Personal Career Development Essay

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Carolyn Chan



Personal Career Development Essay
Choosing the right major is complicated and so complex. There are some majors that sound interesting and some are boring. However, choosing the right major is important. It doesn't only give you good paid job, but it serves as your key to a better future goal. Moreover, deciding what major you want to take takes time, you have to do some research about the course description; and where and what colleges or universities you can go to that focus best regarding the majors. Furthermore, opinion, help, guidance, and influence from other people affect the decision of what major you want to take. However, even with the help and guidance of other people, there will still be obstacle that will come your way. You must ready to face it.

First, knowing what your abilities are is important in choosing what you want to major. Before I decided to go into accounting, I was still so undecided. I change my decision from one major to another, and back and forth. I researched some well-known colleges and universities that offers good major, or sounds like a good major for me. Unlike for others, that it goes other way around. They decide what they want to major first; before they decide which school they would go. However, after some unsuccessful research for colleges and universities, I tried to give a little twist or more effort in doing research. I tried to research in specific areas, like accounting, business administration, business management, nursing, fine arts, and even culinary. After doing many researched about different majors, I do some reflection about what are my strengths, and weaknesses; what are the qualities that I have that are suitable in a particular major. For example, For instance, Baruch College is part of the CUNY system. However, Baruch in a business related college, unlike in Queens College, which also part of CUNY system offers more majors, and are not only open for students who are in the business related majors.

In addition, after knowing my qualities, strength, and weaknesses, I talk to my parents. I want to know what they think, and what they feel if I took other major rather than accounting. Also, I want to know what are the advantage and disadvantage of choosing other majors; and came to take this major because. My aunt's advice really affected on what my decision was. She told me that being an accountant; you'll be paid to just understand the data, advantages, and a good ideal work of many people. For example, my cousin who did his accounting internship in Manhattan pays him twenty-eight dollars an hour and after he graduates from college, the company is ready to hire him. Moving on, there are many people who had helped me along the way. First are my professors that work hard to give their student a better understanding of the concept. They also give so advice to students. Second is my family. They provide me good support to study hard to have a high GPA.

Moreover, obstacle is part of life, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, and you must face it. For me, one of the biggest obstacle that I faced is the attempting to succeed is having financial problem, like money for paying my tuition and fees, and money for books. However, I planned to overcome this problem by studying hard and maintaining my GPA high so I could apply for scholarship for the next semester. Moreover, my plan is to study harder, then prepare myself, and start to work on my plan. The second biggest obstacle is managing my time, because I have to divide my time in house holds, school work, and social life, yet. Right now I’m learning a time management skill, that hopeful will help me manage everything, and do everything that is need to be done. I know time management is easy things that can be learn in a day, but in my case, I need to be tough for a long while.

Finally, I learned that in internship, I have to be able to manage my time wisely, communicating with many people, and organized everything. I plan to overcome this one by one, first to develop my time management skill, by setting dead line in every work. Second, communicating with others, I planned to take more communication class. And lastly, organizing. I planned to fixed one thing at a time, because I realized that doing all the things in the same time, you wont finish anything.

In conclusion, I believe it is important to develop all the weak skills in order to compete in this world, and also you should also know what you want to become in order to be successful.

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