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United School

Satdobato, Lalitpur

Dashain Homework 2068

Class: 6

Subject: Social Studies

Group A

1. Choose the best alternative for the following:

a) Each member of municipality is elected/nominated for _____

i) 2 years ii) 3 years iii) 4 years iv) 5 years
b) At present, there are _____ VDCs in Nepal.

i) 3815 ii) 3915 iii) 3518 iv) 3851

c) The eligible age to apply for a citizenship is _____ years.

i) 16 ii) 20 iii) 21 iv) 18

d) Bahadur Shah died _____ B.S.

i) 1852 ii) 1851 iii) 1853 iv) 1854

e) The people of early stone age lived _____

i) alone ii) together iii) in a society iv) none of above.

2. Fill in the blanks:

  1. Geography is the study of _____

  2. Rajendra Laxmi was the wife of _____

  3. Kathmandu Metropolitan city has _____ wards.

  4. Two countries smaller than Nepal are _____ and _____

  5. The shape of the earth is _____

  6. Asia is the _____ continent.

3. Match the following rights and duties:

a) Personal Right

Right to vote

b) Political right

Right to work

c) Economic Right

Right to freedom

d) Students

Managing traffic

e) Doctor

Teaching students

f) Traffic police

Obeying teachers, parents and others

g) Teacher

Diagnosing diseases of patients.

4. Write 'Yes' or 'No' against each of the following sentences:

  1. In Asia, black people are found in Northern part.

  2. Bangladesh is smaller than Nepal.

  3. Geography is the integral part of social studies.

  4. There are 53 municipalities in our country Nepal.

  5. Modern society has become slow in development.

  6. A person can voluntarily surrender his/her citizenship.

  7. A citizen by birth is called natural citizen.

Group B

Short answer questions:

  1. Give a brief introduction to each races of people (racial group) of Asia.

  2. Why the earth is known as a unique planet? Give reasons.

  3. Write the three major aspects of geography.

  4. List your any three duties as a member of your family.

  5. As a student, what are your classroom rights? Mention.

  6. What are the advantages of obtaining citizenship in a particular country? Write any three advantages.

  7. What are the conditions under which a persons citizenship can be terminated? Mention any three conditions.

  8. Who else are responsible for illegal acts of young boys in our society?

  9. How can a lovely family change into a quarrelsome family? Give some possible reasons.

  10. What are the existing social problems in your locality? Writing about their possible solutions.

  11. Why is life in modern society easier than in the past? Differentiate between past and present society.

  12. How did Bahadur Shah fulfill the dream of Prithvi Narayan Shah? Name any two states that were annexed to the kingdom.

  13. Draw a picture of Solar system.

Group C

Long answer questions:

  1. How did society come into existence? What are the four different stages of our society? Explain about any one of the stages with a picture.

  2. What is meant by right? List out the various rights under civil rights and explain each of them in brief.

  1. Draw a model of earth showing equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of Capricorn, arctic circle, prime meridian and Antarctic circle.

5. In an outline map of Asia, show the following:

Mount Everest, Pacific Ocean, The Bay of Bengal, Caspian sea, Ural mountain, the Gobi desert, Area of black people.

6. Make lists of the following:

a) Responsibilities of a good citizen b) public properties that a good citizen has to protect.

Subject: English I
Group 'A' Poetry (30 marks)

  1. Give central idea of the poem 'Night'.

  2. Compose a poem 4 lines that consists of similes. Give title too. +1=5

  3. Explain the following lines with reference to the context.

Night, Silence enfolds

All sleeps in Nature

And the brilliant moon

Turns' everything to silver

  1. What is metaphor? Explain it with suitable illustrations.

  1. Read the following poem carefully and do the activities that below:

On Mother's Day we got up first,

so full of plans we almost burst

We started breakfast right away

As our surprise for Mother's Day

We picked some flowers, then hurried back

to make the coffee - rather black.

We wrapped our gifts and wrote a card

and boiled the eggs - a little hard.

And then we sang a serenade,

which burned the toast, I am afraid.

But Mother said, amidst our cheers,

'Oh, what a big surprise, my dears

I've not had such a treat in years.'

And she was smiling to her ears!

A. Answer the following questions in brief. 8

  1. 'On Mother's Day we got up first ......' Who does 'we refer to? Who do you think usually got up first?

  2. What were the children's plan for Mother's Day?

  3. Did everything go as planned? Why/why not?

  4. Which of the 'gifts'/'surprises' do you think gave Mother the greatest pleasure?

B. Give meaning tot he following words:

i) cheers ii) wrapped iii) hurried iv) serenade
C. Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false statement:

  1. On Mother's Day children got up first.

  2. By the time Mother got up children had made breakfast ready.

  3. Mother usually used to have such a treat from her children

  4. Mother did not enjoy the treat given by the children.

Group 'B' Prose (40 marks)

1. Answer the following questions on the basis of your text books. What would happen to the water in the oceans if the Earth moved closer to the sun? (Watery Plannet)

  1. Why do we usually say that Mount Everest, rather than Mauna Kea, is the tallest mountain? (Watery Planet)

  2. How did Kling Kling find out that Tiger was trying to catch him? (Anansi)

  3. How did Nelson 'lose face' among his friends? (African Childhood)

  4. What lesson did the donkey teach Nelson that he never forgot? (African Childhood)

2. Rewrite the following sentences without repeating the ideas: Kling Kling was too brainy, intelligent and clever to get caught.

  1. The lady in the market was pretty, beautiful and attractive though poor and without much money, so he couldn't afford to buy expensive clothes that cost a lot.

  2. The great, huge, enormous crowd thought it was funny, amusing and comical that Tiger should have fallen for such a simple, easy and obvious trick.

3. Complete these statements with an abstract noun. The first is done to help you. To deceive a friend is to practice deceit.

  1. To encourage a child is to give _____________

  2. To have a person is to be guilty of ___________

  3. To grieve is to experience a feeling of ____________

  4. To please one's parents is to give them _____________

4. Write these sentences, using who or which to fill the gaps. This is the picture ________ I want you to give to my grandparents.

  1. Tell them it is from their grandson _____wishes he was coming on the aeroplane.

  2. Please thank them for the present _____ they sent for my birth day.

  3. In _____ car are you going to the airport?

  4. It's a long flight, so don't sit next to anyone _______ snores!

5. Rearrange the following words so that they will make similar meaning as suggested at your right. 5x0.5=2.5

  1. ample - a type of tree

  2. paws - a stinging insect

  3. softer - where lots of trees grow

  4. earth - an important organ in the body

  5. groan - a large musical instrument

6. Give the meaning to the following words and use them in your sentences.

i) nooses ii) plantain iii) withes iv) pretend

7. Write short notes on any one of the following:

i) Anansi ii) Tiger iii) Kling Kling

8. Read the following passage carefully and do the activities that below:

For sheer excitement, the kind of money spent, and the number of films produced, India's Film industry, known as Bollywood, easily outdoes Hollywood. Production costs are a fraction of Hollywood budgets, but the recent films with big names, very grand sets and locations have started to narrow this gap. Many famous directors have at least one song set abroad, if not a large part of the film. This has proved to be a formula for success.

Most Bollywood directors are known to provide popular entertainment. Indian cinema is shared entertainment for the entire family. The story usually follows the same pattern or beaten track with only a change in the hero, heroine and settings. The components of the average Indian film are romantic stories, lavish costumes and sets, and catchy songs sung in exotic places.

A film without songs is hard to find, and most songs are set in romantic places. Yash Chopra, one of the most famous Bollywood directors, has gone to Switzerland so often to film song sequences that the Swiss government has decided to give him an award for the contribution his film has made towards tourism in the country. What is move, they have named the lake where he often shoots the Chopra Lake!

Bollywood has begun experimenting too as is seen from the recent film made in English called Bride and Prejudice, base on Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. The film was a success both in the UK and in Ireland. Bollywood, it would seem, has gained recognition worldwide.

A. Answer the following questions in brief.

  1. What has proved to be formula for success in the Bollywood Film industry?

  2. Name two components of the average Indian film.

  3. Why has the Swiss government given Yash Chopra an award?

  4. Write something about your favorite film explaining the reason why you liked it.

B. Write True and False for the following statements.

  1. Songs are a very important part of Bollywood films.

  2. Bollywood is the Indian version of Hollywood.

  3. Yash Chopra is a famous Swiss director.

  4. The Chopra Lake is in Mumbai.

C. Complete each sentence with the correct word or phrase.

gain recognition catchy exotic beaten track

  1. My friend has an ______ name. It's very beautiful and no one has ever heard the name before.

  2. Most advertisements have a short ______ song or jingle which stays in our minds.

  3. It will be a long time before you ______ as a good doctor. People have to trust you first of all.

  4. I don't want to go on the ______ and become a lawyer or a doctor. I want to choose a totally different career.

Group 'C' (30 marks) Pride and Prejudice (6x5=30)

  1. Mrs. Bennet wanted Jane to go on horseback develop a conversation between Mrs. Bannet and Jane where Mrs. Bennet persuades Jane to go on horseback and Jane not to comply.

  2. Why did Mrs. Bennet want Jane to go on horseback?

  3. Why was Elizabeth amused on observing Mr. Darcy and Miss Bingley?

  4. Give character sketch of any two of the followings:

i) Mr. Bingley ii) Mr Darcy iii) Elizabeth

  1. Translate the following: :

Dof*\d So'/Ln] afNosfndf lzIffbLIFfsf] /fd|F] cj;/ kfPsL lyOg\ . logsf cfdfafa' cWofks ePsf sf/)Fn] klg x'g;S% k(fOk|lt logsf] &"nf] ?lr lyof] . cWoognfO{ g} cfkm\gf] Wo]o dfGg] Dof*d So'/LnfO{ xfO:s'n txsf] k/LIFfdf c;fwf/)f of]Uotf k|bz{g u/]jfkt :j)f{kbsåf/f ;Ddfg ul/Psf] lyof] . xfO:s'nkl%sf] cWoognfO{ lg/Gt/tf lbg pgn] kf]NofG*nfO{ %f*\g'k¥of] / To;tfsf kf]NofG*df dlxnfx¿nfO{ pRr lzIffsf] cj;/ sd} lyof] .

Subject: English II
Group A


1. Change the following sentences as indicated in the brackets:

  1. The tall boy broke the window glass. (into passive)

  2. Rohan didn't come to school yesterday. (into affirmative)

  3. Hari will buy a new car. (into yes/no question)

  4. She said, "I've finished writing". (into indirect speech)

  5. Mr. Singh was born in 2040 B.S. (into 'when' question)

  6. My brother always watches the news on TV. (into negative)

2. Fill in the spaces with the correct word given in the brackets:

  1. Boys, do the work ......... (itself/yourselves/themselves)

  2. The poet and philosopher .........dead. (is\am\are)

  3. "What is" She asked me. (by/in/with)

  4. Mr. Kunal is ...............honourable teacher. (a/an/the)

  5. The book .........I have her was interesting. (who/where/which)

  6. He works hard, ............?(does he/doesn't he/don't he)

  7. Neeru ............. her diamond ring yesterday. (lost/has lost/had lost)

  8. The coat is hanging _____ the wall. (an/on to/in)

Group B


3. Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

Sadiq saw a man in a silk Sherwani get down from a horse 'look rich! Is he coming to our shop?" he wondered. Sadiq's father, Mohammad Qadir, looked up from the kebabs he was frying as one of the servants come forward and said grandly, "Nawab Hasan Ali has come!" The man in silk entered, looked around their small shop and said in bored tones, "I hear you are the famous cook, Mohammad Qadir. I like tasting new dishes. What is your speciality?" "Dal", said Sadiq's father and went on frying the kebabs." I can make biryani and mutton curry and all the usual things, but you asked me what I cook the best," Qadir replied calmly.

"Fine, I'll taste it. What kind of dal do you make? "Urad". Qadir said. "I only make my shahi dal urad on order with secret species."
A. Answer these questions:

  1. Who was Sadiq? What was his father's name?

  2. Why did the rich man come to the shop?

  3. Which dish did Qadir make best and how?

B. Make sentences of the following words/phrases:

a) famous b) came forward c) get down d) secret

4. Read the passage carefully and do the activities that follow:

A young farm girl was going to the market carrying a pot of milk on her head. She was ambitious and began to make a plan. What she would do with the money she would get for the milk. She would buy chickens. The chickens would lay many eggs. The eggs would hatch. Soon she would have many chickens that she could sell. With the money, she would buy a new costly sari. The young man of the town, the richest one just at that moment, she tripped over a stone. The pot fell and broke. The milk was spilled.

A. Fill in the blank spaces:

  1. The young girl was .....................

  2. The girl was carrying .................. of milk

  3. The pot ........... and broke

  4. She began to make ...................

B. Write 'T' or 'F' for the following sentences:

  1. The farm girl was going to the village.

  2. She would buy a costly necklace.

  3. The chickens would lay eggs.

  4. The pot of milk fell and spilled.

C. Give the synonyms for words given choosing from the passage:

  1. (Liquid or powder) run over the side of the container ____________

  2. Arrangement for doing something __________

  3. Catch your foot on something and fall ___________

D. Write the following statements in the correct order:

  1. She would have many eggs.

  2. The pot of milk fell and broke.

  3. She began to make a plan.

  4. The farm girl was going to the market.

  5. She would buy a costly sari.

  6. She would marry the richest man of the town.

4. Answer the following questions:

  1. Why, according to Joy Adamson, is it necessary to save wildlife? (Where are the cubs?)

  2. Did the villagers chase the leopard away? Give reasons for your answer. (Spotty Friendship)

  3. What problems did Pythias face on his journey back to Syracuse? (Damon and Pythias)

  4. Why do squirrels store food for the cold months? (Finding a Store of Food)

  5. What did the young Cratchits do so that they wouldn't be tempted to shout? (The Christmas Feast)

Group C

5. Punctuate the following text and capitalize the necessary word two:

your honour sadiq said quickly the food is waiting the dal is delicious.

6. Write a paragraph on "Finding a Store of Food".
7. Write an essay on "My Ambition" in about 250 words.
8. Write a readable story on the basis of the clues given:

A thirsty crow ____ finds water in a pitcher ______ the water is too low down ___ picks up stones and throws them into water _____. Water rises ____ crow drinks water ____ moral.

9. Write an application to the Principal of your school for full fee concession.
Subject: Computer
Group 'A'

Q1. State True or False:

  1. A capacity of storage devices is measured in bits.

  2. The currently running program is loaded into ROM.

  3. In binary multiplication when1 and 1 is multiplied, the product is 0 which means 2 digits.

  4. Decimal number system has base of 10.

Q2. Fill in the blanks given below:

  1. Track ball is a device that is an alternative to a……………..

  2. Decimal number system has base…………….

  3. MODEM stands for…………………

  4. There are………………types of ROM.

Q3. Write the full form of the following:

i. NIC= ii. EEPROM=

iii. CRT= iv. BITS=
Q4. Match the following:


  1. RAM physical parts of a computer system.

  2. WORDS electronic brain or heart of a computer.

  3. HARDWARE group of two or more bytes.

  4. PROCESSOR internal memory

Q5. Write the technical terms for the following:

  1. Backup or external memory of a computer.

  2. A device which is used to give hard copy output.

  3. Device used to store start up and basic operating information.

  4. Electronic instruction that tells the computer what to do.


Q1. Answer the following questions.

  1. What is output device give two example.

  2. Define hardware. Give 2 examples.

  3. Write four basic operations performed by computer.

  4. Name two devices that provide both input and output.


Q1. Convert the following:

iii. (147)10 = (?)2 iv. (11101)2 = (?)10

Q2. Compute the following:

  1. 111001 + 110100

  2. 1000101 - 11111

Q3.Write down the rules for the following

  1. Converting binary to decimal

  2. Binary subtraction

Q4. Write short note on:

  1. Number System

Subject: Math I
Attempt all the questions

Group ‘A’

  1. Add: 22.853 + 3.98+ 1.025

  2. Subtract : 16.139- 11.825

  3. Multiply : 0.8x7

  4. Divide: 8.4÷ 4

  5. Round off 11.56913 to 3 decimal places.

  6. Express the given fraction as percentage.

  7. Express the given percentage 72% as fraction.

  8. Write down the formula to find out profit.

  9. What type of triangle is ABC?

  1. The sum of four angles of a quadrilateral is ……….

Group ‘B’

  1. Find out 25% 0f 1200km.

  2. Multiply : 4 X 2

  3. Divide: 1 ÷

  4. A triangle has a perimeter of 13.65cm and two of its sides measure 5.62cm and 4.25cm respectively. Calculate the length of the third side.

  5. What percent of Rs.1000 is Rs. 250?

  6. Simplify: X ÷

  7. A shopkeeper bought an article for Rs.375 and sold it for Rs290. Find his profit or loss.

  8. Find the profit percent when

S.P.= Rs.700 C.P. = Rs. 600

19. Find the number or quantity whose 40% is Rs.200.

20. There were 40 oranges in a basket. Of them 20 were sold.

Find the percentage of oranges remained in the basket.

21. Construct a triangle whose sides are 5cm, 6cm and 8cm.

22. Find the unknown angles.

a. b.

c. d.

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