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ENG2335: British and American Modernisn

3 days

28 November – 1 December 2011

Due date: Thursday, 1 December by kl. 12 noon – Upload to Fronter

This exam consists of two parts. The first part is short answer (about 1-page per question,) and the second part asks you to write a short essay (about 4-5 pages.) Total exam should be about 9-10 pages.

Part I: Short Answer (40% of grade)

Choose 4 QUESTIONS from the options below, and write a 1-page response for each (about 4 pages total.)

  1. Joyce has said that Dubliners, while written in the form of short stories, is in fact a whole, connected work. Discuss why this text should be read as a single work, and not as a series of unrelated episodes.

  2. Give an interpretation of the very first paragraph of Orlando.

  3. Discuss how H.D.’s poem “Evening” exemplifies imagism.

  4. Who are Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown, and why, according to Woolf, are they important?

  5. Discuss the importance of music in one or more poems by Langston Hughes.

  6. Discuss the use of “voice” in Good Morning Midnight.

  7. Discuss how Hemingway’s particular writing style shapes your interpretation of the story “Soldier’s Home.”

  8. Discuss the various uses and appearances of the image of the pear tree in Their Eyes Were Watching God.

  9. Discuss the importance of the famous line “I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking” from A Berlin Diary.

Part II: Essay (60% of grade)

Choose 1 question, and write an essay of about 4-5 pages. Using secondary material is not a requirement, but if you do use theoretical and/or critical texts, remember to cite them using the MLA citation style. Also, choose a different text than the one you wrote about for your obligatory essay.

The essay options below are fairly open, so it is up to you to decide how to focus your essay and what angle you will take on the subject. In your opening paragraph, try to articulate how you are approaching the question:

  1. Choose one text from the pensum that you think is a good example of modernist experimentation. Discuss how this one work uses language, imagery, and/ or narrative style in new and unexpected ways, and how this experimentation shapes the reader’s experience of reading.


  2. Use Virginia Woolf’s essay “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown” to discuss the use of character in one of the novels from the pensum.


  3. Discuss the importance of role of “the outsider” in any of the pensum texts.

Explanation: For an explanation of the mark obtained: contact the responsible teacher of the course no later than 1 week after the exam results have been published in StudentWeb. Remember to include your name and candidate number. The examiner will then decide whether to give a written explanation or call you in for an interview.

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