Taylor Adams Contemporary English 1

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Taylor Adams

Contemporary English 1

October 8, 2012
College Application Essay
In this generation, most people would think that somebody who someone admires is someone who they have a crush on, or who they “like.” This is a common misconception. A person could admire anyone else for any quality that they have, even people they don’t necessarily like. So, who do I admire? Well, I admire many people, but mostly my father, Charles Gilbert Adams III. He is one of those guys who are not just a dad, but much more than that.

My father has accomplished many things in his lifetime of only 40 years. He has made numerous trips around the globe, flying with one specific airplane to ensure the safety of its passengers. He always tries to bring home gifts from foreign countries to us kids, which leads to another reason why I admire him so much. As a single father, my dad has got a lot on his shoulders. He tries to balance a full time job on top of four kids who need him at home. He juggles work, sports practices, dance classes, and the constant sleepovers with ease. He’s become very good at his “job.”

He’s had other jobs, as well, though. Before my father entered the US Marine Corps, he owned his own auto repair shop. Although the shop didn’t get much business, it still upheld his small, but growing family. Eventually, when my mom finished school to become a nurse, my father didn’t have to work as much and he enlisted in the services. He was brave and courageous, even in times of doubt. He fought alongside his fellow soldiers, even his own brother, who was killed in Saudi Arabia in 1995.

My dad has been through many hardships, including the death of his brother at the age of 22, his parents divorcing, his father developing cancer, and his divorce with my mother, but he still continues to overcome all of those things. He puts the good in life over the bad and always manages to stay positive. My dad knows exactly what he wants, and always has a plan of action in order to achieve it. He never does anything rashly; in fact, he is probably one of the best planners that I have ever encountered.

My dad has faults, too, though, just like every other person in this world. He’s grumpy sometimes, and he never seems to remember anything. Every now and then he even forgets to make dinner. But, that’s why I admire my dad. Even after all of his minute faults, he is still my dad. He is always there for me when I need him, and that will never change. He is somebody that I can always look up to and count on to do the right thing in any given situation. He is smart, compassionate, kind, and caring, and he loves me for who I am. That is why I admire my dad.

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