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1. A generalization of this law to three dimensions due to Cauchy incorporates a 6 by 6 matrix known as the compliance matrix. Its constant differs for each material, and can be approximated by multiplying the mass of the atom by the bulk modulus and dividing by the density times the square of the atomic spacing of the material. It was originally stated as F equals k times x, but is also known in a generalization stating that stress is directly proportional to strain. FTP, what is this law of elasticity stating that the amount a spring deforms is proportional to the applied force?
Answer: Hooke's law
2. He became known as “the needle on the Italian scales” and gained the power to create a new Council of Seventy after boldly presenting himself at the court of Ferdinand I. The peace he concluded with Ferdinand forced Pope Sixtus IV to abandon the plot against him that had led the Pazzi family to attempt to assassinate him, resulting in the murder of his co-ruler and brother Giuliano. In addition to his political achievements, he was a renowned poet and patron of the arts. FTP, who was this Florentine leader, the grandson of Cosimo, known as the “Magnificent”?

Answer: Lorenzo de’Medici, the Magnificent

3. Like Francis Beaumont, this dramatist frequently collaborated with John Fletcher, notably on The Custom of the Country, The Spanish Curate, and The Beggar’s Bush. His satirical bent is seen in his solo efforts, including The Bondman, The Renegado, and Believe as You List. He believed his tragedy about Domition entitled The Roman Actor to be his best work, but today he is remembered for over-the-top characters like Luke Frugal and Giles Overreach. FTP, who was this author of The City Madam and A New Way to Pay Old Debts?

Answer: Philip Massinger

4. Keynes wrote a book whose title declared the "end of" this economic concept. Its greatest supporter in 19th-century Germany was Friedrich List, whose advocacy led to the establishment of the Zollverein system. In his Discourses Upon Trade, Dudley North gave an early development of it, although its name was not coined until almost a century later by Vincent de Gournay, one of the Physiocrats. It fell out of favor after the industrial advances of the late-19th century, a century after it was held to be the best way to encourage the workings of the "invisible hand" by Adam Smith. From the French for "let it be", FTP, what is this theory advocating no government interference in the economy?
Answer: laissez-faire
5. This composer’s early struggles ended with the publication of his Moravian Duets. He experienced great success with his less-ambitious works like the Scherzo Capriccioso and the Gypsy Songs, but his 10 operas, including Rusalka, were less successful. Although he composed the American String Quartet and the Dumky Trio, today he is known for introducing folk melodies into classical music, notably in the Slavonic Dances. FTP, who was this great Bohemian composer whose 9th symphony is known as the New World Symphony?

Answer: Antonin Dvorak

6. A blow to the loyalists in this battle came in the initial skirmishing with the death of John Howard, Duke of Norfolk. Early in the day, the king's forces took a superior position on Ambien Hill to oppose the contender to the crown, who had landed at Milford Haven 15 days earlier. The tide turned with the attack by William Stanley on the king's left flank, after which the king was unhorsed and killed in a bog. Fought on August 22, 1485, FTP, what was this victory for Henry Tudor over Richard III, the final battle of the Wars of the Roses?
Answer: Bosworth Field

7. Examples of this type of mythological creature include the Japanese god Ryujin and Long, one of the four spiritual creatures of Chinese myth. Ahura Mazda’s son Atar battled one named Azhi Dahaka, while Indra defeated one named Vritra. Tiamat is one from Babylonian myth, while the best-known example from classical myth is probably Ladon, who guarded the golden apples. FTP, what are these huge winged lizards who often have the ability to breathe fire?

Answer: dragon (prompt on wyrm or firedrake)
8. In 1838, De Morgan coined the term for this technique and codified its use, although it had already been utilized to celebrated effect by Euler in his proof of Fermat’s Little Theorem. The “transfinite” type can be used in arguments involving transfinite numbers, although an extra step is usually required to account for cases involving limit ordinals. Calculus students often encounter this type of argument for the first time in proofs of summation formulas. In it, the result is proven for a starting number, often 1, after which it is argued that the case involving the number n is true if one knows that the result is true for numbers less than n. FTP, what is proof technique whose name is also used in philosophy for the opposite of deduction?

Answer: mathematical induction

9. His Harvard thesis was “Literary Progeria in the Works of William Faulkner and Flannery O'Connor.” He appeared as Jonathon Silverman's rival Cameron Duncan on “The Single Guy” and as Sean the Doorman in the Five-Time Host Club sketch on Saturday Night Live, where he worked as a writer for two years. He went on to write such classic episodes as “Homer Goes to College” and “Marge Versus the Monorail” as a writer on “The Simpsons”, but is now better known for a show featuring characters like Preparation H Raymond, the Masturbating Bear, and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. FTP, who is this host of NBC's Late Night?
Answer: Conan O'Brien
10. One part of the story about this character describes his shocking testimony in a trial where his beautiful girlfriend is struck by the prosecutor, prompting him to deck the prosecutor and call him a miserable cur, which reminds him to buy dog biscuits. It ends by describing him standing before a firing squad, while earlier, his adventures as a famed surgeon and flying ace were interrupted by the petty errands he must run while in town with his nagging wife. FTP, name this daydreamer whose “Secret Life” was described by James Thurber.

Answer: Walter Mitty

11. Some of the causes for its negotiation were the issuance of almost identical rival grants to P.A. Hargous and Albert Sloo for a vital communications corridor and the failure of the United States to control American Indian migration under Article IX of a previous treaty. A block of northern senators held up its ratification until the sum of money involved was reduced by five million dollars, which the Mexican government accepted due to bankruptcy. Inspired by the desire for a transcontinental railroad, FTP, what was this agreement by which the United States bought over 45,000 square miles of what is now southern Arizona and New Mexico?

Answer: Gadsden Purchase

12. Fairly recent cases have involved people like Catherine Emmerich, Elizabeth Mora, Marie de Moerl, and Louise Lateau. Earlier cases involving saints include those of St. Lidwine, St. Gertrude, and St. Lutgarde, the latter of which was the second known occurrence. The first occurred on Mount Alverno, and was attested to by Pope Alexander IV, while in a later case, Catherine of Siena prayed in her humility that the evidence for hers be made invisible. First occurring to St. Francis of Assisi, FTP, what is this appearance of bodily wounds like those suffered by Christ?

Answer: stigmata (accept stigma)

13. One problem with it is its frequent violation by hydrogen bromide, which often exhibits the opposite behavior it predicts. It occurs when the mechanism involved is electrophilic addition, and is due to a distortion in the electron distribution in a double bond, making one carbon atom negative in charge. It states that when a hydrogen halide adds to an unsymmetrical alkene, the hydrogen attaches to the carbon with more hydrogens already attached. FTP, what is this rule of chemistry named for the Russian chemist who first proposed it?

Answer: Markovnikoff’s rule

14. This country claims a number of small islands, including Europa, the Glorioso Islands, and Tromelin. Home to the Betsiboka and Sofia rivers, it consists of a low coastal strip surrounding central highlands that are home to the Ankaratra Mountains and Mount Maromokotro, its highest point. The people include those of African and Malayo-Indonesian descent, most of whom speak Malagasy. With capital at Antananarivo, FTP, what is this African republic found on the world’s fourth largest island?

Answer: Democratic Republic of Madagascar

15. The daughter of the title figure of this story becomes enamored with the hereditary prince of an Asiatic kingdom who is a fellow traveler on the ship Atlantida. After a life spent accumulating wealth, the protagonist and his family have set out on a two-year vacation in the Old World, but after arriving on the island of Capri, he suddenly and inexplicably dies, and is packed into a crate and shipped back to the title city. FTP, what is this story, the most famous work by Ivan Bunin?

Answer: The Gentleman from San Francisco

16. Much of the information about him comes from his secretary, Francisco Lopez de Gomara, including his journey to study at Salamanca at age 14. He defeated a force under Panfilo de Narvaez as part of his feud with his former commander, Diego de Velazquez, which also prompted him to scuttle his 11 ships to prevent Velazquez loyalists from returning to Cuba. His killing of Cuauhtemoc concluded his main endeavor, which, despite a temporary retreat after the “sad night”, saw him defeat the forces of Montezuma. FTP, who was this conquistador who conquered the Aztecs?
Answer: Hernan Cortes
17. In the current model, it is held to be mediated by the exchange of intermediate vector bosons. It is only known to occur between leptons and in the decay of hadrons, and is responsible for the beta decay of particles and nuclei. 10 to the 30th times stronger than gravity, FTP, what is this fundamental interaction whose name indicates its relationship to the electromagnetic and strong forces?

Answer: weak force or weak interaction

18. This author advocated a spare, impressionistic style in the essay “The Novel Demeuble”. Her dissatisfaction with modern society is seen in late works like the three tales comprising 1932’s Obscure Destinies and the novel Lucy Gayheart, with the latter’s grim ending standing in contrast to an early work on a similar theme, The Song of the Lark. FTP, who is this author of Death Comes for the Archbishop, My Antonia, and O Pioneers?

Answer: Willa Cather

19. In the bottom right of this painting can be seen a young girl dressed in red with her left foot on a dog lying on the floor. On the back wall, the king and queen are reflected in a mirror next to an open doorway, in which a man in black is seen peering at the main scene. To the left, the artist is looking at the viewer while working on the huge canvas before him, while the front center is dominated by the Princess Margarita and her attendants. FTP, what is this 1656 painting, one of the masterpieces of Diego Velazquez?

Answer: Las Meninas or The Maids of Honor

20. The first examples of them were derivatives of ethylamine, while the forerunner of most modern types was an alinine derivative called Antergan. Most examples in use do not suppress gastric secretion, an exception being Tagamet, one of the H-2 blocking agents. It acts by binding to one of two receptor sites normally used by the substance whose effects it is designed to counteract, but can cause sleepiness in the process. FTP, what are these synthetic drugs used to combat inflammation and allergies?

Answer: antihistamines

One of its clauses was interpreted to include corporations as legal persons in the case Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company, allowing trusts to thwart state prosecutions in cases like Smyth v. Ames and Allgeyer v. Louisiana. After its ratification, cases like U.S. v. Cruikshank limited its applicability to the actions of states, but later its due process clause led to the systematic extension of the Bill of Rights to the states. FTP, what was this amendment that overturned Dred Scott by declaring that blacks were U.S. citizens?

Answer: Fourteenth Amendment


FTPE, revel in your love of Victorian literature and name the following.

1. This poet is known in part for major works like In Memorium and Idylls of the King.

Answer: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

2. Tennyson wrote this poem about a hero of classical myth who wishes to depart in his old age from Ithaca and “sail beyond the sunset”.

Answer: “Ulysses

3. This poem is a monologue by a man who has returned to the desolate, moorland home of his youth, where he laments that his love for his cousin Amy was thwarted when his family forced her to marry another.

Answer: “Locksley Hall
Name these gods from Egyptian myth, FTPE.

1. This god’s name means “many-eyed”. He was slain by his evil twin Set, but avenged by his son Horus.

Answer: Osiris

2. This Egyptian sky goddess was represented as a cow.

Answer: Hathor

3. This sister and wife of Set joined him as a god of the dead.

Answer: Nephthys
FTPE, name these causes of mental retardation.

1. Caused by an extra chromosome attached to the 21st pair of chromosomes, this syndrome’s physical symptoms include a single crease across the palm, flattish facial features, and an upward slant to the eyes.

Answer: Down’s syndrome

2. A major cause of inherited retardation is this syndrome characterized by an almost broken chromosome possessing a tip hanging by a weak thread.

Answer: fragile X syndrome

3. The Guthrie test helps detect this birth defect in which an enzyme needed to convert a certain amino acid to tyrosine is lacking, leading to its buildup in brain tissue, where it acts as a poison.

Answer: PKU or phenylketonuria
FTPE, answer the following about our 20th vice-president.

1. Known as “the last of the log-cabin statesmen”, this former railroad lawyer rose to become the Senate’s principal spokesman before becoming Teddy Roosevelt’s vice-president from 1905-09.

Answer: Charles Fairbanks

2. In the 1912 election, Charles Fairbanks shifted his support from Roosevelt to this Republican incumbent.

Answer: William Howard Taft

3. Fairbanks later served as the running mate of this unsuccessful Republican candidate in the 1916 election.

Answer: Charles Evans Hughes
Name the following about one of the leading composers of Romanticism, FTPE.

1. This guy is known for works like the Rhenish Symphony and Scenes from Childhood, which contains the piano piece “Dreaming”.

Answer: Robert Schumann

2. This Schumann symphony, his first, is named for its calm, idyllic nature.

Answer: Spring Symphony

3. This collection of 12 piano pieces, his opus 2, has a fanciful title comparing them to twelve insects of different colors. The last depicts the early hours at the end of a ball.

Answer: Papillons (or Butterflies)

Name these stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne from brief descriptions, FTPE.

1. Parson Hooper uses the title object to illustrate the sins that stand between each person and the world, refusing to remove it.

Answer: The Minister’s Black Veil

2. Governor Endicott disperses revelers at the wedding of the Lord and Lady of the May and cuts down the title object to enforce his Puritan beliefs.

Answer: The Maypole of Merry Mount

3. The scientist Aylmer becomes obsessed with removing the title object from his wife Georgiana.

Answer: The Birthmark

Name the anthropologist, FTPE.

1. He is best known for his book The Golden Bough.

Answer: James Frazer

2. Often regarded as the founder of cultural anthropology, his 1856 visit to Mexico gave rise to the seminal work Anahuac. He is also known for Primitive Culture.

Answer: Edward Tylor

3. She examined Japanese culture in The Chrysanthemum and the Sword.

Answer: Ruth Benedict
FTPE, give the geometry of the following molecules according to VSEPR theory.

1. water

Answer: bent

2. methane

Answer: tetrahedral

3. boron trifluoride

Answer: trigonal planar
FTPE, name these wives of Henry VIII.
1. Chosen to marry Henry to aid an alliance with the Schmalkaldic League, Henry tried to break their contract upon seeing her, and divorced her soon after marriage. Thomas Cromwell was beheaded for his advocacy of the union.
Answer: Anne of Cleves
2. Henry's last wife, she wielded considerable power as queen dowager after Henry's death.
Answer: Catherine Parr
3. Lady in waiting to both Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, this woman bore the future king Edward VI.
Answer: Jane Seymour
FTPE, name these classic Atari 2600 video games.

1. 114,000 is the perfect score for this game, but only 20,000 were required to join the Explorers’ Club and earn your free sew-on patch. In it, you have 20 minutes to collect 32 treasures while avoiding crocodiles and rolling barrels.

Answer: Pitfall!

2. The paddles were needed for this classic Activision game in which you use buckets of water to douse the bombs being dropped from above.

Answer: Kaboom

3. By the same programmer responsible for the retched E.T., this game sees you nibble on the shield protecting your enemy, the swirl, creating missiles you can use to shoot it.

Answer: Yars’ Revenge

Name the following English sonnet sequences, FTPE.

1. The so-called “Reading Edition” was a forged edition of this sequence of 44 sonnets describing the love of Elizabeth Barrett for Robert Browning.

Answer: Sonnets from the Portuguese

2. The first major English sonnet sequence was this sequence of 108 sonnets and 11 songs in which the author, Philip Sidney, describes his love for Penelope Devereaux.

Answer: Astrophel and Stella

3. Using unconventional sonnets of 16 lines, this sequence of 50 poems by George Meredith describes the disintegration of the narrator’s marriage to a woman called the “Madam”, who poisons herself when she is replaced by a mistress called the “Lady”.

Answer: Modern Love

FTPE, name these mountains I’m not planning to climb any time soon.

1. Found in the St. Elias Mountains, this peak is the highest in Canada.

Answer: Mount Logan

2. Player-haters like to dis Mount Townsend in favor of this nearby peak in the Snowy Mountains, the highest in Australia.

Answer: Mount Kosciusko

3. At 25,230 feet, this mountain north of Peshawar is the highest in the Hindu Kush.

Answer: Tirich Mir
Name these Jewish holidays, FTPE.

1. The shofar calls Jews to ten days of penitence on this day, the Jewish New Year.

Answer: Rosh Hashanah

2. Also called the Feast of Lots, this festival on the 14th of Adar celebrates the deliverance of the Persian Jews from massacre due to the intervention of Esther.

Answer: Purim

3. Celebrated on the 6th and 7th of Sivan, it commemorates the receiving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai.

Answer: Shavuot
FTPE, name these people important in the life of Alexander the Great.
1. Alexander's father, his conquering of Greece paved the way for Alexander's conquests.
Answer: Philip II of Macedon
2. Alexander's classical education was made possible by this woman, his mother, who was executed by Cassander in the power struggle following Alexander's death.
Answer: Olympias
3. Alexander incurred much hatred for his execution of this nephew of Aristotle, the historian of Alexander's Asian expedition.
Answer: Callisthenes
Name the following from the realm of silicate minerals, FTPE.
1. Lepidolite, biotite, and muscovite are the main members of this class of silicate minerals characterized by a layered structure composed of SiO4 tetrahedra.
Answer: mica
2. Amethyst is a form of this widely distributed rock-forming silicate with formula SiO2. It is the most common mineral.
Answer: quartz
3. This type of unconsolidated, wind-deposited sediment is composed largely of quartz crystals. It occurs widely in the central United States and northern Europe, where it can give rise to rugged, steep-sloped topography.
Answer: loess

Name the Nobel Prize winning authors from works, FTPE.

1. Disgrace, Life and Times of Michael K

Answer: John Michael Coetzee

2. Doctor Zhivago

Answer: Boris Pasternak

3. “Poem of Frozen Time”, The Captive Mind

Answer: Czeslaw Milosz

FTPE, answer the following about Frank Stallone’s favorite German philosopher.

1. This thinker is best known for works like Critique of Pure Reason.

Answer: Immanuel Kant

2. Immanuel Kant’s best-known idea is this maxim, stating that one should act only on principles that everyone should adopt.

Answer: categorical imperative

3. Kant contrasted the categorical imperative with these other kinds of maxims that one can choose whether to follow or not depending on one’s particular aim.

Answer: hypothetical imperatives
FTPE, name the assassins of the following people.

1. James Garfield

Answer: Charles Guiteau

2. Mohandas Gandhi

Answer: Nathuram Godse

3. Huey Long

Answer: Carl Weiss
FTPE, name these scientists and inventors involved in the early development of photography.

1. Originally known as co-inventor of the diorama, this partner of Niepce developed a namesake process for creating an image on an iodized silver plate that required only about 30 minutes exposure time.

Answer: Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre

2. This American inventor patented flexible film, introduced daylight-loading film, and invented the Kodak camera Box.

Answer: George Eastman

3. This Frenchman produced the first color photographic plate, for which he won the 1908 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Answer: Gabriel Lippmann
FTPE, name these artists that had something to do with the frescos of the Sistine Chapel.

1. This native of Cortona is best known for the mastery of the nude form and epic scope seen in six frescos in the Orvieto Chapel on the end of the world, including The Damned Cast into Hell.

Answer: Luca Signorelli

2. Luca Signorelli finished the fresco cycle that includes this artist’s masterpiece, Christ Delivering the Keys to St. Peter.

Answer: Pietro Perugino (or Pietro Vannucci)

3. The enigmatic seated nude youth in Signorelli’s Last Acts and Death of Moses bears a striking resemblance to some of the Ignudi painted by this man on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Answer: Michelangelo Buonarroti

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