas Chakrabarti Co-ordinator
O: EXT. 415 I 9409590307 I tapas


Yoga Center

Ms. Jagruti Prajapati Co-ordinator

M: 9328397566


Shri Patan Jain Mandal & Shri B. L. Jain Academi Education Research Centre

Dr. S. A. Thakkar Co-ordinator
M: 9898426633 I Prakrithngu@Gmail.Com


Centre of Astrology

Dr. J. H. Pancholi Co-ordinator

M: 9825620855


PG Diploma in Industrial Safety

Dr. Nishith Dharaiya Co-ordinator

O: Ext. 381 | adinishi@gmail. com


Smt. Vidyaben Deepchandbhai Gardi Chair

Dr. Rajesh Patel, Co-ordinator
O: Ext. 340 I M: 9998981741 I Gardichair@Gmail.Com


M.Phil. in Economics Center

Dr. L. M. Swami Co-ordinator


M.Phil. in Gujarati Center

Dr. A. P. Patel Co-ordinator


M.Phil. in Hindi Center

Dr. Arjun Tadvi, Co-ordinator


M.Phil. in History Center

Dr. Lalitbhai S. Patel Co-ordinator


M. Phil in Education

Dr. J. H. Pancholi Co-ordinator


M.Phil. in Commerce Center

Dr. J. K. Patel Co-ordinator


M. Phil in Physical Education

Dr. G. J. Thakkar Co-ordinator


M.Phil. in Sociology Center

Dr. J. N. Barot Co-ordinator


M.Phil. in Psychology Center

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