Essay Argumentative essay on Tuskegee airman

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Essay Argumentative essay on Tuskegee airman


essay on Tuskegee airman

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This essay will provide insight on why I am even writing this essay. We were asked to write this argumentative essay on Black American history in which I had no clue what an argumentative essay even was let alone any idea on Black American History. I have found some resources that might help educate others on this topic as well. I choose the Tuskegee Airman because, it was a topic unfamiliar to me so because of my passion of loving to learn new things I stated to both my husband and 17 year old son what my paper had to be about. They both stated that the Tuskegee Airman was a great subject to write about. When I ask them why they stated, This “because they were an amazing asset to World War 2.”

Julie Paulman

WR 122 Honors Course Writing

Frist draft

I have been asked to pick a topic from Black American history and not before the 1900 era. I have chosen this group of aviation airman whom fought in World War two called, The Tuskegee Airman having built up my own knowledge on who this group even was and why they were so important or how they even made it into Black American history was yet to be found. As I started my research into the Tuskegee Airman my Husband and 17 year old son had both mentioned “Red Trail’ which is a DVD very hard to come across. Being limited on this frame work and time was of the essence. I could not find the movie anywhere going to every movie store in town finally caving in and going to the Lane Library, and Springfield City Library I walked into to the front desk and asked them how I would find this particular movie?

The librarian could not even find it so I asked a librarian named Claire Dannenbaum if she knew how I could find out more about this group of airman? She was very nice as we sat down to the computer together she started typing, in “Tuskegee Airman” started showing me how to search for certain topics or subjects I wanted to find out about. Together the two of us Claire and I came up with these three articles found in MLA format document called, 332nd Fighter Group which talks about the first fighter group manned by African Americans. Can be found in The American Mosaic as well.

Also how this group got their name Tuskegee Airman. Because of Eledore Roosevelt which was the first African American lady whom helped African Americans become part of the US Army. Eledore is for another conversation from another source though. Moving on to the next source was, “Tuskegee Airman”. The American Mosaic: The African American Experience. This document still found on the internet URL is which all three of these documents can be found at the same URL just type in the particular article title you are looking for. Moving on so the document Tuskegee Airman Quotes, “That before 1954 the Army only allowed Black men to serve in the combat role. These men were trained in Alabama on the Tuskegee Army Airfield.”

So I wanted to further my research to gain more understanding not even hearing of this particular group before why hadn’t I heard of this before now? Maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention in school myself or I had never been taught the subject of Black American history which is why I feel that is so important to further education the younger generation of high schools kids but not just them (the young in general). I felt ashamed that I did not know much before Claire the librarian had shown me these articles. Why am I just now finding out about certain events that took place in World War two being 34 years of age and not educating myself before now WOW! As my intensity builds growing even more angry with myself I had this overpowering feeling that Claire thought I was dumb for asking so many questions I was determined of that fact. Enough complaining it’s not going to get me far in this paper. EDUCATE YOURSELF CAN NOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH.

So as Claire and I are finishing pulling up these three articles she shows me how to check for books on this subject. Because they did not have the books I was looking for at the on campus library we had to search the storage library under catalog and found the first book called, “Life upon these shores” if you pull this number E185 .G37 2011 you can find this book. If you type in the tile “Freedom flyers” the call number shows up as D790 .252 332nd .M69 2010. In which the books are very large do I have time to read them front to back no so I start to skim through both of these books trying to find as must information as I can. Writing down what I think are key points to me so that I can build me own thoughts as to why this particular group of aviation men were so vital to becoming part of the US Army. Not allotted much time to pull all this information together I start wondering to myself why back then in 1941 was it so a Black African American women had to make a stand for these men so well educated in aviation flyers grounded? Why were the Americans so afraid to let these men fight along the side of them to defend our country?

World War two lasted 7 years and three months from September 1941 to December 1946 with is an awful long time to be in war. It’s a scary thought to think of being at world with many different countries. I’m going to list some of these aviation pilots starting with Roscoe Brown this first African American to shoot down plane number 262. At the time of World War 2 the President of the United States was Roosevelt who helped fight for the African American to fight along the side of White US Army pilots. This is information can be found at the Springfield library in the DVD section on Documentaries #940.54.780 this documentary shows the remaining airmen left from this era. It also explains Eledore’s role in sending the 99 fighter’s into combat. These men fought in Africa, Fex, Tunis,, France along with many others. Lee Archer was the 1st African American to shoot down American plane. These airmen quickly gain the respect of the US Army. They became wingmen to the American’s never leaving their sides during combat flying side by side. A quote used on the front cover of the documentary DVD reads, “ Negro to fly in US Army” I found that particular quote very offensive.

Why because, the respect for anyone fighting for this country or for the US period gave more than any of us will ever know. Meaning their lives, families, and all they’ve ever know all to protect innocent families in whom they do not know. But did it to not only make it possible for other African Americans to fight along our side in combat but, is the reason many of us have the opportunities we do now. Yes technology along with many other things have changed with each passing year but everyday events, ideas, items we have today are because of these brave men and women whom take this stand not only to the nation but whom chose to die with honor. Someone once told me that It is not what you have in life that makes its worth living but the choices we choose to make along the way. It is not about how much time we spend with each other but, to embrace the little time we do share with others. So I chose to value my time educating myself not just on history but other things as well and becoming the best I can by nurturing and valuing that facts that I can read, write, walk, talk, and remember. So to all reading this please if you walk away from this gaining nothing I am truly sorry my deepest apologies. But please to all out there educate yourself weather it’s caring for a loved one whom is ill or weather it’s mentoring younger children take your precious time and challenge yourself in as many new ways as possible. Thank you for reading this piece of my argumentative paper.