Not need to refute the argument with a counter-argument; simply explain what about the argument makes it logically

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Argumentation Lab

For each of the following arguments, provide a once sentence explanation for why it is a correct or incorrect argument from a rational perspective (logically invalid, lack of evidence, correlation is not causation, etc). Yes, some of these arguments are so wrong that it seems impossible someone would argue them. Sadly, all of these are drawn from real life examples.
You do not need to refute the argument with a counter-argument; simply explain what about the argument makes it logically wrong or right. Sentences in quotes are not part of the argument, they are provided for context - there is no other context around these arguments, so do not assume a specific context. Question 1 is already done as an example.
Questions, comments, and concerns: contact Nick.
Part A)

  1. If Goku is a triangle, then given a triangle, it is Goku.

This implies if A then B is the same as if B then A. This logically incorrect because Vegeta could also be a triangle, yet Vegeta != Goku.

  2. Two interviewed serial killers said they were corrupted by porn and that’s why they killed. Thus, if you watch porn, you will become a serial killer.

  3. Because you can see the source code of open source software, it’s more vulnerable to attack.

  4. Reliability testing methods that work for mechanical engineers should work for software engineers, because they both build systems out of component parts. It’s just another kind of engineering!

  5. Your OS is bad because it’s slow, poorly designed, and is missing basic features other OSes have.” It works for me, so it’s good enough for everybody else. (analyze the second sentence)

  1. The Therac-25 incident was shown to be caused by lack of adequate testing. Software engineers should thus be licensed.

  2. The Therac-25 incident was shown to be caused by lack of adequate testing. We have proved that inadequate testing can be remedied by requiring engineers in such fields to become licensed [Fisher, 2020]. Thus, Software engineers should be licensed. (Assume sentence 2 is cited and adequately proven)

  3. I don’t play guitar hero because I play real guitar.

  4. There aren’t enough girls in the CSC major because girls aren’t cut out for it. (If you say this is valid, you auto-fail)

  5. You should’ve bought me a slice of pizza! “You said you didn’t want one when I asked.” But you should’ve known I actually wanted one!

  1. The software engineering code provides a framework within which to make good decisions. It is available on the internet. Thus, you should use the SE code of ethics.

  2. Java is better than Ruby because Java is object-oriented.

13. You are beating me in Starcraft, thus clearly you are cheating.

14. Everyone on America's Next Top Model is beautiful because all models are beautiful

Pick two of the above sentences and lay out the argument as premises and conclusions, showing the correctness or incorrectness clearly. For example:
Premise: Starting your CSC 300 essay early will make it easier to finish on time.

Premise: Jim started his CSC 300 essay early

Conclusion [correct]: It will be easier for Jim to finish his essay on time
If you are laying out a faulty argument, it might go like this:
Premise: Jim started his CSC 300 essay early

< Missing Premise >: Starting your essay early guarantees you an A

Conclusion [Incorrect]: Jim will get an A on his CSC 300 essay.
You can be creative with your layout of the argument, but be sure it is based in reason and all assumptions/citations are noted. You do not need to provide evidence to prove something, this lab is only concerned with argumentative structure.

Find a coherent argument in the youtube comments. and write it down below. Must be at least 3 comments long, but I suggest you don’t go for any longer. Does not have to be continuous comments, just related responses.
Bonus: find the comments on a video relating to the Justin Beiber.

Submission Instructions:
This lab should be single spaced and must be submitted electronically. Email Nick a PDF or RTF copy of your submission by the due date indicated on the schedule. Do NOT send a word doc.

Turner, CSC 300 Fall 2010
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