Three forms of outlines

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Essay question: “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Regular exercise is important for your health. Use specific examples and reasons to support your opinion.”

Three forms of outlines


Yes OR No



Reason 1: better health

(stronger heart, breathe better, more endurance, burns calories)

Reason 2: look better

(lose weight, firm muscles, healthier skin/hair)

Reason 3: feel better

(feel good about appearance, more self-esteem, reduces tension, feel more relaxed)


Restate Yes or No

  1. Regular exercise is important

  2. Experience better health

  1. stronger heart

  2. breathe better

  3. more endurance

  4. burns calories

  1. Look better

  1. lose weight

  2. firm muscles

  3. healthier skin/hair

  1. Feel better

  1. feel good about appearance

  2. more self-esteem

  3. reduces tension

  4. feel more relaxed

Opinion: Regular exercise is important.

Better health Look better Feel better

Stronger heart lose weight feel good about appearance

Breathe better firm muscles more self-esteem

More endurance healthier skin/hair reduces tension

Burns calories feel more relaxed

Review and important points of the following homework

“Sequencing the steps”-put your ideas in a logical order

Task M “Sequencing sentences”-put your ideas in a logical order

Task K “Combining information”-how to make a sentence from single ideas

Task N “writing paragraphs”-connecting and ordering sentences

General review of Chapter 2 “topic and supporting sentences”

The topic sentence

  • usually the first sentence in a paragraph

  • tell the main idea of the paragraph

  • controls the information in the rest of the paragraph

  • is usually broad statement

The supporting sentences

Review activity one on page 11! Look at the difference between topic and supporting sentences. When you write, consider the difference.

Be ware of including “irrelevant sentences”…any sentence that does not match the direction of the topic sentence. Review activity page 8!

General review of “the three parts of an essay”


  • states the topic of the essay

  • tells your main idea or opinion

  • gives a preview of your essay

Body paragraphs


  • restates your topic and opinion

  • reviews your ideas

Paragraphs in general

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

Zoos have existed for many centuries and in many countries. They serve many purposes for everyone. Zoos are enjoyable places to spend time. They are also like living museums offering us a wealth of educational opportunities.
It is important for children to have an opportunity to visit zoos. The zoo provides the child a chance to learn about biology, animal husbandry, ecology, environmental protection and dangers. Zoos give children a chance to just be children for a while, imagining the jungles of Africa or the depths of the Atlantic Sea.
Zoos also give the people in a society a chance to spend some enjoyable time with nature. People can relax and spend time with each other in a park-like atmosphere. Often there are places to sit peacefully and watch the animals while you pass the time.
Lastly, zoos act as living museums for the animals. Many would be extinct in our world if there wasn’t a zoo to maintain the species. The zoos offer us a place to keep the animals safe, in addition to providing us a chance to see animals would might not normally get a chance to observe.
In conclusion, it is easy to understand why zoo are so important. However, if a society doesn’t have enough money to feed it’s people, a zoo becomes a luxury. Throughout history and cultures, people have always understood the importance of zoos. They serve many useful, diverse purposes to the people and animals of our world.
Download 26 Kb.

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