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ENG 101/Gempeler

Proposal Argument Research Essay


This project asks you to make a claim that proposes a practice or policy to address a problem or need and that is oriented toward action, directed at the future, and appropriate to your audience. As a result, you will strengthen and expand your analytical, research, and explanatory skills by applying them to the presentation of a proposal. In addition, you will develop skills in argumentation, which will assist you in cross-disciplinary writing throughout your academic career and beyond.


St. Martin’s: Ch. 23 pages 728 – 754/ Ch. 7 pages 321 -- 353


Proposal writing reinforces the aim of argument as positive and constructive—to convince readers to solve a common problem in a particular way. This view of argumentation assumes that, in order to get your reader to consider alternatives, it is necessary to reduce their sense of threat. Hence, argumentation becomes an effort not to defeat an opponent but to bridge differences by finding or creating common ground.
When you write a proposal, you must analyze a subject about which there is disagreement, and you must take a stand (or position) on it. A good proposal does two things: it defines a problem and argues for a particular solution. This requires you to be directly engaged in writing for a specific audience. You construct an argument, giving reasons and support, while considering the objections and questions of your reader. Proposals go further than an argument in that they urge your reader to take some sort of action. Whether or not your reader will agree with your solution will depend on the strength of your argument.
Writing Task:


  • write an essay, considering what it means to be “marginalized” in U.S. society today, arguing a specific proposal relating to some group you identify as “marginalized.”

  • You may use your persuasive essay topic as long as your adhere to the requirements of the Proposal Paper

  • consider audience and purpose – your audience is an academic audience & your purpose is to engage in a balanced, reasoned debate (which builds credibility) rather than a biased, emotional outburst, (which undermines credibility).

  • include a debatable thesis statement with three qualifying sub-points placed at the end of your introduction (the first paragraph).

  • include topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.

  • incorporate evidence for every part of your argument.

  • consider alternative views and counterarguments.

  • come to a conclusion, drawing out the implications of the argument.

  • incorporate at least SIX outside sources into your essay. Two Internet sources are permitted.

  • avoid using/quoting evidence from sacred texts such as the bible.

  • include a Works Cited page. Only sources actually cited in the essay are to appear on the Works Cited page.

  • NOT use the personal pronouns you, I, my, us, we, our. Personal pronouns are unacceptable in academic essays.

  • I will NOT read essays on the following topics: abortion, evolution, cloning, or gay marriage.

  • A Word of Caution: If you fail to follow assignment instructions—which include writing an essay that does not meet the length requirement, fails to address the writing prompt, or is about your personal religion—you earn an appropriate grade. Therefore, be sure to contact me for assistance and clarification if you have any questions or concerns. There is NO revision opportunity for this essay.

  • Since there are NO revision opportunities for this essay, I will offer comments on one early draft.

  • Be careful and meticulous as you prepare to turn in the essay. Failure to meet all of the requirements might result in an F for a well-written essay.

Length: 8-10 pages, typed, double-spaced, stapled, and Times New Roman size 12 font

Format: MLA, including a properly formatted heading

Grading Criteria: Refer to your syllabus and the grading rubric found in the Course Handouts Packet

The Final Exam and the Research Essay are REQUIRED. Failure to complete either task WILL result in failure of the entire course. NO Late Papers Allowed.
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