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Wahoo War of the Minds
Round Six

1. The first was published in 1935 and describes a country house in the Cotswolds. The second was published five years later and takes its title from a Somerset village, and the final two, published over the next two years, are named for a group of rock

s in Massachusetts and the religious community founded near Huntingdon by Nicholas Ferrar. FTP, identify these four long poems, whose unity and religious affirmation contrast with the fragmentary, pessimistic The Waste Land, also written by T. S. Eliot.
Answer: the Four Quartets
2. The current scale was devised in 1856 by N. R. Pogson, and the difference between two levels, 2.512, is known as the Pogson ratio. There are two types, absolute and apparent; the absolute type is what the apparent would be at a distance of 10 parsecs

. FTP, identify this measure of the relative brightness of a celestial object.

Answer: magnitude
3. The final sentence of a work he published in 1788, stating that the mind is awed by reflection on the starry heavens above and the moral law within, is inscribed on his tombstone. In his most famous work, published in 1781 and in a revised edition si

x years later, he tried to answer the question, "Is synthetic a priori knowledge possible?" FTP, name this German philosopher, who dealt with judgement, practical reason, and pure reason in a series of critiques.

Answer: Immanuel Kant
4. In 190, he and his brother Lucius served as legates in the war with Antiochus the Great, and they were accused of bribery after their victory at Magnesia because the senate thought the terms they asked were too lenient. The grandfather of the Gracchi

, he fought at Trebia before being sent to Spain as general, where he captured Nova Carthago and defeated Hasdrubal. FTP, name this Roman soldier, who refused to be named dictator for life after defeating Hannibal at Zama.

Answer: Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (or Scipio Major)
5. Born in 1754, he served as a volunteer major in the American army during the Revolutionary War. Designer of the old City Hall in New York and the Federal House in Philadelphia, he probably would have been given the commission for the design of the Ca

pitol if he had not been dismissed in 1792 as unmanageable. FTP, name this French engineer and architect, best remembered for surveying and laying out the plan for Washington D.C.

Answer: Pierre L'Enfant
6. This state contains the Mahoning, Pine, and Juniata Rivers. It also has towns name North East (in its northwest corner), Ono, Du Bois (DOO boys), Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, and Paradise. FTP, name this state home to institutions of higher learning n

amed Millersville, California, Indiana, Susquehanna, and Swarthmore.

Answer: Pennsylvania

7. Goncharov accused him of plagiarizing from his novel The Precipice, but a panel of three literary judges exonerated him in 1860. Afflicted with cancer of the spine, he spent the end of his life in France, publishing novels like Torrents of Spring and

Virgin Soil which dealt with revolutionaries in Russia. FTP, identify this writer, whose other works include On The Eve, Rudin, Smoke, A Nest of Gentlefolk, and Fathers and Sons.
Answer: Ivan Turgenev
8. He was convinced that life existed on other planets, and wrote a book detailing the engineering feats of the people of Jupiter and Saturn. He invented the compound pendulum, which moves in a cycloid arc, calculated the distance of Sirius by assuming

it had the same brightness as the sun, and discovered Titan in the course of his observations of SaturnÕs rings. FTP, name this physicist, who published his wave theory of light in 1678, describing light as a vibration propagating through an ether of par

Answer: Christian Huygens
9. After emerging from a mock death in a stone box, he ordered that the city of Tollan be abandoned, burning his palace and going to the sea. In his role as a creator god, he went down to the land of the dead, gathered up the bones he found there, and b

rought them back to the earth, sprinkling them with his blood to turn them into human beings. FTP, name this deity, who sailed east on a raft made of serpents after promising to return, a belief which led the Aztecs to believe that Cortez was this plumed

serpent god.
Answer: Quetzalcoatl
10. He began his career as an assistant in a country store, but by 1863 had founded banking houses in London and New York. Elected to Congress as a Republican representative in 1878, he was minister to France during the Garfield and Arthur administratio

ns. FTP, identify this Vermont born politician, who became governor of New York after serving from 1889 to 1893 as vice president under Benjamin Harrison.

Answer: Levi Parsons Morton
11. His recent work, published in his magazine Spit In the Ocean, has consisted of installments of a novel in progress, Seven Prayers to Grandma Whittier. After studying at the University of Oregon, he volunteered for government drug experiments, and be

came an aide in a psychiatric ward. FTP, identify this author of Sometimes a Great Notion, best known for his 1962 novel of life in a mental hospital, One Flew Over the CuckooÕs Nest.

Answer: Ken Kesey
12. During this process, a continuous stream of water and dissolved nutrients moves up through the xylem. The flow is held up by cohesive and adhesive forces, according to the cohesion-tension theory, and by root pressure. FTP, give this term, which de

scribes the loss of water vapor from plants through stomata.

Answer: transpiration

13. From 1884 to 1908 he worked as the curator of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum, where he developed an interest in a collection of ancient coins and seals. In 1899, he began a series of excavations that would last for the next thirty six years in the modern

city of Kephala. FTP, name this archaeologist, who rebuilt the palace he discovered, and who gave the name "Minoan" to the civilization he discovered in Crete.
Answer: Arthur Evans
14. He delivered an attack on Melanchthon as his thesis in 1524, but turned away from Catholicism the next year, siding with King Henry VIII in his divorce. Appointed chaplain to Anne Boleyn, he became bishop of Worcester in 1535, but resigned his see e

leven years later after Henry imprisoned him in the Tower of London. FTP, name this Protestant leader, who was found guilty of heresy in 1555 and, on October 16, was burned at the stake along with Ridley.

Answer: Hugh Latimer
15. The first home run in this building was smacked by Mickey Mantle, which is surprising, since he never played a regular season game there. Baseball Weekly recently rated it the second-worst place in baseball to watch a game, because of the crime prob

lems of the city and the monotony of the stadium. FTP, name this stadium, dubbed the ÒEighth Wonder of the WorldÓ when it opened in 1965 in Houston.

Answer: the Astrodome
16. Although he began with the cello, he turned to composition and graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1934. Gaining fame that year with his first symphony, his 1940 violin concerto won the Stalin Prize, as did his second symphony, written to hono

r the 25th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. FTP, identify this Armenian born composer of ballets such as Spartacus and Gayane, which includes the popular Saber Dance.

Answer: Aram Khachaturian
17. It was first published as a serial in The Graphic in 1886 and is subtitled ÒThe Story of a Man of Character.Ó Although the title character has promised to marry Lucetta Le Sueur, he chooses to remarry his first wife, Susan, and Lucetta marries his m

anager, Donald Farfrae, who proceeds to become rich as he descends into bankruptcy and finally dies on Egdon Heath. FTP, identify this Thomas Hardy novel, which begins when Michael Henchard gets drunk at a fair and sells his wife and daughter for five gu

Answer: The Mayor of Casterbridge
18. The Jones Act increased the penalties this act laid out, while a supplementary act of 1921 extended the law to Hawaii and the Virgin Islands and limited use by medical prescription. Passed over a veto on October 28, 1919, it went into effect the nex

t January, entrusting the Bureau of Internal Revenue with administration and defining any beverage containing more than one half of one percent alcohol as liquor. FTP, give the common name of this act, which enforced the 18th Amendment, and which was off

icially known as the National Prohibition Enforcement Act.
Answer: Volstead act (prompt on early National Prohibition Enforcement Act)

19. He began his scientific career by following the work of his cousin, Carl Weigert, who was using aniline dyes for microscopic stains. Using them to stain and classify white blood cells, he went on to discover that the dye Trypan Red destroyed certain

parasites. FTP, name this German scientist, whose arsenic based compound known as ÒsalvarsanÓ was effective against the bacterium causing syphilis, a discovery for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1908.
Answer: Paul Ehrlich
20. One story says that he was the son of Amphimanus and Urania whose singing rivaled that of Apollo and who was killed by the god. According to others, he was killed by Heracles after teaching him to play the lyre, or he was the son of Psamanthe who wa

s devoured by dogs as a child, leading Apollo to kill all the children of Argos. FTP, name this figure, associated with Greek dirges of lament, who shares his name with the second Pope and with a character in Peanuts who would lament if Lucy took his bla

Answer: Linus

1. Name the Indian deities, FTP each.

1. This elephant god was decapitated by his father, Shiva.

Answer: Ganesh or Ganesha

2. This wife of Vishnu is the goddess of fortune and beauty.

Answer: Lakshmi

3. The eighth incarnation of Vishnu, he had a memorable conversation with Arjuna.

Answer: Krishna

2. FTP each, name these types of compounds from organic chemistry.

1. A compound with a carbon-carbon triple bond.

Answer: alkyne

2. A compound with a carbonyl group in which the carbon atom is covalently bonded to an oxygen atom, and the other two bonds are to carbon atoms or hydrocarbon radicals.

Answer: ketone

3. An organic compound, commonly derived from a carboxylic acid, which reacts with water to produce an alcohol and an acid.

Answer: ester
3. Identify the following concerning an American author FTP each.

1. Her lesser known works include The Mortgaged Heart, Reflections in a Golden Eye, and Clock Without Hands.

Answer: Carson McCullers

2. This novel by Carson McCullers tells the story of Frankie, a 13 year old girl who wants to accompany her brother on his honeymoon.

Answer: The Member of the Wedding

3. Carson McCullers's first novel, this 1940 work is an attack on Fascism set in a Southern town.

Answer: The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
4. Identify the following regarding a boundary dispute between the U. S. and Great Britain caused by vague wording in the 1846 Oregon treaty FTP each.

1. Both parties claimed what group of islands located in the Gulf of Georgia southeast of Vancouver; conflict was averted by joint occupation of the islands from 1859 to 1872.

Answer: San Juan islands

2. What 1871 treaty, whose main purpose was settlement of the Alabama claims, referred possession of the islands to arbitration?

Answer: Treaty of Washington

3. The Treaty of Washington named this German arbitrator. He subsequently awarded the islands to the U.S.

Answer: Kaiser Wilhelm I
5. Name the psychologists, FTP each.

1. This German founded the first laboratory of experimental psychology in Leipzig in 1879.

Answer: Wilhelm Wundt

2. This English psychologist argued in 1932's Remembering that people tend to remember things that fit in their existing system of knowledge.

Answer: Frederic Bartlett

3. His discovery of the phi phenomenon in 1910 marked the beginning of Gestalt psychology.

Answer: Max Wertheimer
6. Many television programs canceled by the networks go on to flourish in syndication. Given a clue, identify three such series, for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: It is presently the top-rated show in the world.

Answer: Baywatch

2. 10 points: It only lasted 13 episodes on CBS, and the syndicated version carried over only the title character and his friend, Buddy Lembeck.

Answer: Charles in Charge

3. 15 points: This show actually had three lives: First, as a series of sketches on The Carol Burnett Show, then as an NBC sitcom, and finally as a long-running syndicated hit.

Answer: Mama's Family
7. Identify the following concerning Pentheseleia FTP each.

1. The child of Ares and Otrere, Pentheseleia was a leader of this people.

Answer: the Amazons

2. A river in Lydia was named for Caistrus, the son of Pentheseleia and this hero of the Trojan War.

Answer: Achilles

3. Because Achilles killed Thersites for mocking him as he mourned Pentheseleia, this Greek hero and relation of Thersites threw her body into the Scamander.

Answer: Diomedes
8. Identify the authors of the following works about Joan of Arc FTP each.

1. His La Pucelle, published in 1738, is a deeply skeptical look at Joan's claim to have heard voices.

Answer: Voltaire (accept Francis Marie Arouet, if the team chooses to be annoying)

2. His 1801 tragedy The Maid of Orleans turned Joan of Arc into a romantic heroine.

Answer: Friedrich von Schiller

3. A recent dramatic treatment of the story is this French playwright's The Lark.

Answer: Jean Anouilh (JAHN AN-wee)
9. Identify the following regarding the Mamelukes FTP each.

1. From 1250 to 1517, two dynasties of Mameluke rulers controlled Egypt. Name either.

Answer: Bahrite or Burjite

2. In 1517, the Ottoman Turks, led by this sultan, the father of Suleiman the Magnificent, wrested control of Egypt from the Mamelukes.

Answer: Selim I

3. The Mamelukes were practically exterminated around 1811 when this Egyptian ruler killed those in Cairo and sent General Ibrahim Pasha in pursuit of those who fled.

Answer: Muhammad Ali
10. Identify the following from thermodynamics, FTP each.

1. This law, put forth in 1840, states that the total energy change produced in going from reactants to products is not dependent on the path of the reaction.

Answer: Hess's law

2. Named for two German scientists, this is a cycle of reactions which is used to calculate lattice energies for ionic crystal solids.

Answer: Born-Haber cycle

3. This law of thermodynamics states that, if two bodies are both in thermal equilibrium with a third, than all three are in thermal equilibrium with each other.

Answer: the zeroth law of thermodynamics
11. Identify the following concerning a world religion for the stated number of points each.

1. 5 points: This Japanese religion was separated from Buddhism in 1868, becoming more mythological and patriotic.

Answer: Shinto

2. 10 points: Name either of the principal holy books of Shinto, written near the beginning of the eighth century.

Answer: the Kojiki or the Nihonshoki

3. 15 points: These patron gods, associated with clans, are the most important Shinto deities.

Answer: the ujigami
12. Identify the following concerning compositions based on Shakespeare plays FTP each.

1. This German composer's Das Liebesverbot is an adaptation of Measure for Measure.

Answer: Richard Wagner

2. This French composer's Beatrice and Benedict is an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

Answer: Hector Berlioz

3. This Italian composer's The Capulets And The Montagues is based on Romeo and Juliet, but not on Shakespeare's version.

Answer: Vincenzo Bellini
13. Identify the following concerning a British playwright FTP each.

1.. The author of The Critic, Pizarro, and The Duenna, he succeeded David Garrick as general manager of the Drury Lane Theatre.

Answer: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

2. This 1777 Sheridan comedy features Lady Sneerwell, Joseph Surface, and Lady Teazle.

Answer: The School for Scandal

3. Although this play centers around the Absolutes and Lydia Languish, it is best remembered for Lydia's aunt, who has given her name to a way of misusing words.

Answer: The Rivals
14. Name the thinker, 30-20-10.

1. His Òmystic hexagramÓ theorem states that if a hexagon is inscribed in any conic section, the points where the extensions of opposite sides meet are collinear.

2. His religiously themed Provincial Letters were an anonymous defense of his friend Antoine Arnaud, a Jansenist.

3. In the PensŽes (pahn-SAY) he argues, ÒIf God does not exist, one will lose nothing by believing in him, while if he does exist, one will lose everything by not believing.Ó

Answer: Blaise Pascal
15. Answer the following regarding the Armory Show for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: Eliciting the most discussion of any work exhibited in the show was what Marcel Duchamp work compared to an explosion in a shingle factory?

Answer: Nude Descending A Staircase

2. 5 points each: The show traveled to two other U. S, cities, where it was displayed at Copley Hall and the Art Institute of . Name those cities.

Answer: Boston , Chicago

3. 15 points: This man, president of the show, a member of "The Eight" and painter of Unicorns is largely credited with making the show a success by dint of the breadth of the work he attracted.

Answer: Arthur Davies
16. Identify the following works by Alexander Pope FTP each.

1. The lines "A little learning is a dangerous thing" and "To err is human, to forgive divine" come from this 1711 ars poetica.

Answer: An Essay on Criticism

2. This satiric epic in four books features a biting attack on Colley Cibber, and ends with the goddess of dullness ruling over the world.

Answer: The Dunciad

3. This mock epic was written to smooth over a feud after Lord Petre took something from Arabella Fermor.

Answer: The Rape of the Lock
17. Identify the following battles from the American Revolution FTP each.

1. The British defeat at this February 1776 battle in the Carolinas led them to shift to a northern campaign.

Answer: Moore's Creek Bridge

2. The British occupied Philadelphia following this victory on September 11, 1777.

Answer: Brandywine Creek

3. After four years, the colonists won their first Southern victory at this battle of October 7, 1780.

Answer: Kings Mountain
18. FTP each, identify these techniques from metallurgy.

1. Also called tempering when applied to metals, this is the heating of a strained object to a temperature somewhat below its melting point, and holding it there for a while before allowing it to cool. It allows short-range diffusion of atoms to relieve

stress, improving ductility and reducing brittleness.

Answer: annealing

2. The welding together of small particles of a material by heating to just below the melting point. This process is used to form complex shapes, to produce alloys, or to work in metals with very high melting points.

Answer: sintering

3. The separation of minerals with similar density by coating them with small amounts of chemicals or oils, so that only desired particles will remain dry and adhere to air bubbles, which rise to form a froth that can be skimmed off.

Answer: flotation

19. Identify the country, 30-20-10.

1. Slightly larger than California, it is divided into 24 provinces, known as lan.

2. Its highest peak, Kebnekaise, is north of the Arctic Circle, and it is the eastern edge of the Skaggerak.

3. Its cities include Malmo, Uppsala, and Gothenborg.

Answer: Sweden
20. Identify the following concerning a religious order FTP each.

1. Founded by Hugues de Payens in 1119, this was the popular name of the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.

Answer: Knights Templar

2. The Knights Templar were granted papal approval in 1128 and spread across Europe, living under a modified form of this austere monastic code.

Answer: Cistercian

3. In 1307, the Pope and the king of France charged that the Knights Templar were Satanic. For ten points, name that Pope or that king.

Answer: Pope Clement V or King Philip IV

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