The european policies of the eu member-states

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The Essay (Term Paper) is about the European policy of an EU member-state.

You should choose your country in collaboration with the Professor.

Basic Questions (and chapters) of the essay are:

  • Which factors shape – and have shaped in the past – the European policy of your chosen EU member-state?

(More information about this will be given in the 2nd class)

  • Why Enter?

  • For what reasons did the government of your chosen EU member-state choose to join the European Community / European Union at the specific time that it did?

  • What Europe Does it Want?”

  • What are the basic preferences of the national government of your chosen EU member-state in relation to European integration?

  • Do these preferences stay the same or have they changed over time and / or with a change in government?

(See next page for ideas about themes to look at on this topic)

  • Current Challenges:

  • What is your chosen country’s policy towards:

    • policy towards the eurozone crisis

    • policy towards the refugee crisis?

    • response to Brexit?

  • Is euroscepticism rising in your country?

Examining European Policy

Here are some ideas of themes which might be included in your essay.

You don’t have to include them all!
The relationship of European integration with the nation-state

  • Is your country for a federal Europe or a Union of States?

  • In which sectors does it want ‘more’ or ‘less Europe’?

  • What is its position on institutional reform (e.g. in past intergovernmental conferences)?

The EU Budget

  • Net payments to the budget or net profit?

  • Support for “Community solidarity” (transfers to other countries)?

  • For or against increasing the overall budget?

European Security and Defence Policy

  • Is your chosen country a NATO member?

  • Is it for or against security and defence cooperation in the EU? Now and in the past?

  • (For neutral states) How is neutrality combined with EU membership?

The Schengen Zone and Free Movement of People

  • Does your country participate in Schengen?

  • Does it want to limit free movement?

EU Enlargement

  • For or against Enlargement in general?

  • For or against Enlargement to Turkey?

  • Opposition to any other specific candidate?

The Eurozone: crisis and future

  • Member or non-member of the eurozone?

  • A lender or a debtor state in the eurozone crisis?

  • What is its vision of the eurozone’s future?

The refugee crisis

  • Has this country received many refugees?

  • Is it for or against refugee quotas for all member-states?


  • Does this country see ‘Brexit’ more as a threat or as an opportunity?

  • What might be the key issues for this country in a ‘Brexit’ negotiation?


  • Does your country have important eurosceptic parties?

  • Is public opinion in your country eurosceptic? Has it changed in recent years?

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