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NSA Affirmative MDL and NAUDL 2015-16

NSA Affirmative

NSA Affirmative 1

Glossary 4

1AC – Inherency 6

1AC – Inherency 7

1AC – Privacy Rights 10

1AC – Privacy Rights 11

1AC – Privacy Rights 12

1AC – Privacy Rights 13

1AC – Privacy Rights 14

1AC – Privacy Rights 15

1AC – Economy Advantage 16

1AC – Economy Advantage 17

1AC – Economy Advantage 18

1AC – Economy Advantage 19

1AC – Economy Advantage 20

1AC – Economy Advantage 21

1AC – Internet Freedom 23

1AC – Internet Freedom 24

1AC – Internet Freedom 25

1AC – Plan 26

1AC – Solvency 27

1AC – Solvency 28

1AC – Solvency 29

1AC – Solvency 30

Answers to NSA not Invasive 33

Answer to Privacy Invasions Inevitable 34

Answers to “Corporations violate privacy ” [1/3] 35

Answers to “Corporations violate privacy ” [2/3] 36

Answers to “Corporations violate privacy ” [3/3] 37

Answers to Security Comes First [1/2] 38

Answers to Security Comes First [2/2] 39

Answers to “Posner – Balancing Good” 40

Answers to Mass Surveillance Solves Discrimination [1/2] 41

Answers to Mass Surveillance Solves Discrimination [2/2] 42

Privacy is a Gateway Right 43

Privacy is key to Autonomy 44

Surveillance Hurts Freedom [1/2] 45

Surveillance Hurts Freedom [2/2] 46

Surveillance causes a Chilling Effect [1/2] 47

Surveillance causes a Chilling Effect [2/2] 48

Fear Magnifies Privacy Loss 49

Answer to “Nothing to Hide” 50

Answers to Hurts Foreign Companies More 52

Answers to Companies won’t leave cloud 53

Answers to Tech industry not hurt 54

Answers to Economic Decline Doesn’t Cause War 55

Answers to Cybersecurity Sector Turn 56

Answers to USA Freedom Act Solves 57

Answers to Internet Freedom Doesn’t Spur Democracy 58

Answers to Internet Freedom is about Profits 59

Answers to International Surveillance matters more 60

Answers to US not modelled 61

Answers to Democracy doesn’t solve war 62

Limiting Section 702 Solves 64

Plan Solves PRISM 65

Answers to USA Freedom Act Solves [1/2] 66

Answers to USA Freedom Act Solves [2/2] 67

Answers to Domestic Collection is Small [1/2] 68

Answers to Domestic Collection is Small [1/2] 69

Answers to Reforming domestic surveillance alone doesn’t solve 70

Answers to Reforming domestic surveillance alone doesn’t solve 71

Answers to Domestic alone doesn’t solve 72

Answers to Circumvention [1/3] 73

Answers to Circumvention [2/3] 74

Answers to Circumvention [3/3] 75

Answers to Circumvention [3/3] 76

2AC – Topicality Domestic 78

NSA Can be Domestic 79

Answers to – Topicality Domestic 80

Answers to —Topicality Domestic 81

NSA Surveillance does not stop terrorism 82

NSA Surveillance does not stop terrorism- extension 83

Surveillance causes false positives 84

Mass Surveillance creates false positives- extensions 85

Surveillance creates too much data 86

Surveillance creates bad data 87

Answer to: would have solved 9/11 88

Answer to: would have solved 9/11- extensions 89

2AC Answer to the Executive Action 90

Answers to Politics – Plan is popular 91

Answers to Politics – Plan is popular with public 92

This affirmative case argues that the National Security Administration (NSA) current data collection practices are harmful and should be reformed. The affirmative focuses on domestic data collection.

You can choose to construct a case with up to 3 advantages (Privacy, Economy, or Internet Freedom). Read the file select your favorite advantages and practice to make sure you can finish in 8 minutes. Remember the solvency cards too.

Privacy- the NSA currently collects data on millions of internet users who are connected in some way to international communications that the organization is monitoring. This advantage argues that this domestic surveillance practice is a violation of the rights of US citizens and not needed to protect the country from a terrorist attack.

Economy- this advantage argues that NSA domestic spying programs have hurt the American technology sector as businesses around the world avoid using American products like Dropbox and Google since their content could be monitored by the government. This economic slow down could hurt the world economy and lead to wars.

Internet Freedom- this advantage argues that a domestic surveillance program run by the NSA hurts the ability of the US to persuade dictatorships and other authoritarian governments to maintain a free internet. Access to the internet is crucial to fostering democratic transitions around the world. Democratic governments increase peace and are less likely to start wars.

The affirmative would solve this advantage by placing limits on the collection of data to only communication to or from a suspect in an active investigation. This would prevent the government from stockpiling information on every citizen and help make the search for terrorists and other dangerous groups more efficient.


FISA- The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 ("FISA" Pub.L. 95–511, 92 Stat. 1783, 50 U.S.C. ch. 36) is a United States federal law that prescribes procedures for the physical and electronic surveillance and collection of "foreign intelligence information" between "foreign powers" and "agents of foreign powers"

Moore’s Law- is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years. In other words, computers get twice as powerful every 2 years.

NSA- The National Security Agency is an intelligence organization of the United States government, responsible for global monitoring, collection, and processing of information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purpose

PRISM- “Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management” is a clandestine surveillance program under which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) collects internet communications from at least nine major US internet companies.

Upstream- term used by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States for intercepting telephone and internet traffic from the internet backbone, i.e. major internet cables and switches, both domestic and foreign.

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