Mandatory Placement Policy Review Academic Governance Council April 9, 2013 Purpose

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Mandatory Placement Policy Review

Academic Governance Council

April 9, 2013


The purpose of this report is to review the Mandatory Placement Policy and provide an overview of placement data since the policy was first implemented and determine if students were placed successfully; did they persist; were they successful in next level classes; and completion and graduation rates. Finally, this report will make recommendations if changes are needed.

Review of Admissions Policy:

Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA from high school and ACT sub scores of 18 in Math, English, and Reading or students can submit a college transcript that shows a minimum of 12 completed credits and a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

Students who do not meet these minimum requirements or choose not to turn in the required documents can take the Accuplacer Placement Test.

Review of Accuplacer Test:

The Accuplacer tests consists of 4 sections in total and the number of tests the students take depends on the information they provide for admissions. Students are allowed one free test. If they choose to re-test they must pay a $20 fee. Students are only allowed to pay once for a re-test. If they still question their placement, they can submit an appeal that is reviewed by the Associate Dean of Counseling, Advising and Retention.

For example, a student who meets the high school GPA requirements but provides tests scores of an 18 for English, 17 for Math, and a 16 for Reading would be required to take only the Math and Reading section of the Accuplacer tests.

The Accuplacer test is untimed with the exception of the writing portion. When the students come to this section of the test, the student is given a topic to write about and is expected to compose an essay of between 300 and 600 words. The timer does not begin on the test until the student begins to type and they are allowed pencil and paper to write out as much of the essay as they would like before they begin. The student has 40 minutes to complete this section.

The math portion of the test does not allow calculators but students are allowed pencil and paper. The math test begins with Algebra. Depending on the score, the student may or may not go into the Arithmetic portion of the test.

*Note* - Students who indicate that English is not their first language will be taken into the LOEP test.

Mandatory Placement History:

A brief review of when mandatory placement was first implemented and subsequent changes. Mandatory Placement was approved by AGC in Fall of 2008 for Winter 2010 implementation.

  • Winter 2010 – Mandatory Placement first implemented for Math and English (MA 095, MA 097, and EN 097)

  • Winter 2011 – 3 or more AFP placements trigger an MND (mandatory) hold. The MND hold is a registration hold that goes on the students account and they must register for classes through a counselor/advisor. The MND hold also mandates the student enrolls in PY 100 (now PY 097).

  • Fall 2011 – AFP classes no longer count toward graduation

      • MA 104 changes to MA 098

      • PY 100 changes to PY 097

  • Winter 2013 – 2 or more AFP placements in EN 097, RD 097, RD 098, and/or MA 095 will trigger an MND.

Were students properly placed?

Students are placed into classes based on many PeopleSoft processes that have been developed. We have several processes in place to double check data integrity and have not found any students that were not placed into the correct class, based on the Accuplacer score.

We are able to place a waiver on a student’s account if they later provide a transcript that would waive an Academic Foundation class placement.

Data provided by IRP for Title III. Data for this report is Degree Seeking FTIAC students – full and part time

Course Success for AFP Courses

  • Success rates appear to be declining when comparing Fall 2011 to Fall 2009.

  • Preliminary data for Fall 2012 show gains for EN 097, MA 095, MA 097, MA 098 and both RD courses

  • Success rates appear to be declining when comparing Fall 2011 to Fall 2009

  • Preliminary data for Fall 2012 show gains for EN 097, MA 095, MA 097, MA 098 and both RD courses (PY 097 preliminary data not available at report time)

Completion of Gateway Courses After Developmental Education

  • EN 097 students are showing steady gains in successful completion of EN 100/101

  • MA 096 students moving to MA 98 are also showing an increase in success

  • Mixed results are seen for RD students

Retention Rates

  • Retention rates appear to decline as they move from year 1 to year 2 and year 3

  • Possible reasons include: developmental courses no longer count for college credit, increased required courses (PY 097), mandatory counselor/advisor registration (MND) and a slightly improving economy


  1. The Data Warehouse should provide easier access to data and develop improved data tracking. This will allow us to develop reports and to provide detailed data on students and AFP classes.

  2. Continue to develop procedures and documents that will inform the students of the stakes of the Accuplacer test. This includes developing study materials and methods to encourage students to wait to test if they are not prepared or at the very least to take their time.

  3. Review Title III data, including FastTrack results to move students more quickly through the developmental sequence or bypass if possible.

  4. Continue to collect and analyze data and monitor the success of our AFP students.

  5. The following updates should be made to the Mandatory Placement Policy 8.2:

    1. Under section X. Procedures add MA 098 to the list of courses

    2. Under section X. Procedures, update the title to the Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention

    3. Under section X. Procedures, add the statement: Students placing into two or more developmental classes are also required to enroll and complete PY 097. Students will not be permitted to self-enroll until this course has been completed with a grade of C- or higher.

    4. Under section XIV. Next Review/Revision Date, update Review date and indicate next Review date.

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