Tossups by Michigan for the 1998 acf regionals

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Tossups by Michigan for the 1998 ACF Regionals
1. This American author wrote several collections of short stories ranging from life in the Ozarks to Chicago gangsters. He also wrote historical novels, penning Spirit Lake and Valley Forge. He was a reporter for the Webster City Daily News, and he eventually returned to Iowa to become a columnist for the Des Moines Tribune. He eventually became a screenwriter in Hollywood where he adapted his work Glory for Me for the 1946 film, The Best Years of our Lives. FTP -- name this author of 1955's Pulitzer prize winner Andersonville.

Answer: Mackinlay _Kantor_

2. In the 12th century Historia Rccegum Britannia by Geoffrey of Monmouth, this man is Arthur's ambassador to Rome. In the 12th century romances of Chretien de Troyes, his prowess in battle was surpassed only by that of Lancelot and Perceval. However, with the emergence of the Grail theme, he is depicted as a treacherous knight. His strength supposedly waxed and waned with the sun, a characteristic that links him with Gwalchmei, the solar deity of Celtic mythology. FTP-- name this opponent of the Green Knight.

Answer: Sir _Gawain_

3. Evolving from common-law procedures and starting with the volunteer work of a Boston cobbler, John Augustus in 1841, this method of penology first became a government function in 1869 when Massachusetts passed a law requiring the Board of Charities to send an agent to arrange family placement for young offenders. Massachuesetts strengthened it in 1878 with a law authorizing court employment of an officer to monitor it. FTP, give the name for a sentence suspended on the condition that the offender behaves as directed.

Answer: Probation

4. The weak version of this principle states that observed values are always restricted by the requirement that they be compatible with our existence. The strong version of this principle states further that the universe must be nearly as we know it or else life would not exist. FTP, what is the general name of this principle?

Answer: _Anthropic_ Principle

5. The ONE of Parlement started when Anne of Austria, acting as regent for Louis XIV, proposed to cut the salaries of high court officials. The parliament rejected this plan, and after a series of armed conflicts forced restrictions on royal authority. The ONE of princes was a rebellion led by nobles desiring more political power. The Great Conde, a military leader, inspired riots against the king but was defeated. The crown's victory established a monarchy whose authority was unchecked until 1789. FTP-- name these civil reactions against the French throne's power lasting from 1648-53.

Answer: Fronde

6. This type of muscle contains only 1 nucleus per cell, and is innervated by the Autonomic Nervous system. While they contain Actin and Myosin filaments, these filaments lack the organization of skeletal sarcomeres, thus they are non-striated. FTP -- name this type of muscle responsible for involuntary processes, found in the digestive tract, bladder, and the blood vessel walls.

Answer: _Smooth_ muscle

7. It often incorporates kinetic energy into designs of squares, lines, circles, and dots to create illusions. Often color is used in a powerful way to give a sense of depth to the pictures. Also common are invisible paintings, in which shapes emerge as the viewer's eye becomes accustomed to the colors of the canvas. FTP -- name this 1960's art movement that rejects all signs of representation and insists on nonobjectivity.

Answer: _Op_ Art

8. Kept out of the military because of poor eyesight and a height under 5 feet, he moved on to teaching in his father's school. His last big concert, featuring late work like Die Allmacht and Auf dem Strom was largely ignored by the music press because of the advent of Paganini. Tutored by Salieri he dedicated his F minor Fantasy for Piano Duet to Countess Caroline Esterhazy. FTP, name this composer of the operas Rudiger and Der Minnesanger, a adaptation of Goethe, Erlkonig, and the

Unfinished Symphony.

Answer: Franz _Schubert_
9. It has a Brooklyn, Amherst, Long Island, Annapolis, and Dartmout, but it is not a New England state. It is divided into two main islands by the Strait of Canso and is joined to the continent by the isthmus of Chignecto. It is bordered to the North by three main bodies of water, the Northumberland Strait, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Bay of Fundy. FTP, name this province featuring the Cape Breton Highlands with its capital at Halifax.

Answer: _Nova Scotia_

10. The name's the same. Located in Southwest Colorado, at 13,493 feet, it is one of Colorado's highest peaks. It also names a canyon located in Arizona, near the Canyon de Chelly (shay) which the Anasazi Indians considered sacred. It is the name for the parliament building bombarded by troops loyal to Boris Yeltsin. It is most famous, though, as the structure, administered by the U.S. Park Service, which was rebuilt in 1817 by James Hoban, after it was burned. FTP, give the common name.

Answer: _White House_

11. On August 15, 1947, two boys are born in a Bombay hospital, where theyare switched by a nurse. Saleem Sinai, the son of a poor Hindu woman anda British colonist, will be raised by a prosperous Muslim couple. Shiva,who is given to a poor Hindu man, is the actual son of the Muslim couple.Saleem represents modern India, while Shiva becomes India's most honoredwar hero. FTP -- name this 1981 Booker Prize winner by Salman Rushdie.

Answer: _Midnight's Children_

12. In algebra it generates the additive semigroup of the non-negative integer. In analysis it is the radius of the open disk referred to in Schwarz's Lemma. In calculus it is the smallest value of p for which the integral from 1 to infinity of 1/x^p ("1 over x to the p power") diverges. FTP, name the number, the multiplicative identity.

Answer: _1_ or _one_ or _unity_

13. He wrote that matter and the world were eternal and caused by God, and the God was eternal, but without cause. This was revolutionary for the middle of the 12th century and so his philosophy was banned by various church councils five times between 1215 and 1277. Thomas Aquinas adapted his commentary form, but criticized the content of his Commentaries on Aristotle's "Categories." FTP, name this physician and philosopher, born Ibn Rushd, to whom the idea of a double truth pertaining to resurrection is falsely ascribed and who drew on the ideas of Avicenna.

Answer: Averroes

14. In classical physics this theorem states that one half the dot product of the force and position vectors is equal to the average kinetic energy. In quantum mechanics it is used to show, among other things, that the average potential energy of a harmonic oscillator equals the average kinetic energy. FTP, name this theorem that also exists in other forms with the prefix "hyper-".

Answer: The _Virial_ Theorem

15. This story's protagonist is very sensitive of his handicap. While a medical student in London, he meets Mildred Rogers, a waitress for whom he is infatuated with. He cannot leave her although she continually scorns him. After medical school he meets Sally Athelney, through whom he finds happiness. FTP-- name this story dealing about the plights of the club-footed Philip Carey, the most famous novel by Somerset Maugham.

Answer: _Of Human Bondage_

16. Two men, one a politician and the other a novelist, met in Boston in 1901. Both vowed, at a dinner party given by the novelist, that there would be no more confusion over the two of them sharing the same first and last name. FTP, give the name of either the author of "The Crisis" or the author of "The World Crisis," as well as "The History of the English Speaking People."

Answer: _Winston Churchill_

17. It was built from the S-IVB stage of a Saturn V Moon Rocket, whose hydrogen tank had been converted into a two story living accommodation, in fact its internal volume was 11,700 cubic feet, the same size as a small house. Capable of holding 3 people, it was launched by another Saturn V rocket. FTP, name this object which, after completing almost 35,000 earth orbits, disintegrated and crashed into the Indian Ocean and parts of Australia.

Answer: Skylab

18. In the legend of the Tuleyone Indians, this creature is called Olle and is the world's savior. However, in most other mythologies it more closely parallels Blue-Jay of the Chinook, or the Norse Loki. Popular in Navajo stories, ftp, name this cunning, sometimes malicious animal character, probably more famous as "Carnivorous Vulgaris."

Answer: _Coyote_

19. The beginning of this play follows Caius Marcius through phases of his career. In peacetime, he is depicted as an arrogant nobleman, later on he is seen as a valiant warrior against Rome's enemies, finally he is seen as a worthy consul candidate. He refuses to flatter the Roman citizens, thus leading to his eventual expulsion. He joins forces with his enemy Tullis Aufidius against Rome. In the end , he is persuaded by his mother to make peace with Rome. FTP -- name this last political tragedy of William Shakespeare.

Answer: _Coriolanus_ (Do not accept "Corioloso" or "Coriolis")

20. It saw the readoption of Confucianism as the imperial philosophy, replacing the Legalism of the preceding dynasty. A program of expansion under Wu Ti led to conquests into modern day Vietnam, Korea, and Uzbekistan. Imperial control was usurped in 7 AD by Wang Mang, but reestablished in 25 AD and continued until 220, when the dynasty was destroyed by the Yellow Turbans and the Five Pecks of Rice revolts. FTP, name the Chinese dynasty, following the Qin ("chin"), which lent its name to the predominant ethnic group in China.

Answer: Han

21. In this two-character play, a pair of murderers wait in a sparse basement room for orders to their next killing. As they chat, first discussing the trivial and gradually more pressing issues, they start

to receive mysterious notes. Semiliterate thugs, they cannot fulfill these requests for food, and they react to the Absurdist intrusions in kind, Ben by scrupulously following all the rules he knows, and Gus by questioning absurdity and authority. Drawing on "Waiting For Godot," but with a cold, fascist concept of God, name FTP, this Harold Pinter play.

Answer: The _Dumb Waiter_
22. After completing a tour of duty in the Army of Occupation in Mexico, he became a professor of natural and experiential philosophy at the Virginia Military Institute, and commanded the VMI cadets at John Brown's hanging in Charles Town. He led a brigade into action at Falling Waters in May of 1861 and was assigned to the Army of the Shenandoah. FTP, name this Confederate, who died a lieutenant general while commanding troops against Joseph Hooker at Chancellorsville.

Answer: _T_homas (or _Stonewall_) _Jackson_

23. Making a fortune from a visible card index file system, this former mathematician was able to spend the rest of his life formulating economic theories. He set down the equation which stated that the stock of circulating money times the velocity of its circulation plus the volume of deposited money times the velocity of its circulation equaled the purchasing power of money. He wrote The Nature of Capital and Income and The Theory of Interest. FTP, name the man who pioneered modern investment theory and wrote the commercially successful, How To Live.

Answer: Irving _Fisher_

24. Early in 1950, the Washington D.C. press corps had voted him the worst member of the Senate. Then Father Edmund A Walsh suggested that he take up a controversial issue pertaining to the federal bureaucracy. FTP, name the man who then rocketed to infamy when he declared that he had the names of 205 known communists.

Answer: Joseph R. _McCarthy_

25. This 10th century nun at the German monastery of Gandersheim is one of the first medieval dramatists who historians know by name. It is not known whether Gandersheim's nuns ever performed her six plays, which draw heavily on the writing of the Roman comedian Terence, but modern productions show that it was possible. Many of her plays, unsurprisingly involve women in leading roles, like the three virgins in Dulcitius (dool-SEE-shuhs). FTP, name this nun, whose Paphnutius inspired Anatole France's novel and, indirectly, Massenet's opera.

Answer: _Hrotsvitha_ (Ros-VEE-tha) or _Hroswitha_ or _Hrotsvit_

26. Many historians consider this rebellion to be one of the first proto-industrial revolts. During the summer of 1378, a group of disenfranchised Florentine nobles, members of the Parte Guelpha (PAR-tay GWEL-fa), joined forces with minor guildsmen and day laborers of the wool industry in order to take more representation in the guild-run government. However, evidence shows that the day laborers had banded together in a festive group much earlier, in the 1330's. FTP, name the revolt, the name as the group of day laborers, whose flag was originally given to them by Walter of Brienne.

Answer: the _Ciompi_ Rebellion

27. Among the side agreements made at Potsdam was one that divided "foroperational purposes" at the sixteenth parallel, this country, betweenChinese and British occupation forces. FTP, name this country, whosedivide reappeared after the 1954 French defeat at Dien Bien Phu andremained until 1975.

Answer: Vietnam

29. In 1966, after an attempted coup and the murder of the centralgovernment's Prime Minister, 30,000 tribal inhabitants of this state were massacred, andanother million fled to the east. In January 1967, the leader of theEastern region, Colonel Ojukwu, met with other regional premiers in Ghana,but a collapse in the talks led Ojukwu to declare his region'sindependence. FTP, name this short-lived African state, whose breakawayfrom Nigeria led to 3 years of civil war, and the death of up to a millionpeople from combat, starvation, and disease.

Answer: _Biafra_ or _Biafra Crisis _ (on an early buzz)

30. This phylum is so diverse that there is no physical characteristicshared by all members, though most of them possess a radial symmetry andan exoskeleton made up of several plates or ossicles. Members using awater vascular system for locomotion and food-gathering include seacucumbers, sea lillies, and starfish. FTP, name this phylum literallymeaning "spiny-skinned."

Answer: _Echinoderms_ or _Echinodermata_

Bonuses by Michigan for the 1998 ACF Regionals

1. A recent study revealed that half of all Canadians can't pass their own citizenship test.

1. For 5 points each, name the four founding provinces of Canada.

Answer: _Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia_

2. One man has held the position of Prime Minister 3 separate times, interrupted in 1920 and 1926 by conservative Arthur Meighen. FTP, name this Liberal Party head.

Answer: W.L. MacKenzie _King_
2. 30:20:10 Name the island

30: Discovered in 1502 by the Portuguese navigator Joao Da Nova Castella, this island was annexed by the Dutch in 1633 and was made a British crown colony in 1834.

20: Located about 1200 miles west of Africa, this Atlantic Ocean island's capital is at Jamestown.

10: In 1815, it was the second place of exile for Napolean.

Answer: _St. Helena_
3. Using your knowledge of the periodic table say if the element described is Oxygen, Flourine, Chlorine, or Sulfur.

1. For 5 points, it is the most electromagnetic.

Answer: Flourine

2. For 5 points, it has the largest atomic radius.

Answer: Sulfur

3. For 10 points, its anion is the best nucleophile.

Answer: Chlorine

4. For 10 points, it is paramagnetic.

Answer: Oxygen
4. 5:10:15 given a plot, name the Russian literary work

1. For 5: This novel was primarily concerned with the histories of five aristocratic families compared with the social life during the war with Napolean. In it, the heroine Natasha Rostova reaches her greatest happiness with Pierre Bezukhov.

Answer: _War and Peace_

2. For 10: In this novel, the protagonist, the physician Bazarov, is a nihilist, denying all laws except those of the natural sciences. Although uncouth, he is susceptible to love and is doomed to being unhappy.

Answer: _Fathers and Sons_

3. For 15: This short story is set in a mental asylum and explores the conflict between Ivan Gromov, a patient, and Dr. Ragin, the director of the asylum.

Answer: _Ward Number Six_
5. Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the Queen in Edinburgh. Answer these question about its history, TPE.

1. A chapel in Holyrood is named for this saint, the consort of Malcolm Canmore and daughter of Harold II of England, who brought English customs and the Roman Catholic Church to Scotland.

Answer: St. _Margaret_ of Scotland

2. A plaque on the floor of Holyrood marks the site of the murder of this man, Mary Queen of Scots's secretary, who was stabbed to death by a group of nobles led by Mary's husband, Lord Darnley.

Answer: David _Rizzio_

3. Members of this governmental group, whose last meeting was 22nd April 1707, would meet at Holyrood before a ceremonial procession to the opening meeting of the year. Since the favorable outcome of Tony Blair's 1997 referendum on home rule, the practice may be revived.

Answer: _Parliament_ or _Scots Parliament_
6. Name the composers on a 15/5 basis.

15: He composed music for the Vatican City's national anthem.

5: He is more famous for his operas "Faust," "The Bloody Nun," and "The Mock Doctor."

ANSWER: Charles _Gounod_

15: He composed music for Germany's national anthem.

5: He is better known for his Paris and London Symphonies.

ANSWER: Franz Joseph _Haydn_
7. 5:10:15 Name the German painter from a brief description

5: His best-known woodcuts were his 51 prints of Dance of Death. InBasel, he became a good friend of Erasmus. Name this royal court painter of Henry VIII, whose most famous work is arguably the French Ambassadors.

Answer: Hans _Holbein the Younger_

10: He was one of Germany's greatest Romantic painters creating eerie, symbolic masterpieces such as Monk at the Seashore and Men Observing theMoon.

Answer: Caspar _Friedrich_

15: This German Romantic's early work showed the influence of theParisian Thomas Couture, but his principle works were executed in Italyunder the Italian Renaissance masters. Works of his include Judgement of Paris and Iphigenia.

Answer: Anselm _Feuerbach_
8. Answer the following on enzyme kinetics, FTPE.

1. Suppose enzyme A is totally saturated with its substrate. Will adding a competitive inhibitor increase, decrease, or have no effect on the rate of reaction as the enzyme catalyzes?

Answer: _No effect_

2. What is the term for an enzyme being inhibited by its product?

Answer: _Feedback_ Inhibition

3. Are most enzymes globular, fibrous, or squamous proteins?

Answer: globular
9. Name the American novel given its subtitle, for the stated number of points.

1. First, for 5, The Whale

Answer: _Moby Dick_

2. For 10, A Saga of the Prairie

Answer: _Giants in the Earth_

3. For 15, The Inland Sea

Answer: The _Pathfinder_
10. Answer these questions about Philip II of Macedon, FTPE.

1. Name the Athenian orator, born in 384 BC, who made many speeches against Philip, including his "Philippics."

Answer: _Demosthenes_

2. What name was given to the peace wherein Athens gave Philip control of Phocis in return for empty promises of non-aggression. It is named for the leader of the Athenian envoys.

Answer: Peace of _Philocrates_

3. After conquering Greece, Philip created this puppet alliance, in 338 BC, to organize his empire. It is named for the city where delegates met regularly.

Answer: The League of _Corinth_ (accept Congress of Corinth)
11. Name the person from their work in linguistics, FTPE.

1. He studied Australian languages and grouped Californian Indian Languages into larger families. He wrote the Yokuts Dialect Survey.

Answer: Alfred _Kroeber_

2. He invented the terms synchronic and diachronic for language study. Name this Swiss forerunner of structural linguistics.

Answer: Ferdinand de _Saussure_

3. He developed phonemic theory, and his work was used by Benjamin Lee Whorf to develop the theory that language is culture, and culture is stated in language.

Answer: Edward _Sapir_
12. For 15 points apiece, name the Greek god/goddess

1. Some accounts make him the son of Dionysis and Aphrodite, as such he is a God of fruitfulness. Legend has it that as a youth he rescues a group of women from a band of pirates, including the girl he loves. His life with the girl causes his association with marriage songs. Name this god of marriage.

Answer: _Hymen_

2. This goddess's animal was a serpent, often being shown drinking from a saucer held in her hand. She gradually became identified with Salus, the Roman goddess of safety and health. In later time, she along with Asclepius became protective deities. Name this Greek goddess of health.

Answer: _Hygea_ or _Hygiea_
13. Earn 15 points if you name the English work from its protagonist, 5 points if you need the author

15: Sir Percy Blakeney

5: Baroness Orczy

Answer: The _Scarlet Pimpernel_

15: Emily St. Aubert

5: Ann Radcliffe

Answer: _Mysteries of Udolpho_
14. The Holy Roman Empire left with a whimper, not a bang. Answer these questions FTPE.

1. Name the last Holy Roman Emperor, who kept the title of Emperor of Austria after his abdication.

Answer: _Francis II_

2. In what year did Francis II abdicate?

Answer: 1806

3. Francis II gave up because Napoleon founded this alternate grouping of German states in 1804.

Answer: _Confederation of the Rhine_
15. Name the following hormones

1. For 5, it is secreted by the pancreas, this hormone lowers blood glucose and increases the storage of Glycogen.

Answer: _Insulin_

2. For 5, it is secreted by the Thyroid, this hormone decreases blood calcium levels.

Ans: _Calcitonin_

3. For 10, it is secreted by the Hypothalamus, and stored in the posterior pituitary, this hormone stimulates uterine contractions during labor and milk secretion during lactation.

Ans: _Oxytocin_

4. For 10, it is secreted by the anterior pituitary, this hormone stimulates ovulation in females and testosterone synthesis in males.

Ans: _Lutenizing_ hormone
16. In late 1975, after a refusal by the Senate to pass money bills, and with the government on the verge of insolvency, the Governor-General sacked the Prime Minister, dissolved Parliament, and called new elections

1. For 10 points, in what nation did this occur?

Answer: Commonwealth of _Australia_

2. Second, for 10 points, name the Australian Prime Minister dismissed, whose tumultuous 3 year government saw Australia recognize communist China and withdraw troops from Vietnam.

Answer: Gough _Whitlan_

3. Finally, for 10 points, name Whitlam's party which regained power in 1983 under Bob Hawke, and remained in charge until 1996, when Paul Keating was defeated by John Howard.

Answer: Australian _Labor_ Party, or _ALP_
17. Answer these geology questions, FTPE.

1. This term describes a fracture in unconsolidated material, or more commonly, rock, along which displacement has occurred.

Answer: fault

2. This term describes a curve introduced in any planar feature of a rock by compression, shearing, or thrusting. Examples include syncline and anticlines.

Answer: fold

3. This type of geology studies the formation of the earth as expressed by the characteristics of folded and faulted rocks, utilizing the subdisciplines of geometry, kinematics, and dynamics.

Answer: _Structural_ geology
18. Name the writer, on a 15-5 basis.

1. 15: Trained as a dentist, this U.S. author practiced in New York City from 1898-1904 before turning to writing penning Betty Zane in 1904, a novel dealing with pioneer life.

5: This author of romantic novels of the American West is better known for works such as The Lone Star Ranger and Riders of the Purple Page .

Answer: Zane _Grey_

2. 15: The favorite and last of 11 children, his series of satirical essays appeared during 1802-3 with the signature of Jonathan Oldstyle, Gent., in the Morning Chronicle.

5: This writer called 'the first American man of letters', is known for such works as The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, Astoria, and Rip Van Winkle.

Answer: Washington Irving
19. Name the American, 30-20-10.

30: This South Carolinian will turn 100 in December of 2002.

20: In 1957, he held the Senate floor for over 24 hours straight, as a one-man filibuster.

10: Nine years earlier, he ran for president against Henry Wallace, Dewey, and Truman.

Answer: Strom _Thurmond_
20. Identify the following terms from mathematics, for 15 points each.

1. A set of functions F(x) is said to be this if any other function G(x) can be expressed as a linear combination of F(x).

Answer: _Complete_ or a _basis_ or _spanning_

2. A set of functions is said to be this if the integral of the product of any two different members of the set is zero.

Answer: orthogonal
21. A recent study revealed that half of all Canadians can't pass their own citizenship test.

1. For 5 points each, name the four founding provinces of Canada.

Answer: _Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia_

2. One man has held the position of Prime Minister 3 separate times, interrupted in 1920 and 1926 by conservative Arthur Meighen. FTP, name this Liberal Party head.

Answer: W.L. MacKenzie _King_
22. Place the following interactions in order of increasing strength, for a single interaction, for 30 points. Dipole-dipole, covalent bond, hydrogen bond, and Van der Waal interaction.

Answer: _Van der Waal, dipole-dipole, hydrogen, covalent_

23. Identify the South American country from the date of its independence and its first post-colonial leader, FTPE.

1. 1822, Dom Pedro

Answer Brazil

2. 1818, Bernardo O'Higgins

Answer: Chile

3. 1966, Forbes Burnham

Answer: Guyana
24. Answer the following about engines, FTPE.

1. Some race drivers combat it by left foot braking while maintaining acceleration. What name is given to the time it takes a turbine to gain the proper rotational speed?

Answer: _Turbo Lag_

2. Name the engine which replaces pistons with an orbiting piece shaped like a curved equilateral triangle. Mazda uses it in its sports cars.

Answer: _Wankel_ Rotary Engin

3. Mechanically impossible, this engine is used as a theoretical benchmark to measure efficiency, since it is perfectly efficient.

Answer: _Carnot_ engine or cycle
25. 30-20-10 Name the poet

30: One of her early works, Desolation, includes the poem Dolor, detailing the aftermath of a love affair that was ended by the suicide of her lover.

20: Her reputation as a poet was recognized in 1914 when she won a Chilean prize for Three Sonnets of Death. Other works include Destruction, and the Wine Press.

10: This Chilean poet was the first Latin-American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945.

Answer: Gabriela _Mistral_
26. Name the Jewish text FTPE.

1. Give the common name of each of the two collections of discussions on Jewish law, written between 200 and 500 AD.

Answer: _Talmud_

2. Name the rabbinic legal code contained within both Talmuds, divided

among six orders.

Answer: _Mishnah_

3. Name the commentary on the Mishnah, traditionally written

surrounding it on the page.

Answer: _Gemara_
27. Answer these questions for 15 points on the plot of the play, 5 if you need the author

1. 15: Set in the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland and based on a tale the author heard there, this play centers on Maurya, an old woman whose male family members, except Bartley, are lost to the sea. During the course of the play, even Bartley drowns.

5: John Millington Synge

Answer: _Riders to the Sea_

2. 15: This play is set in Dublin during the Easter Rising of 1916. In the play Nora and Jack Clitheroe fight to keep their lives intact. Jack is killed in a street fight. Bessie Burgess, an Irish protestant, becomes Nora's caretaker after the latter loses her mind.

5: Sean O'Casey

Answer: _Plough and the Stars_
28. The Ig Nobel Prizes are given out every year for achievements which "cannot or should not be reproduced." Answer these questions about the 1997 awards.

1. For 5, Bernard Vonnegut, the elder brother of Kurt, won the award in this category for his article, "Chicken Plucking as a measure of Tornado Wind Speed."

Answer: Meteorology

2. For 10, Akihiro Yokoi of the Wiz Company and Aki Maita of Bandai won the Economics prize for inventing what product?

Answer: _Tamagotchi_

3. For 15, Carl Charnetski and Francis Brennan Jr of Wilkes University, and James Harrison of Seattle, won the Medicine prize for reporting that listening to this may help prevent the common cold.

Answer: Muzak
29. Give the philosopher from a brief description of their theories, FTPE.

1. He traced human progress through a troubled dialectic as the absolute realizes its nature in the history of the world.

Answer: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich _Hegel_

2. He stated that people have three levels of choice- aesthetic, ethical, and religious, and that the most central feeling of human life is an anguish or angst which accompanies us at every moment.

Answer: Soren _Kierkergaard_

3. He stated that the underlying condition of human existence is "a war of every man against every man" and that self interest is the universal rule in man's "natural state."

Answer: Thomas _Hobbes_
30. 1. Friends with Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, this poet was given the post of Lottery Commissioner by Sir Robert Walpole. FTP, name this author of "Wine," "Blueskin's Ballad," and "Molly Mog."

Answer: John _Gay_

2. This work, with sequel "Polly," earned Gay his largest fortune. FTP, name the opera based on the life of highwayman Jonathan Wild.

Answer: The _Beggar's Opera_

3. Give the name of the Gay poem subtitled, "The Art of Walking the Streets of London," FTP.

Answer: _Trivia_

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