Questions 1-10 Look at the sentences. Choose the correct word (a-m) for each blank, like the example. You will not need two letters. Use each letter only once. Write the correct letters in your Answer Book

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Part One: Language Knowledge

Questions 1-10

Look at the sentences. Choose the correct word (A-M) for each blank, like the example. You will NOT need two letters. Use each letter only once. Write the correct letters in your Answer Book.

Example: Sunsets in the desert are D. I enjoy taking pictures of them.
1. My friends were - - - with their exam results. Everyone got high

2. “Did Abdullah - - - from the company last week?” “Yes, he did. He

wants to go back to school to get his MA degree.”
3. I heard a dog - - - outside my window last night. I was afraid, so I

called for my father.

4. “Is Hind - - - in German, English and Arabic?” “Yes, she is. She

loves studying languages.”

5. Muzna’s sister is - - - . She always makes everyone laugh at

6. The actor was very - - - when he accepted his award. He thought

that the award should have gone to all people working on the

7.When I lived in Florida I experienced a/an - - - . The strong wind and

heavy rain were very scary.
8.“Does Shamsa have to make- - - for her new job?” “Yes,

sometimes. She has to work extra hours in her first year”.

9. The thief - - - the window to break into the house.
10. When we were at sea, a/an - - - wave hit our ship. We were all afraid because it was so big.

A. enormous

B. growl

C. hilarious

D. beautiful

E. smashed

F. thrilled

G. hurricane

H. resign

I. humble

J. fluent

K. sacrifices

L. pray

M. chase

Questions 11-20

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets (Present simple, Present perfect, Present passive, Past simple, Past perfect, Past passive, Past continuous, If-clause Type I, II) like the example. Write the correct letter, A, B, C or D in your Answer Book.

Tom Middleton Example A [live] in Connecticut and he delivers pizzas to customers from 5 pm to 11 pm every day. He 11. - - - [work] for his company since 2007. Last Monday while Tom 12. - - - [deliver] pizzas to a school, his car was stolen. When he realized that his car wasn’t there anymore, he 13. - - - [call] his manager. Tom told him that the customers’ food 14. - - - [be] in the car. However, Tom’s boss phoned him back and told him that the customers 15. - - - [receive] their food. The restaurant gave the police the rest of the customers’ addresses. The thief 16. - - - [catch] while he was making the last delivery. The police reported that the thief’s first court appearance is tomorrow. If the thief is found guilty, he 17. - - - [stay] in prison for 5 years. More than twenty-five restaurant delivery cars 18. - - - [steal] every year in Connecticut. Tom says he still

19. - - - [love] his job. However, since the incident, he 20. - - - [become] more careful.








has lived

will live


had worked

was working

has worked

is worked


was delivered

was delivering

has delivered

will deliver



will call

has called




will be




has been received

will receive

has received

had received


will catch

were caught

was caught

had caught


has stayed

will stay




are stolen

will steal


were stolen


will love

is loved





has become

will become

is become

End of Language Knowledge

Part Two: Reading














¶1 Celebrity is the state of being famous. It is also used to describe a famous person. Being famous is something which many people often fantasize about. Many people, especially young people, often dream about becoming famous. They see the life of a celebrity as both glamorous and exciting. They also imagine that it would be nice to have many fans. The fact that many celebrities are also wealthy is an added attraction. The term “fame and fortune” is well known for this reason. The idea of celebrity is not new. Indeed, it began thousands of years ago. However, current technology has increased the number and




frequency of communication possibilities between celebrities and their fans. Modern media also uses technology to increase the number of celebrities. It also communicates the idea that almost anyone can become famous if given the chance.

















¶2 Celebrity has its roots in ancient Greece. Successful Greek athletes competed in the early Olympic Games. One athlete, Leonidas of Rhodes, was a successful runner. He competed as a runner at the Olympic Games in 164 BCE and won three races. He then competed in the next three Olympics, in 160 BCE, 156 BCE and in 152 BCE. He won the same three races at each Olympics competition. This record of 12 Olympic wins in the same categories has never been beaten. After Leonidas won three contests, fans built marble statues of him. Fans treated him and other successful athletes like heroes and even wrote songs and poems about them. Famous athletes of the period were also given free food and other gifts. Famous athletes were sometimes even asked to endorse certain products. This is quite similar to celebrity endorsements today. Some modern examples are Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid endorsing Nike, or Lionel Messi of Barcelona FC and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers endorsing Turkish Airlines. Later, during the Roman Empire, famous actors and even gladiators became celebrities. Wealthy people in Roman society still saw them as lower class citizens. However, the successes of actors and gladiators made them respected and admired by poor people in society.


















¶3 Some people become more famous in death than they were in life. The first well known instance happened in 12th century England. Thomas Beckett was the Archbishop of Canterbury. Beckett had a dispute with King Henry II. Henry was angry and ordered four of his knights to kill Beckett on December 29th, 1170. Beckett was not well known outside England during his lifetime, but in death he became famous. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of England declared him a saint. Many new churches were dedicated to him, as people all over Europe knew of his story soon after his murder. In a similar fashion, many artists are more popular in death than they were in life. Many artists of the past 50 years fit this pattern. Popular musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse are all far better known in death than they were in life. Furthermore, their music became much more popular following their deaths. 100,000 CDs of English soul singer Amy Winehouse were sold in the year before her death on July 23, 2011. However, 1 million CDs were sold in the year after her death. Even Michael Jackson’s albums have sold more CDs in the five years after his death than he had in the 12 years before it. From his death in 2009 until 2014, 13.2 million CDs were sold. From 1996-2008, 13 million CDs were sold.




















¶4 Modern technology has also helped create and sustain new celebrities. In the past, a singer would be supported by a record company in order to be successful. However, social media has played an important role in changing this dynamic. Singers such as Justin Bieber first became famous after uploading their music directly to YouTube. Bieber is called the “first YouTube superstar”. Likewise, South Korean rapper Park Jae-Sang, better known as Psy, was unknown outside of Korea when he uploaded his video for the song “Gangnam Style to YouTube. He became an international superstar and his video has been viewed more than 1 billion times. It was the first YouTube video to be viewed that many times. Celebrities have also used social media to prolong their popularity. Justin Bieber uses Twitter almost daily to stay in touch with his many fans. He has 26 million Twitter followers. Singers Rihanna and Lady Gaga also use Twitter to stay in touch with their fans and boost their popularity. Rihanna has 24 million followers, while Lady Gaga has 28 million. Writer Megan Amram opened a Twitter account in 2010. Her posts were very funny and she quickly gained 90,000 followers. Today she is a writer on the successful American comedy show Parks and Recreation and has 350,000 Twitter followers. The use of this new media is a way for artists to become famous and to be more independent of traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and entertainment TV shows. They use it to “cut out” these interlocutors and reach their fans directly without a filter.

W:840,R:66%,VP:91%K1, K2, AWL

Question 1: Main idea

What is the text about? Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D. Write your answer in your Answer Book.

A. Wealthy Celebrities

B. Celebrity and Technology

C. Celebrity in the Past and the Present

D. Famous Athletes and their Fans

Questions 2-4: Headings

Match the paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 with the headings A-E. Use each letter only once. You will NOT need two letters. Write your answers in your Answer Book.

2. ¶2= ___

3. ¶3= ___

4. ¶4= ___

A. The Role of Technology in Celebrity

B. Athletes and the Olympics

C. Celebrity in the Old World

D. YouTube Celebrity

E. Fame after Death

Questions 5-9: Short answer

Write 1-5 words or numbers for each answer. Write your answers in your Answer Book.

5. What sport did Leonidas of Rhodes do?

6. What did early Greek fans write for successful athletes?

7. How did rich people in Roman society view celebrity gladiators and actors?

8. Who did Beckett have an argument with?

9. Who was known as the first YouTube superstar?

Questions 10-14: T/F and line number

Are the following statements True or False? Write T or F.

How do you know? Write the line number. Write your answers in your Answer Book.
10. The idea of celebrity began a hundred years ago.

11. Leonidas won races at four Olympic games.

12. Celebrity endorsements began in ancient Greece.

13. Fewer of Amy Winehouse’s CDs were sold after her death than when she was


14. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has been watched more than 1 billion times.

Questions 15-17: Referents

What do the following words refer to? Write your answers in your Answer Book.

15. ‘it’ in line 11 refers to...

16. ‘him’ in line 23 refers to...

17. ‘their’ in line 53 refers to...

Questions 18-20: Sequencing

Put the events, A-C, in the order that they happened. Choose what happened first, second and third. Write your answers in your Answer Book.

18. First _____

19. Second _____

20. Third _____

A. Megan Amram opens a Twitter account

B. Michael Jackson dies

C. Amy Winehouse dies

End of Reading

Part Three: Listening

Part One
Questions 1-2

Answer the question using 1 to 3 words.
1. What do they normally discuss about celebrities? the more glamorous and ___________ side
2. What are they talking about this week on the entertainment podcast? the _________ _________ of celebrity
Question 3

Complete the sentences using 1 to 4 words.
Psychologists call this less healthy interest – Celebrity Worship _________.
Question 4-6

Listen to the information. Match the levels with the correct names.

4. first level ____

5. second level ____

6. third level ____

A. borderline-pathological

B. entertainment-social

C. intense-personal

Questions 7-10

Complete the sentences using 1 to 4 words.
7. Many celebrities have security guards to ______ ________ at all times.

8. Michael Jackson’s band was called ________.
9. Young celebrities are ______ ________ to perform well and often suffer from

10. It becomes difficult to care for your child when the child pays the

_________ __________.

Part Two
Questions 1-3
Complete the sentences using 1 to 3 words.
1. Malik is doing research on ___________ ___________ for his Life Skills class.

2. According to the article, ice cream tasters can make $_________ _______ ______.

3. Paparazzi only get money when they can _____ ________ __________ to magazines.

Questions 4-6

Answer the questions using 1 to 3 words.
4. What does “paparazzi” mean in Italian? “annoying, buzzing _______.”

5. What do paparazzi help celebrities publicize? their ______ ________

6. What does paparazzi following you around feel like? it must feel a bit _______ ______ ________.

Questions 7-8

Listen to the information. Match the names with the correct years. You will not need one letter.

7. Jacqueline Kennedy ____

8. Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed ____

A. 1972

B. 2010

C. 1997

Questions 9-10

Complete the sentences using 1 to 3 words.
9. After the accident, several paparazzi were arrested, but they weren’t ______ ______ ________.
10. It seems that being a celebrity isn’t ________ _______.

End of Listening

Part Four: Writing

Choose ONE topic and write an essay of around 250 words.

1. Do you think that famous actors should be paid so much money for acting? Why or

why not?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous?

3. In your opinion, do famous people have a responsibility to use their wealth to make

a difference or help less fortunate people? Why or why not?

4. Over the past thirty years, people have become more obsessed with famous

people. What are the reasons for us being so interested in the lives of famous


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