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Choose one project from each course to complete 


(due Monday, December 15)

Outline….Write an outline for an essay detailing the change of Buck from Apollonian to Dionysian

Map…. Create a map of Buck’s journey in Alaska, including the mountains, camps, and other locations he visits. You will need to look at a map of Alaska for guidance.

Brochure….Choose one area of The Call of the Wild, and create a brochure advertising the location for tourists, gold miners, or another group of people of your choice. The brochure may be from the very early 1900s, or from present-day.

Annotation….Select one chapter of The Call of the Wild to annotate in full.



(due Tuesday, December 16)

Journal….Write six entries of a journal that Buck would have kept while in Alaska (if he’d been able to write). You may pick any section of the book to write from.

Essay – symbol analysis….Choose a symbol from The Call of the Wild and write an essay about what it means, and how London uses the symbol in the book. Essay must be three (3) body paragraphs.

Rewrite…...Think about The Pearl, My Dog Skip, or a popular author from today. How does their writing style differ from that of everybody else? Rewrite one scene of The Call of the Wild in that person’s writing style; must be at least six-eight (6-8) paragraphs.

Essay – plot analysis….Choose one event that takes place in The Call of the Wild, in which Buck makes a choice about acting in a certain way. Consider: is this an action Buck would have taken in chapter 1, or is this something he’s learned on his trip? Is he changing in a good or bad way? Why? Would you have acted in the same way, or do you think he should have done something different? Don’t forget that you can’t answer any of these questions without deciding what Buck’s end goal is. Essay must be at least three (3) body paragraphs.



(due Thursday, December 18)

Class Survey….Conduct a class survey on three questions of your choice relating to The Call of the Wild. You may consider moral questions, relating to Buck’s choices throughout the novel, analytical questions, relating to symbolism or other literary devices in the novel, or another type of question of your choice.

Play/Video/Movie Trailer….Write a script for and act out either a scene from The Call of the Wild, or a trailer for the movie. Each person involved in the performance should have at least one minute of speaking/acting time (i.e., not just standing around in the background). You may use stuffed animals, puppets, or props if you choose. Alternatively, you may script and film a commentary on a scene or character from the book. If filming is not an option, you may schedule a time with me to perform it.

Creative Writing….write an epilogue for The Call of the Wild in the same manner you wrote one for The Pearl. Consider London’s style of writing and themes/messages of the book. Must be five (5) paragraphs.

Quilt Patch and poster….Create a lost dog poster that the Judge might have posted around the city looking for Buck. Include a quote from Chapter 1 (cited) in the poster. Then, create a quilt patch your partner depicting one scene involving Buck once he’s in Alaska. Include two quotes from the scene (cited) and an explanation on the back of the patch telling me what is happening in the scene.

 Topic needs my approval

 Online copy of Call of the Wild may be found at

 May be done with a partner if you choose (partners will receive the same grade)

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