To Litter or Not To Litter

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Jose Razo Razo

English Honors, 1A

Argumentative Essay

January 11, 2011

To Litter or Not To Litter

Littering is harmful to people and the environment, but people don’t care about littering because if they did they wouldn’t liter. This is a message to everyone that litters, stop littering because you’re destroying the environment. This shows the effect on how ridiculous it is to have to convince people that they need to dispose of their trash properly. What is littering? Littering is defined as objects strewn or scattered about; scattered rubbish. (“Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus” 157) Littering is a bigger deal than people make it out to be. Yes, we have prisoners and volunteers that work on the side of the road and pick up trash, but, that doesn’t make it right. No one likes a trashy yard, so why trash someone else’s? Carelessly discarding garbage affects everyone. Our waterways become damaged because of litter; litter causes harm to people as well as animals, and the result shows that we don’t care about our environment. The fines of littering should be increased because people that litter need to be punishing for their disgusting act of littering.

People that litter should get ready to phase the consequences for committing a crime that is hurting the environment. People that are caught littering should get punished by social services. Community service or social service is a type of punishment provided by the law which the offender can escape imprisonment and or fines. ( This is considered a harsh punishment because know body wants to be on the streets cleaning up garbage that people are littering. If he/she is an offender of littering he/she would have to understands the effect of littering and learn through community service, thus change his perception towards littering. Meaning to say, community service is designed to ensure that the guilty party is punished in some way other than simply paying a fine which can be nothing in the way of a deterrent. Many individuals convicted of a crime and only have to pay a fine, will simply commit the same offence again; this only leads to a longer spree of littering. The community service is imposed for a specific period which is measured by hour of service. The hours imposed is varied, depending on the nature of the offence. Community service is a healthy alternative mode of punishment and has many advantages such as cleaning other peoples poop, dead animal cadavers, and different types of fast-food garbage. It is seen to benefit a country and the government in so many ways. Firstly, community service provides for a less expensive punishment compared to imprisonment because if you are imprisoning for a long period. Everyone has seen that litter looks bad and is depressing. People feel better when their home is clean why not feel better because the world is clean. Litter can hurt the environment and oneself if we don’t do something about it.

The most common affect on people economically and politically is littering because it’s not cheap; it’s expensive. Littering hurts not only our environment but our people. Littering in America is a big problem because it is so expensive to clean it up. Theirs is a lot of money being spent due to littering, picking up litter from the streets, parks, roads, and from neighborhoods. A economical problem that littering is harming is housing because houses in littered neighborhoods are worth less just because it’s populated in a littered area. Littering is bad because it affects property tax; this means that personal things would get affected and taxes will become more expensive for the economy. If I lived in a littered neighborhood I wouldn’t have trouble determining my home because it would be the only clean house around. In my opinion it’s okay for people to continue to litter because I would never confuse my home with a strangers. “I’m just kidding” people need to clean up their waste from their home because it’s disgusting and annoying to watch people that don’t clean up their mess after them self’s. (Lazy people) Littering is affecting the government because the government is wasting money on picking up waste instead of spending it on education. Littering is not good because it looks bad in the garbage can imagining how it will look on the streets isn’t a good image.

Everyone believes that littering isn’t a big problem because they know that eventually the litter will get picked up and thrown away. This is not the case of litter because litter my not seem like a big problem for some people but your wrong litter is a big problem. People go to prison and do community service for their self-less act of littering but prisons and community service workers would get full meaning that the main problem won’t be litter but instead the high amount of people who litter. Litter is a problem because if people don’t litter their wouldn’t be littering laws but when theirs people who litter there will be more and more influenced littering laws. Littering is a problem because it is diseases in a piled up packaged that can kill animals and help spread diseases if not cleaned up. In either case the life of people who litter is full of guilt because they know it’s wrong but still continue to litter. By not “fixing” yourself in the problem of littering you will certainly be adding to this problem.

People need to stop littering because people that litter might not think it’s a big problem. But littering is big problems imagine if the litter bug was the one who had to clean up all the littering that other litters have done, that means cleaning up millions of pieces of garbage. Littering is just garbage it could also be fluids like diarrhea from people and animals, that doesn’t sound fun but this is what littering is. Littering can also clog sewers that can cause to back up the toilets in people’s homes, so I’ve be careful next time I think about littering. Global warming is among us & if we don’t act now the future is not promising for the children of tomorrow.

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