Unit – 2 Client-Case Worker Relationship The worker–client relationship

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Unit-2 Client-Case Worker Relationship

Unit – 2
Client-Case Worker Relationship

The worker–client relationship

  • Successful treatment depends heavily on the quality of relationship between client and worker.

  • How to promote Positive Relationship?

  1. Positive therapeutic relationship division from the worker’s demonstration of

non-positive warmth and concern, genuineness, accurate empathy, and
non-judgemental acceptance, along with his capacity to communicate optimism and professional competence.

  1. For client: he must mobilize some courage, hope and motivation to join to

trust in his ability to help.

Client - Case Worker Relationship
Relationship is the medium through which changes are brought in the behaviour and personality of the client. Miss Virginia Robinson used the term relationship in social casework for the first time in her book, “A Changing Psychology in Social Case Work” in 1939. Thus the purpose of establishing relationship is to help the client with his/her psychosocial needs and problems.

  • One can broadly classify relationships according to quality also. It follows from the above discussion that the social worker- client relationship is a professional relationship, and that it has to be positive in nature. Only a positive relationship can serve as a means towards the desirable end of helpfulness.

  • During a process of social case work a relationship is built between client and social case worker which is professional in nature for certain time until the client recover its strength and become self-dependent.

  • The relationship between client and caseworker is one to one relationship.

  • Relationship is the channel through which the mobilization of the capacities of the client is made possible.

  • Relationship is the medium through which the client is enabled to state his problem and through which attention can be focused on reality problems, which may be as full of internal conflict with emotional problems.

  • Relationship is the professional meeting of two persons for assisting one of them, the client, to make a better, a more acceptable adjustment to personal problem.

  • In social casework, caseworker and client are interdependent to each other. Caseworker help client to solve problems. But without client case worker doesn’t have existence. Thus, their relationship is taken as two sides of the same coin because without one the existence of another is impossible

Professional relationships have some common features. They are bound by time to specific purposes. When the purpose is met, the relationship ends.

  1. This professionalism involves the process of sharing responsibilities,

  2. Recognition of others rights,

  3. Acceptance of difference to stimulate growth

  4. Interaction to solve problem of the client to adjustment social environment.

RELATIONSHIP: the emotional interaction between people – the emotional bond.

  • Relationships never end, they just change.”

  • Relationships are always in the process of change.”

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