Student-Centered e-Learning Environment (scele) e-Learning

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Student-Centered e-Learning Environment (SCELE)


  • e-Learning is a learning process through internet facilities that consists of:
    • Content delivery in digital formats such as text, image, video, audio, etc;
    • Management of learning including records of student activities;
    • Network of learner community, content developers and related experts.
  • Unity

Classes using e-Learning (1)

  • Classes are conducted using Learning Management Services (LMS) facilities
  • The differences between online course and conventional course:

Classes using e-Learning (2)

  • Communication and interaction between learner and teacher are using:
    • Direct/synchronous: chatting, audio/video conferences
    • Asynchronous: e-mail, discussion forum

SCELE Implementation

  • SCELE: software tool to produce online course (web-based) and easy to develop (modular). The platform of SCELE is Linux/Windows
  • SCELE is implemented based on:
    • “Collaborative Learning” UI
    • Moodle (
  • Interaction in SCELE through facilities: email, discussion forum, chat:
    • Teacher to learner
    • Learner to teacher
    • Learner and learner

SCELE Features (1)

  • SCELE is built on modular concept, we can add or remove the modules easily to be suitable with the necessity
  • Database Management System
  • Content Management
  • Chat
  • Discussion Forum
  • Assignment
  • Communication Management
  • Quiz
  • Questionnaire
  • Journal
  • Evaluation Management
  • Course Management Module
  • Site Management
  • Other system
  • Digital library
  • SIAK

SCELE Features (2)

  • User management: managing the users who have authority to access the system
  • Course Management:
    • Managing learner, teacher and administrator who have authority to access particular course
    • Each user has its own user interface depends on user type
    • Managing course resources
    • Course is represented using:
      • Resources to information: text, graphic, web pages, audio recording, discussion, etc
      • Activity/learner personalization: journal, calendar, survey, assignment uploading, quiz, etc

SCELE Features (3)

  • Content Management:
    • Managing course materials
    • Support any content formats: text (PPT, Word, HTML, Acrobat, etc), graphic (jpg, gif, bmp, etc), audio (mp3, etc), video (VCD, media player, etc)
    • Content can be classified into some level depends on its depth in explaining the course material (PPT as first level, handout as second level, and other resource such as link as third level)
  • Communication management
    • Managing communication between learner, teacher and other stakeholder
    • Communication:
      • Synchronous: chat, video conference
      • Asynchronous: email, forum

SCELE Features (4)

  • Evaluation Management:
    • Features:
      • Quiz, assignment, online test. Provides many types of question (essay, true false, multiple choice, etc). Some of them can be graded automatically.
      • Tracking of learner activities
      • Personalization, gives pointers to resources (course material, link to other website, etc) when learner fails to answer questions

Main Page

Course offered

  • Main page of a course
  • Session in a course
  • Discussion
  • Quiz
  • Quiz result
  • Chat room
  • Course slide
  • Log of Student activities

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