Leftwing Communist Jewish Homosexual Pornographers

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WIT12-2004 "Leftwing Communist Jewish Homosexual Pornographers"

Qustions by Kenny Easwaran, David Farris, Jeff Hoppes, Jerry Vinokurov.

Additional questions by Paul Lujan, Ray Luo, Charles Meigs.
01. The 285 year old Aunt Ester and Citizen Barlow are among the characters in his latest play, Gem of the Ocean, set in 1904. All but one of his plays are set in Pittsburgh's Hill District, and each is set in a different decade of the 20th century except the 1990s. Founder of the Black Horizons Theater Company, he wrote Seven Guitars, Jitney, and the Pulitzer Prize winning The Piano Lesson. FTP name the playwright who chronicled the African-American experience in King Hedley II and Fences.

Answer: August Wilson
02. He had a singular faculty for remembering faces, and got nothing for his greatest work but the privilege of seeing book-makers steal from his book and cover the theft by abusing the author. Author of Pike County Ballads, he became secretary of state at age 60 at the cost of his life for William McKinley. Directing negotiations after the Spanish-American War, he declared territorial and administrative integrity of China following the Boxer Rebellion. FTP name this author of the Open Door Policy.

Answer: John Milton Hay
03. It was his recommendation that sent Wittgenstein to study with Russell at Cambridge. It was his review of Husserl's Philosophy of Arithmetic that pushed Husserl almost entirely away from pscyhologism. However, he is much more famous for his own work while he was at the university of Jena (YAY-na). It was in response to his "Foundations of Arithmetic" that Russell proposed his famous paradox, and he founded modern logic, both first-order and higher-order, with his Begriffsschrift, though later logicians greatly simplified his notation. FTP name this German philosopher, best known for his essay "On Sense and Reference."

Answer: Gottlob Frege
04. Their efficiency may be increased by increasing their triangularity, and a shaping method using magnetic shear can also greatly improve their performance. Their outer edges are succeptible to the Rayleigh-Taylor instability, which can be combatted by the addition of a polloidal field, and any plasma contained in them is vulnerable to ion temperature gradient turbulence, as well as to E cross B drifts that result in anomalous transport. Differing from a stellarator in that the magnetic fields required for containment are generated by plasma currents as well as externally, FTP identify this fusion device invented by Sakharov and Tamm whose name comes from the concatenation of the Russian words for "toroidal magnetic chamber."

Answer: tokamak (accept "toroidal magnetic chamber" before it's mentioned; also accept "toroidalnaya magnitnaya kamera")
05. Her first husband's name means "churl," and he died of seizure after she told him that she took 200 loaves of bread, 2 skins of wine, and 200 cakes of dried figs to a protector of his flocks. Marrying a Calebite at Carmel, she delivered food to the Judean outlaws after her husband Nabal refused to provide for the band of the son of Jesse. FTP name this biblical figure who, after the death of Nabal, became the wife of David.

Answer: Abigail
06. He wrote "sleep on, O brave-hearted, O wise man that kindled the flame" in "The Eagle that is Forgotten," an elegy for Illinois governor John Altgeld. He was heavily criticized by W.E.B. Du Bois for the supposed racism in his poem, "The Congo: A Study of the Negro Race," and he took credit for discovering Langston Hughes while the latter was a busboy in a D.C. restaraunt. Committing suicide in 1931 by drinking Lysol, FTP identify this American poet, best known for a tribute to the founder of the Salvation Army, "General William Booth Enters into Heaven."

Answer: Vachel Lindsay
07. In 1936, Charles Pincus managed to produce it in rabbits by means of temperature variations and an increase of it has been observed in turkey hens exposed to Newcastle disease. When it occurs in plants, it is known as agamospermy, and of all pseudocoelomates, it occurs only in the phylum Rotifera. Tomohiro Kono at the Tokyo University of Agriculture recently claimed to have produced mice through this process, which also occurs in aphids, and alternation between it and normal sexual reproduction is known as heterogamy. Occuring in 15 species of the whiptail lizard Cnemidophorus, FTP identify this mode of reproduction in which an egg develops without fertilization and which takes its name from the Greek for "virgin birth."

Answer: parthenogenesis
08. The only outside interference came from Hugh Thompson, Glenn Andreotta, and Lawrence Colburn. Frank Barker, Oran Henderson, and Samuel Koster were all present above, at various altitudes according to their rank, and the orders leading up to it were given by Ernest Medina, who later acknowledged his role. Michael Bernhardt was the first of those present to speak to Seymour Hersch about it, and the coverup was broken when Morris Udall pushed for a complete investigation of the allegations made by Ronald Ridenhour in 1969. Taking place on March 16, 1968 in Quang Nai province, FTP identify this event during which members of Charlie Company under the command of William Calley massacred about 500 Vietnamese civilians.

Answer: My Lai
09. Ontario on June 10, 2003; British Columbia on July 8, 2003; The Netherlands on January 1, 1998; Belgium on January 30, 2003; Quebec on March 19, 2004; Yukon on July 14, 2004; Manitoba on September 16, 2004; Nova Scotia on September 24, 2004; and, of course, Massachussetts on May 17, 2004. FTP what institution became legal in these places, which the US Congress had attempted to prevent with the Defense of Marriage Act?

Answer: same-sex marriage (accept equivalents, but prompt grudgingly on "civil unions")
10. Chapter 4 of this work gives the general formula for its titular subject and claims that it starting point is the circulation of commodities, and in this chapter, the difference between CMC and the MCM pathways is explained. Chapter 13, entitled "Co-operation," cites the ancient Egyptians and the Etruscans, and its third part is dedicated to the explication of primitive accumulation and the expropriation of the agricultural population from the land, as well as a final chapter on colonisation. More famous for its middle sections dedicated to the production of absolute and relative surplus value and the transformation of labor power into wages, FTP identify this economic treatise, the most famous work of Karl Marx.

Answer: Das Kapital, Kritik der politischen Oekonomie (A Critique of Political Economy)
11. Four of them as soloists in Robert Schumann's Konzertstuck (CONcert shtook). Eight of them in unison at the opening of Mahler's Third Symphony. A solo at the opening of Schubert's "Great" C Major symphony. Many pieces by Richard Strauss, because his father was a virtuoso. Three of them for the wolf in "Peter and the Wolf". A trio by Brahms with violin and piano, which requires an old valveless version. FTP what instrument, associated with forests and the hunt, plays all these parts?

Answer: French Horn
12. One woman of this name was also known as Astydamia, and was the wife of Acastus, at whose court Peleus was then in exile. Enamored with Peleus, she declared her love to him, but he rejected her, causing her to complain that he had molested her. Another woman of this name was the sister of Antiope, whose kidnapping by Theseus caused her to lead an attack on Athens. Her most prized possession was inherited from her father, Ares, and may have been surrendered as ransom for her sister Melanippe, while it is disputed whether she or Antiope was the mother of Theseus' son. FTP identify this Amazon queen, the retrieval of whose girdle was the object of one of Heracles' labors.

Answer: Hippolyta or Hippolyte
13. He wants to wear his right arm in a sling so he won't be embarrassed by having mechanics take off his snow chains. The arm in a sling is also an alibi he uses to show he couldn't have shot Gregory Fitzhurst. He reads about Germany's air offensive in Liberty, and soon is piloting a solo mission to blow up an ammo dump. FTP name this James Thurber character with a "Secret Life".

Answer: Walter Mitty
14. The illiterate cockney John Edwards was his companion and model for at least 30 portraits in the 16 years before his 1992 death. Though he was not Edwards's lover, he depicted the death of his parnter George Dyer in "Triptych May-June 1973." Another frequent inspiration were the photgraphs of Edward Muybridge, which resulted in the "Papal" sequence, and his most famous works were inspired by a Velazquez portrait he knew only from reproductions. FTP name this Anglo-Irish artist who shares his name with a seventeenth century thinker.

Answer: Francis Bacon
15. The Lagrangian lacks this property because it explicitly involves the potentials, but the Schrodinger equation does posses it when it complex phase is changed. Any theory which possesses this property is renormalizable, and its global form implies charge conservation, while its local form implies interactions between fields. Yang-Mills is a famous non-abelian theory possessing this property, and non-abelian theories with it exhibit asymptotic freedom. For the strong force, SU(3) possesses it, but the best known example is U(1), the theory of the electromagnetic field. Exemplified by the addition of an arbitrary derivative with respect to time of a scalar function to the electrostatic potential, FTP identify this property of equations, which allows certain transformations that leave the physical situation unchanged.

Answer: gauge invariance (accept "gauge invariant" or "invariant under gauge transformations")
16. After receiving a PhD in anthropology at Northwestern and helping decode Italian secrets during World War II, he became more interested in languages. Among linguists he is primarily respected for his work on typology, showing that certain traits of languages tend to go together, even in unrelated languages. However, he is more famous for his 1955 grouping of the languages of Africa into four large families. In 1987 he repeated this success, coming up with a more controversial grouping of all the languages of the Americas into three families. FTP name this linguist, one of the first to try to reconstruct the ancestor of all human languages.

Answer: Joseph Greenberg
17. It includes "Coversation in Babylon," in which Uruk and Nimrod share their views on which model of scribe is the best. "Sequels" is a fictional depiction of sequels of famous literary works, and the impossibility of drawing a one-to-one map of the empire is also demonstrated in this collection. In addition to the title action, instruction is also given on eating ice cream, writing introductions, being a TV host, not talking about soccer, and replacing a driver's license in Italy. FTP name this collection of essays by Umberto Eco, which shares its title with its first work, a treatise on journeying with a particular type of fish.

Answer: How to Travel With a Salmon
18. A half million died of starvation and disease when it lost its seaports along with 90% of its area. Its independence was opposed by Yakubu Gowon, who'd led a July 1966 coup against the months-old Igbo government in Nigeria. FTP 2003 presidential candidate Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu led what breakaway state of eastern Nigeria that existed from May 1967 to January 1970?

Answer: Biafra
19. Curves in R3 with zero torsion have this property. Graphs that do not contain the complete bipartite graph on 3 comma three vertices or the complete graph on 5 vertices have it by a theorem of Kuratowski. Motion of a particle under a central force has this property, because its possible positions cannot have components perpendicular to both its initial velocity and the direction from which the force acts. FTP what property says that something lies inside a two-dimensional linear object?

Answer: planarity (or planar)
20. He fled to Cuba in 1974 to escape charges of murdering a prostitute and pistol-whipping his tailor, a year after his autobiography, Revolutionary Suicide, was published. However, it was someone else who shot him to death in 1989, nine years after earning a Ph. D. in social philosophy from UC Santa Cruz. The namesake of the protagonist of The Boondocks, he was himself named after a populist governor of Louisiana. FTP who cofounded the Black Panthers with Bobby Seale?

Answer: Huey Newton
21. The backdrop for most major network news coverage of the first anniversary of September 11 was a mural hung on 90 West Street called America's Heart. His one-man Broadway show As Long As We Both Shall Laugh had a 12 week run in early 2003, but most of the time he performs in a dedicated theatre in Branson, Missouri, backed by the "What a Country Dancers". FTP name this author of America on Six Rubles a Day, whose humor relies on differences between the U.S. and "Soviet Russia."

Answer: Yakov Smirnoff
01. Answer the following questions about thermodynamics. FTPE.

(10) By showing that the occupancy of the excited states diverges, it is possible to theoretically derive the possibility of creating this substance, in which integer-spin particles fall en masse into the momentum ground state.

Answer: Bose-Einstein condensate

(10) By assuming random movement of particles in a medium, it is possible to derive this equation which desribes the properties of non-equilibrium systems by using local equilibrium distributions.

Answer: Boltzmann transport equation

(10) Consisting of an intake stroke, a compression stroke, the explosion, the power stroke, the valve exhaust, and the exhaust stroke, this thermodynamic cycle developed by its namesake in 1861 has a maximum efficiency of 1 minus the the volume ratio raised to the power quantity 1 minus the thermodynamic index.

Answer: Otto cycle
02. Name these A Midsummer Night's Dream characters. FTPE.

(10) The two youths who compete for Hermia's affections at the play's outset.

Answer: Lysander and Demetrius

(10) Any two of the four fairies that attend on Titania.

Answer: Cobweb, Moth, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed

(10) Any two of the "rude mechanicals" who Peter Quince directs in a production of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Answer: Nick Bottom, Snug, Francis Flute, Tom Stout, Robin Starveling
03. Identify these people involved with the building of Asgard's wall. FTPE.

(10) This giant, disguised as a man, offered to build the wall around Asgard in exchange for the sun, the moon, and the goddess Freya.

Answer: Hrimthrus or Blast

(10) Part of the bargain would be that Hrimthrus could have no help other than that of this horse of his.

Answer: Svadilfari

(10) Disguised as a mare, Loki lured Svadilfari away from the construction, setting Hrimthrus one day back, and leading him, in his wrath to be unveiled as a giant. However, in mare form, Loki became pregnant and gave birth to this eight-legged steed of Odin.

Answer: Sleipnir
04. Identify these philosophers who dealt with the problem of induction. FTPE.

(10) This author of The Advancement of Learning and Novum Organum invented ampliative inference, or general induction, or at least pushed hard for it.

Answer: Francis Bacon

(10) Drawing on Hume's work, this man proposed that the principle of induction be replaced with the notion of falsifiability in his "The Problem of Induction."

Answer: Karl Popper

(10) This man's "Logical Foundations of Probability" attempted to put inductive logic on a solid mathematical footing. Another attempt, based on thermodynamics, never made it past the outline stage.

Answer: Rudolf Carnap
05. Name these twentieth century conflicts. FTPE.

(10) At Kitty Hawk in 1903, Charles Lindberg flew the Wright Brothers' plane 15 miles on a thimbleful of corn oil to singlehandedly win it, according to Grandpa Simpson.

Answer: Civil War

(10) It began when Saddam Hussein's email request to the president of Thailand for a cup of tea was mistranslated "Your momma's a hoe and I has boned her"; at least, that's the "word on the streets" according to Ali G.

Answer: Vietnam War (accept "Vietnams War")

(10) Charlie didn't ask for Homer Simpson's ID when he fought at La Choy and Chun King; he saw his best friend's head explode here.

Answer: Margaret Cho concert
06. Identify these American poems from lines. FTPE.

(10) "The land was ours before we were the land's. She was our land more than a hundred years before we were her people."

Answer: "The Gift Outright"

(10) "On desperate seas long wont to roam / Thy hyacinth hair, thy classic face / Thy Naiad airs have brought me home / to the glory that was Greece / and the grandeur that was Rome."

Answer: "To Helen"

(10) "Over this damp grave I speak the words of my love; I with no rights in this matter, neither father nor lover."

Answer: "Elegy for Jane"
07. Identify these things related to fungal biology. FTPE.

(10) Consisting of tubular walls that surround plasma membranes and cytoplasm, these minute threads are the basic unit of the fungal body.

Answer: hyphae

(10) The interweaving of hyphae results in this feeding network of a fungus.

Answer: mycelium

(10) This is the term for modified hyphae possessed by many parasitic fungi which turns them into nutrient-absorbing tips that penetrate the cell tissues of the host.

Answer: haustoria
08. Name these unexpected Caucasians who rank as Reggie Cleveland All-Stars. 5-5-10-10.

(10) The starting left-fielder on the Minnesota Twins, he was among the five AL players that fans could vote onto the All-Star team. Currently, he is hitting .302 with 15 home runs.

Answer: (Jon) Lew(is) Ford

(10) This Padres rookie short-stop hit .273 with 15 home runs before a finger injury sidelined him for the season.

Answer: Khalil (Thabit) Greene

(10) Now a Boston Celtic, this 6-4 guard is best known for pairing up with Jameer Nelson in the backcourt of last year's Elite 8 St. Joseph's team.

Answer: Delonte West
09. Identify the following theories of hearing. FTPE.

(10) Originated with the work of Rutherford in 1886, this theory contends that hair cells of the basiliar membrane fire in synchrony with the vibration of sound. The problem is that we can hear 20,000 Hz sounds, while our neurons fire at less than 1000 Hz.

Answer: Frequency Coding Theory

(10) An elaboration of Helmholtz's Harp Theory, this 1959 theory that garnered Georg von Bekesy [BECK-SHE] the Nobel Prize suggests that low frequency sounds maximally vibrates the outer cochlea near the oval window while high frequency sounds maximally vibrates the inner cochlea near the apex.

Answer: Place Theory

(10) Proposed in 1949 by Wever, this theory asserts that for direct freqency coding to work at high frequencies, a group of neurons must work together to sample the underlying sound, each firing once every few periods of the sound wave.

Answer: Volley Theory
10. Identify these "enlightened despots" of 18th century Europe. FTPE.

(10) This successor of Frederick William I reformed the penal system and initiated numerous internal construction projects, all the while fighting the War of the Austrian Succession, the Seven Years' war, and the War of the Bavarian Succession.

Answer: Frederick II or Frederick the Great

(10) The successor of Maria Theresa, this man abolished serfdom in Austria and issued the Patent of Tolerance, ensuring widespread freedom of religion. His foreign reforms were rescinded by his brother, Leopold II, who succeeded him after this man's death in 1790.

Answer: Joseph II

(10) The son of Phillip V and Elizabeth Farnese, this king of Naples succeeded Ferdinand VI on the Spanish throne in 1759. His reign until 1788 is remembered for administrative reforms and the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767.

Answer: Charles III
11. Identify these sociological works of the 1950s. FTPE.

(10) Subtitled "A Study of the Changing American Character," this book by David Riesman, Reuel Denny, and Nathan Glazer distinguished between inner-directed, tradition-directed, and outer-directed personality types.

Answer: The Lonely Crowd

(10) With chapter titles such as "The Fight Against Genius" and "The Influence of Business on Education," this William Whyte chronicled the rise of the corporate ethic in everyday America.

Answer: The Organization Man

(10) Published in the same year as The Organization Man, this Charles Wright Mills work drew attention to the interlocked military, corporate, and political aspects of the titular group, which is "composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women."

Answer: The Power Elite
12. Identify these plays whose title is a character in the play. FTPE.

(10) Famous for its story of the three rings, the action of this play centers around Curd von Stauffen's love for Recha, who was raised by the title character of this Gotthold Lessing play.

Answer: Nathan the Wise

(10) He murders King Duncan on behest of his wife and finally gets cut down by Macduff, even though he couldn't be killed except by a man "from his mother's womb untimely ripp'd."

Answer: Macbeth

(10) The Actor, in order to test the loyalty of his wife Marie, disguises himself as the titular military figure in this Ferenc Molnar play, only to discover that his wife saw through his disguise from the beginning.

Answer: The Guardsman
13. Name these brothers of Joseph. FTPE.

(10) The eldest son of Jacob with Leah, he urged his brothers not to kill Joseph but throw him in a pit in the wilderness instead. But when he returned, Joseph was gone, having been sold to Ishmaelites.

Answer: Reuben

(10) The youngest son of Jacob with Rachel, he is found with a silver goblet in his pack upon leaving Egypt for home, as planted there by Joseph.

Answer: Benjamin

(10) After the brothers' first trip, this son of Leah is bound and kept in prison by Joseph until they returned home and bring Benjamin along for the second trip. Along with Levi, he killed every male in the city of Hamor and Shechem after their circumcision.

Answer: Simeon
14. Identify these techniques useful in solving electromagnetic problems. FTPE.

(10) This technique consists of placing charges external to the region of interest to simulate boundary conditions. It is most often used to solve boundary-value problems in electrostatics.

Answer: method of images (or "image method")

(10) This method consists of expanding potentials in spherical harmonics and can be used in either steady-state or dynamic problems.

Answer: multipole expansion

(10) These functions are integral kernels that are useful in solving inhomogenous differential equations with boundary conditions.

Answer: Green's functions
15. Answer these questions about historical ethnic groups on Russia's fringes. FTPE.

(10) With their capital at Itil, near present day Astrakhan, this settled group provided a buffer against invasions for early Russian states. They are perhaps most famous for their conversion to Judaism.

Answer: Khazars

(10) A branch of this ethnic group established themselves at the confluence of the Volga and Kama rivers, remaining a factor from the 7th to the 13th centuries. The southern branch consistently threatened Constantinople and are the ancestors of a modern Balkan state.

Answer: Volga Bulgar(ian)s

(10) As the Khazar kaganate waned, this group of Turkic nomads threatened Kievan Rus to a greater degree. They first appeared in the 8th century but were annihilated by the 11th century.

Answer: Pechenegs or Patzinaks
16. Name the following about lesbian love poetry. FTPE.

(10) This feminist author wrote the 2004 novel Sappho's Leap about the famous poet.

Answer: Erica Jong

(10) The most famous lesbian rights organization, founded in 1955 in San Francisco by Del Martin and Phillis Lyon, takes its name from a Pierre Louys novel that contains a lot of love poems between women. Name either that novel or the group.

Answer: Song of Bilitis (or Chansons de Bilitis) or Daughters of Bilitis

(10) One of the love poems of this prominent African-American poet was rejected by an editor from inclusion in her poetry volume "From a Land Where Other People Live"; her other works include Cancer Journals, Sister Outsider, and Zami: A New Spelling of My Name.

Answer: Audre Lorde
17. State whether the following seventh chords are major, minor, dominant, or diminished. FTPE.

(10) G, B, D, F.

Answer: dominant

(10) F, A, C, E.

Answer: major

(10) B, D, F, A-flat.

Answer: diminished
18. Lost-cause challengers in the 2004 election. FTPE.

(10) This Republican senate candidate in Illinois holds such popular views as the idea that Senators should not be elected directly by the people, and that all homosexuals are selfish hedonists, apparently including his recently outed daughter Maya.

Answer: Alan Keyes

(10) This little old lady walked across the entire country at the age of 89 for campaign finance reform in 1999. This year she has walked the much shorter distances across New Hampshire several times in a hopeless race to unseat Republican Judd Gregg.

Answer: Granny D or Doris Haddock

(10) In the wake of being abandoned by Ralph Nader, the Green Party has nominated this former candidate for Texas Attorney General in his place to run for president. He is on the ballot in nearly as many states as Nader, but has endorsed John Kerry in key swing states, and tends to not even get mentioned on polls.

Answer: David Cobb
19. A lot of important mathematics has came out of string theory. FTPE.

(10) What name is given to a compact Kahler manifold with first Chern class zero or equivalently, by a theorem of one of its two namesakes, a Ricci-flat Kahler manifold? String theory often takes place on space-time cross a six dimensional one of these. A recent play about building an accelerator in abandoned New York subway tunnels was named for them.

Answer: Calabi-Yau manifold

(10) What duality predicted by physicists relates the A and B models of dual pairs of Calabi-Yau manifolds, and has a homological version formulated in terms of derived categories proposed by Maxim Kontsevich?

Answer: mirror symmetry

(10) In a more general version of mirror symmetry, complex manifolds are dual to this kind of manifold, which is equipped with a nondegenerate closed 2-form. The original example of these manifolds is the phase space of a Hamiltonian system with the canonical Liouville form.

Answer: symplectic
20. Give the roman letter that in the international phonetic alphabet represents the following sounds. FFPE.

(5) High back rounded vowel.

Answer: u

(5) Voiceless dental plosive consonant.

Answer: t

(5) Bilabial nasal consonant.

Answer: m

(5) Lateral dental consonant.

Answer: l

(5) High, front, rounded vowel

Answer: y

(5) Palatal approximant consonant.

Answer: j
21. The first major works of three important American independent film directors turned out to be their most artistically significant films. FTPE.

(10) In which beat-esque 1959 John Cassavetes movie do we see Hugh, a struggling singer, his manager Rupert, his light-colored sister Lelia, and his aimless hipster brother Benny interact and wander around in Manhattan to a Charlie Mingus soundtrack?

Answer: Shadows

(10) In this 1983 Jim Jarmusch movie, the takes are long and the camera is stationary as we observe Willie's Hungarian cousin Eva's visit to New York, Cleveland, and Florida.

Answer: Stranger than Paradise

(10) This 1986 Spike Lee movie is heavily influenced by Jarmusch, Lee's contemporary at NYU, but its long takes have slow, fluid movement. It concerns Nola Darling, who will not choose between her three suitors, Greer, Jamie, and Mars Blackmon.

Answer: She's Gotta Have It

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