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Edward C. Green, PhD

Research Professor

Dept. of Anthropology

The George Washington University

Washington, DC


Applied, medical anthropologist with over 40 years of experience in developing countries in project design, implementation and evaluation, operations research, social marketing, behavior change & communication, health education, and indigenous, non-Western medicine. Experience includes AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, family planning, primary health care, maternal & child health, children affected by war, water and sanitation, environmental health, U.S. minority health, biodiversity and conservation. Specialist in integrating indigenous and biomedical health systems. Served as team leader on numerous USAID project designs and evaluations. Author of nine books and of over 450 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters; conference papers, or commissioned technical reports.
Africa: Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique,

Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania,

Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho.

Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia; Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China.

LA-Carib.: Dominican Republic, Suriname, Guyana, Jamaica.

E. Europe: Ukraine, Montenegro, Romania,

Middle East: Palestine (West Bank & Gaza Strip), Jordan

N. America: USA (health issues of minority groups)

B.A. (1967) George Washington University (Anthropology)
M.A. (1968) Northwestern University (Anthropology)
Ph.D. (1974) Catholic University of America (Anthropology)

Post‑Doctoral Vanderbilt University, NIMH Fellow, Mental Health Policy Analysis

Post‑Doctoral Harvard University, Takemi Fellow, International Health, 2001-2.

Recent Research Grants

Granting organization





Co-Principal Investigator, 5-country AIDS Prevention study

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Consultant, AIDS Prevention study, Nigeria

John Templeton Foundation

2004, 2005, 2006-2009

Principal Investigator, Project Director

WK Kellogg Foundation


Consultant, Principal Investigator (South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland research project)

Wenner-Gren Foundation


Principal Investigator, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum

Current & recent Affiliations
2015 Research Professor, The George Washington

University (affiliation), Washington, DC
2010 Director, New Paradigm Fund, Washington, DC.

2011-2014 (affiliation) Dept. of Population and Reproductive Health

Population, Family & Reproductive Health

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
2001-2010 Harvard University Center for Population and Development Studies, 9 Bow St., Cambridge, MA  02138

Previous Employment

2011 Elizabeth Eddy Visiting Professor of Anthropology, University of Florida.
2006-2010 Director, AIDS Prevention Project, Harvard School of Public Health
2002-2006 Senior Research Scientist, international health, Harvard University, Center for Population and Development Studies, Cambridge, MA.
2001-2002 Takemi Fellow in International Health, Harvard School of Public Health. (Focus on African and global HIV/AIDS prevention and policy/program innovation)
2009 Consultant for World Bank, 2-year program of developing grants program for AIDS and behavior change in southern Africa.
2006- Senior Consultant for strategic planning and developing a conceptual framework for WK Kellogg Foundation programs for southern Africa ($30 million spent annually in Africa).
2006 China, Poland. Assessment of HIV/AIDS, presentations on Behavior-based prevention models, media interviews.
2004-9 Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia: 5-year PEPFAR-funded project in AIDS prevention, based on primary prevention behavioral approach. Serve as Behavior Change and M&E (evaluation) Specialist.
2004 Zambia, Malawi, South Africa. Evaluation of community based youth AIDS prevention projects, Africare and Bill Gates Foundation.
2004 Zambia, Uganda: Evaluation of primary prevention (ABC) approaches to AIDS prevention, USAID-funded research.
2003-5 Nigeria. Technical assistance to AIDS Prevention in Nigeria (APIN) project, funded by the Gates Foundation through Harvard School of Public Health.
2003 Uganda. Assessment, evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention interventions and behavioral change. (7 trips since 1993). USAID and World Bank.
2002 Mozambique. Design of national IEC strategy for HIV/AIDS in conjunction with $50 million World Bank loan to Mozambique.
2002 South Africa. Operations research on improving intersectoral AIDS prevention (traditional/indigenous and biomedical health providers).
2002 Swaziland. Design and startup of AIDS prevention program in the military.
2001 Uganda. Design of new USAID HIV/AIDS strategy for 2001-2006.
2001 Montenegro, Yugoslavia. Evaluation of Roma (Gypsy) health education program.
2001 Palestine & Jordan. Design of emergency health care program. Also separate evaluation of “theatre of the oppressed” project addressing gender discrimination and domestic violence.
2001 The Philippines. Evaluation of ASEP national HIV/AIDS prevention program.
2000 Ukraine. Evaluation of three USAID-funded cancer programs: breast and thyroid cancer (Team Leader).
2000 Jamaica. Evaluation of National AIDS Control Program (USAID funded components).
1999-2000 West Bank/Gaza Strip. Design and implementation of year-long

reproductive health study of Palestinian women & infants (PI of study).

1999 Indonesia. (Team Leader) design national HIV/AIDS program.
1999 Guyana. Develop national HIV/AIDS Program for USAID.
1999 Botswana. Review of regional HIV/AIDS prevention options for the USAID Regional Center for Southern Africa.
1998 Uganda Development of National Health Education (IEC) Strategy for HIV/AIDS, Uganda Ministry of Health & ACP.
1998 Vietnam. Design of project for disabled orphans, in connection with USAID. Displaced Children's Fund RFA.
1995-1999 Dominican Republic. Help national family planning assoc. develop 5-year plan for contraceptive social marketing; tech. assist. for marketing research.
1993-1998 Mozambique. Several assignments. Project design, baseline and formative research, & evaluation for various programs in child survival, water and sanitation, MCH/FP IEC, etc. for various NGOs and USAID's primary health care Project.
1997 Cambodia. Development of 5-year HIV/AIDS Strategy.
1996 Ethiopia. Evaluation of $105 mil. USAID-funded reproductive health (ESHE) Project/program.
1997 S.E.Asia. Evaluation of AIDSCAP programs and overall HIV/AIDS strategy of USAID/Asia-Near East Bureau in five Asian countries, esp. Thailand. Cambodia, Indonesia.
1998 Suriname. Evaluation of a NIH & USAID funded biodiversity and conservation project involving benefit (drug royalty) sharing with indigenous rain forest populations.
1994-1998 Angola. Design and evaluation of programs of family tracing of "unaccompanied children," and meeting psychosocial needs of war-traumatized children.
1993-1996 Uganda. Evaluations (POPTECH & WLI) of IEC and community outreach components of family planning & AIDS/STD programs. In 1993, played a lead role in strategic planning for a $15 million AIDS prevention "Umbrella Grant" for Ugandan NGOs.
1994-1995 Mozambique. Advisor to the Ministry of Health, under sponsorship of the Swiss Development Cooperation. Directed national program of major expansion of public health outreach (in AIDS/STDs and primary health care) through collaborative programs with Mozambique’s tens of thousands of traditional healers.
1995 Zambia. Evaluation and fine-tuning of proj. design, Morehouse/Tulane AIDS Prevention project, component on traditional healers’ role in AIDS/STD prevention.
1993 Tanzania. Designed ethnographic research focused on commercial sex workers and STDs. FHI/AIDSCAP Project.
1991-1993 South Africa. Design, training and evaluation Advisor of an HIV/AIDS and STD prevention project for traditional healers. FHI/AIDSCAP.
1992-1993 USA. (Served as Project Director for a period). Evaluation of Community Health Coalition Demonstration grants (AIDS, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) for minorities in 26 locations nationwide. Office of Minority Health, DHS and Tonya Inc., Wash., DC.
1992 Mozambique. Analysis and design for an innovative component of The Democratic Initiatives Project, namely developing a working relationship between Mozambique's post-Marxist government and its chiefs and other traditional political authorities.
1992 Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi. Team Leader on evaluation of Save the Children's "Children and War" three-country program of documentation & tracing of "unaccompanied children;" assisting traumatized children in refugee camps and temporary communities of dislocated people.
1990-1991 Mozambique. Policy development, legislative reform and national program design relating to primary health care and traditional health manpower resources. Research on AIDS/STDS & diarrheal disease; health education, etc.
1989-1991 Swaziland. Project development and evaluation related to three projects in the Human Resources Sector. Design of family planning/primary health care project. Research on impact of development orientation for chiefs & other traditional leaders including executives in women's local self-help organizations
1986-1989 SOMARC project senior staff (2 years at John Short and Associates, Columbia, Md., 3rd year at The Futures Group--the prime contractor--in Washington, D.C.) Managed a highly successful contraceptive social marketing program in the Dominican Republic; provided technical assistance in social marketing, and marketing research for a global project; designed and helped implement a "traditional sector" family planning project in Nigeria in collaboration with The Pathfinder Fund; directed behavioral research on the AIDS and STDs in Africa.
1987 Swaziland. Research and project design related to a joint UNICEF/USAID infant nutrition project.
1986-88 Nigeria. Designed and implemented experimental private‑sector project in Nigeria involving training of traditional healers as family planning service providers, along with awareness seminars for traditional political leaders. Consultant for Population Crisis Committee and the Pathfinder Fund.
1985 Bangladesh.  Research and project design related to social marketing of oral rehydration salts (3 months).
1984‑85 Swaziland. Personal Services Contractor, Agency for International Development, Mbabane, Swaziland.  Advisor on overall policy development; project design in all sectors (health, education, agriculture, women in development, economic development); project evaluations; directed research in areas of community org. and local leadership in rural Swaziland.
1981-1983 Swaziland Social Scientist, Ministry of Health and the Academy for Educational Development, Washington, D.C.  Member of interdisciplinary technical team in a water and sanitation project. Conducted survey research on the knowledge, behavior, and attitudes of rural Swazis, helped design and implement a national health education program, trained counterparts, evaluated impact, etc.

(Part-time Appointments)

  1. Taught public health course at Boston University School of Public Health

  2. Taught anthropology course at George Washington University.

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