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Through the generosity of various benefactors the College has funds to support worthwhile projects, including travel; most awards are for academically related projects. The Awards Committee administers these funds, and if you wish to apply for a grant for one of these purposes you may obtain a form from the Academic Administrator, or from ‘academic project grants’ at the Balliol Website. Please return your completed forms to the Academic Administrator by Monday 9 February 2015 (Week 4).

Academic Project Grants
Certain subjects have earmarked funds for academic projects and travel undertaken by undergraduates reading the Schools in question. These funds are administered by the subject tutors in consultation with the Senior Tutor. Please talk to your subject tutor in the first instance if you are applying for funding.
The Committee usually has between £100 and £500 available to finance a well-defined academic project (which may or may not involve travel, and which must be academic-related but not necessarily in the same area as your degree subject).
If you apply for a grant, the Awards Committee’s decision will be made on the basis of its judgment of the merit of your proposal. We will invite the comments of your tutors on your proposal, and if appropriate the Awards Committee may seek further advice on the value of your project.
Successful applicants will be required to make a brief written report to the Senior Tutor after the project has been completed. You are not normally eligible for more than one project grant from the Awards Committee during your undergraduate career. Preference will be given to undergraduates who are not in the final year of their course. We do not consider project grant applications for projects that take place after Finals.

Dr Nicola Trott

Senior Tutor


N.B. You may apply for one project grant per academic year. You may not apply for funding for projects that take place after Finals or receipt of leave to supplicate.
Closing date for applications: Monday 9 February 2015 (Week 4)
Complete Part A and return to the Academic Administrator, Balliol College (

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