The British Monarchy is known as an oldest constitutional monarchy

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The British Monarchy is known as an oldest constitutional monarchy

The Sovereign

the Head of State

the Head of State not function of “Queen Consort” even if she is called Queen


-Bestowing honours and appointing the Prime Minister.

- Make and pass legislation resides with an elected Parliament.

- Appoint and dismiss Government ministers.

- Appoints judges, officers in the armed forces, governors, British ambassadors, high commissioners and Bishops of the Church of England.

- Declare war and make peace, to recognize foreign states and governments, to negotiate and ratify treaties, and to annex or cede territory.

-State Opening of Parliament.

- Give a Speech.

He opens the Riksdag the swedich parliament every year.

He chairs meetings of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs ,the members of which are appointed by the Riksdag to hold consultations with the government on foreign affairs.

– He holds the supreme rank in each of the service arms of the Swedish defence forces, and is the honorary commander (Colonel-in-Chief) of certain military units.

- the King receives the credentials of foreign ambassadors and signs those of Sweden’s ambassadors


The continuity of the monarchy was broken once by a republic that lasted a mere eleven years (1649-1660), the Republic of Oliver Cromwell


appearing on currency and her portrait in government buildings. “God save the Queen” (or, alternatively, “God Save the King”) is the British national anthem.

- an integral part of the Legislature also Head of the Executive, head of the Judiciary, Commander-in-chief of all the armed forces of the Crown, and the temporal Head of the Established Church of England


The British Monarchy is founded on hereditary principle. Sons of the sovereign have precedence over daughters in succeeding to the throne

hereditary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

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