Minutes of the Classical Association of Florida Saturday, November 23, 2013

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Minutes of the Classical Association of Florida

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Orlando Convention Center, ACTFL


CAF President Susan McDonald called the meeting to order at 11:56am. There were twenty-four members present. A list of members in attendance can be found as an attachment to the bottom of the minutes. Susan welcomed the CAF members to Maggiano’s. Susan thanked Adam Mize and Craig Bebergal for arranging the luncheon.
Susan specifically welcomed new members and asked them to introduce themselves.
Callie Schneider, who is teaching at the Bolles School introduced herself.
Danielle Goldsby, who is teaching at Out of Door Academy introduced herself.
Christopher Dunn, who is teaching at Lake Mary Preparatory School introduced himself.
Shannon Stieg who is teaching at Lake Highland Prep introduced herself.
Susan stated that she was impressed with the healthy turnout of CAF members and Latin teachers attending the ACTFL convention this year.
Susan asked everyone to review the spring minutes. There were two corrections: Cathy Sturgill’s name was misspelled in the second to the last paragraph; and Leslie Peebles stated that she was at the spring meeting and was not on the attendance sheet. She asked to be added to the list. Craig Bebergal moved that the minutes be accepted and Dave Jackson seconded. The spring minutes were accepted.
Susan encouraged all to attend the ACL institute next summer.
Under the FFLA awards banquet: Susan stated that Phil Dillinger, Adam Mize, Craig Bebergal, and Susan McDonald received the Most Valuable Teacher award. Susan announced that Dave Jackson is the CAF Latin teacher of the year for 2013. Susan also announced that Geoff Revard was nominated for President of FFLA for 2015. Susan encouraged all to vote for Geoff. She continued to say that FFLA’s finances are now back in shape, and that FFLA no longer has debt.
Under Project Proficere, Susan stated that there would be an ACTFL presentation at 2 pm that day. She stated that at the presentation she and Craig would be explaining Project Proficere.
Under correspondence, Susan stated that she sent sympathy cards to Joe Gilpin and Marcia Stille. She read a thank you note from Marcia Stille.
Generosa Sangco-Jackson, CAF vice president, announced some decisions from the FJCL fall planning meeting. She stated that the charity, Camp I AM Special, will be the recipent of all the donations from the coin wars fundraiser. The movie this year at the State convention will be Tangled. She continued that Aurelia Ogles has arranged a guest speaker. The guest speaker will be Joe Goodkin, the Odyssey and song bard from this year’s Nationals. The students are attempting to organize a group called FJCL ambassadors. The group will promote FJCL and encourage new chapters to attend State. This year, schools will be allowed to bring ten extra delegates to State Forum who do not compete in sweepstakes. Generosa said that she will need all pre-judged projects submitted by March 13, 2014, and the FJCL officer’s meeting will be March 15, 2014.
Phil Dillinger, CAF Secretary, stated that he had nothing to report.
Craig Bebergal, CAF Treasurer, stated that there was $100 in the account for the essay contest. The Marie Girardeau scholarship fund only has $433. The general fund currently has $6750. Craig stated that the travel scholarship has not been awarded yet. It is $2000 and it will be awarded this year and the next. He continued to say that the luncheon today will cost CAF $600. He concluded with stating that the CAF currently has 92 active members.
Generosa asked if it would be appropriate to let some of Marie’s former students know that the funds were needed for her memorial scholarship. Susan stated that it would be a good idea to let them know.
Adam Mize, Florida State Chair, stated that there would be a bus trip to the NJCL National convention at Emory University, in Atlanta. He stated that they plan to stop at a theme park on the trip to Emory. He stated that membership for FJCL is higher than last year.
At 12:21pm Susan called for a short break in the meeting, in order for the group to eat their main course.
Susan resumed the meeting at 12:41pm.
Susan stated that Aurelia was not here because of the birth of her grandson. In her placed Craig announced that applications for the travel scholarship are due by the end of the month.
Susan recognized Alan Blessing, congratulating him on his retirement, and thanking him for his service to CAF, FFLA, and FJCL. The position of Facilities Liaison was passed on to Aurelia Ogles. Susan reminded the group that Aurelia is planning on retiring the year after next.
Susan stated that Dr. James Sickinger is still organizing the essay contest.
Under the Nominating Committee, Susan stated that Leslie Perkins, was not present at this CAF meeting and to please contact her with nominations for secretary and president.
Dave Jackson announced for Jessica Ballantine-Bradshaw that there are still five tests that need to be written for FJCL State Forum: Geography, Derivatives I, Mottoes, Vocabulary I, and Vocabulary II. Adam Mize volunteered to write the Mottoes test. Dave asked for members to please contact him or Jessica if they were willing to write a test.
Dave spoke about the testing database, Theban Sphinx, that he has been looking into for generating tests for State Forum. He stated that there is a Pdf file on the Facebook page that will show how the program works. He stated that FJCL would spend between $500 and $1000 to purchase the program. He said that there were many aspects of the program that will make creating tests easier for teachers.
Jeffrey Satriano inquired if teachers would be able to log in to review the questions. He also expressed concerns about making a distinction between regional questions and state questions.
Craig inquired if State or Regional tests could be indicated under tags in the program.
Jeffrey Satriano and Dave echoed this concern and stated that it is very important for more than one person to review each question.
Tony Haakman asked if the same questions written a different way could be entered into the database. Jeffrey said that this could be identified under tags.
Dave stated that is an aid to write tests, not a replacement.
Ginny Greenland said that this program could help new Latin teachers who may be nervous about writing tests. Janice Lee stated that this could be beneficial way for new teachers to work with more experienced teachers.
Adam Mize suggested that there should be two academic coordinators in order to get the project off the ground.
Dave asked if there was any opposition to the planning committee purchasing the software. Jeffrey Satriano stated that he did not object to purchasing the project, but a few changes should be made to the program prior to purchase. Otherwise there was no opposition.
Under new business, Susan stated that she was looking at the fall results of this year’s AP Latin exam. 311 AP Latin exams were given in the state of Florida, and only 51% of the students passed. She stated that this was concerning to her. Susan would like everyone to offer help to other teachers who are struggling to prepare their students for the AP Latin exam. She stated that many other languages had a higher passing rate for their exams.
Generosa stated that the resources for the AP test are currently minimal and it has made it difficult to prepare students for the new exam. She continued to say that it might be best to find out what schools the low scores are coming from, in case a school is signing up students for the AP Latin exam without the students actually being enrolled in a Latin class.
Kristen Youngblood stated that many schools force their students to take the exams, even if they are not doing well in the course.
Christy Tucker stated that many AP Latin classes are disadvantaged because they are combined with other levels of Latin during the same class period.
Janice Lee asked if there could be a round table discussion about AP Latin, perhaps at FFLA.
Craig suggested that there be a virtual share fair. He stated that he would be willing to set up a site online.
Susan stated that there were 169 Latin teachers at ACTFL. She said it was great that the Latin teachers had such a great presence at conference.
Susan asked for announcements.
Kristen Youngblood stated that she was the President of the Florida Foreign Language Association of the Big Bend.
Susan asked if there was a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kyle McGimsey moved to adjourn, Dave seconded the motion, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:13pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Phil Dillinger, CAF Secretary
Members present, who signed in

  1. Phil Dillinger 13. Sylvia Marini

  2. Generosa Sangco-Jackson 14. Kyle McGimsey

  3. David Jackson 15. Shannon Stieg

  4. Christopher J. Dunn 16. Callie Schneider

  5. Adam Mize 17. Meredith Sitz

  6. Craig Bebergal 18. Christy Tucker

  7. Susan McDonald 19. Jeffrey Satriano

  8. Janice B. Lee 20. Kristen Youngblood

  9. Ginny Greenland 21. Leslie Peebles

  10. Geoff Revard 22. Laura Ansula-Crowley

  11. Tony Haakman 23. C. Danielle Goldsby

  12. Alyssa Henriquez 24. Alan Blessing

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