Serra High School Governance Team January 29, 2015 Minutes [attendee list to be attached]

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Serra High School Governance Team

January 29, 2015 Minutes

Hiedi Hall called the meeting to order at 2:40PM.
Kacey Caputo moved to approve the minutes. Brandon Decker seconded. Unanimously approved.
Old Business:

Site Communications Plan: Jeff Thomas updated Governance with the information that we are moving forward and getting positive responses to our new communications outreach. Dr. Mays commended Jeff Thomas for the plan and his hard work.
New Business:

Absence Policy: Jeff Thomas talked about need for a standardized absence policy for grading and reviewed current absence guidelines. Tardies and unexcused absences are under control, but it’s interesting that we average 100 sick students a day, but only 20 during finals. Data shows that 92124 zipcode parents are clearing absences at a higher rate than non-92124 parents. Overall, students are missing 97,200 hours of instruction this year. We are number 15 in missed hours across district, and number 15 in test scores.
Dr. Mays proposes that all hours- excused and not- can be made up in Saturday School if it is made into an instructional setting. This could make up for the fact that in one recent day we lost $10,000 in ADA funding, which can be extrapolated into millions of lost dollars over a year. Transportation will be available for this plan. Zoltan and Decker asked what happens if a student does not go to Saturday School- how can we change people's mindset? Dr. Mays responded that Serra needs to change culture- that students are here for reason and purpose. He believes Serra should not be a culture of penalty. Dryer stated we need a culture where students will be here every day.
The name of Saturday School will be changed to the Serra High School Student Empowerment Academy.
Overall, Jeff Thomas asks that policies on attendance be considered and ideas brought back to next meeting.
Practice CAHSEE: Jeff Thomas spoke about practice CAHSEE results from this week. Math has high rates of mastery and far below basic. English results are pending essay. Results mirror the API results for 2013. Administration is setting up a CAHSEE boot camp to help out students in need. Dates are tentative, but bootcamps are planned for Saturday's and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. More will be announced shortly.
8th Grade Expo: Event will happen on February 4th. Plans were outlined for that day, including a pep rally, club rush, meal, and Wednesday night event. Almost 500 8th grade students are expected.
Professional Dress: Dr. Mays would like a standard of professional dress for staff. He proposes that teachers have discussion regarding professional dress and that men could, for example, purchase a Serra blazer. Woman could have cardigan sweater. He believes that to be the greatest high school must demonstrate professional culture. Heidi Hall asked about potentially incentivizing the staff to dress professionally. Dr. Mays does not have an incentive, but wants to be encouraging. Thomas states that this is a concern of parents at listening tour. Heidi Hall dovetailed on the professional dress conversation and said that staff should wear IDs. She stated this is a safety issue. Mays stated that he had assessment with SDUSD police regarding campus safety, positive that staff IDs will come up as a safety issue. Decker stated that students could have lanyard and flair for attendance.
Dr. Mays asked that the Governance team vote in support of dress expectations for staff. Ms. Marques moved to vote for body to support professional dress standard for staff. Jeff seconded. Oskin made clear that expectations can be set, but not required per union contract. Vote was 8 to 1, with Caputo dissenting.
Teacher Room Reorganization: Dr. Mays stated that the Master Schedule will include relocation of staff members, with a plan to group by department. The plan will also attempt to have common preps by subject. Jeff Thomas will be spearheading plan, with a target completion of June 15th. The intent is to have all pieces of change at Serra in place for next September. Jeff stated that people should not panic about room plans- they will be logical.
Round Table

No roundtable items

Peter Oskin moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:59, Tonia Brooks seconded the motion.

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