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John Kim persuasive Essay- Lord of the Flies BLK C


There are many examples of great leadership in this world. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King JR, and Barrack Obama are some examples of successful, influential, and effective leaders. However, Adolf Hitler and leaders like him are also successful, influential, and effective. However, the reason leaders like Mandela are set apart from other leaders is the fact that they lead with honour and dignity instead of using fear against the people. The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is based on a group of British boys during the Second World War. The boys are evacuated from Great Britain by aeroplane. However, due to being shot down, the plane crashes and only the boys survive. All adults on board are carried out to sea. Now, the boys are forced to survive on the island without sufficient resources without any adults. The two oldest boys, Jack and Ralph understands that a structure must be built in order for the boys to survive and eventually get rescued. The brawl between the two boys for leadership begin to arise.

A leader should not lead with agony, but rather by respect and honour. To lead with intimidation, the leader needs a source that is associated with worry. Violence is directly associated with fear. Also, leading with fear is not sustainable. A stable system is needed for survival and thriving as a society. Furthermore, success of Ralph is directly correlated to his method of leadership which is leading with honour and respect. He is successful as a leader because he gave the freedom of speech and let everyone’s voice be heard by holding a meeting every night. To be an effective leader in the long term, fear must not be used. The leader must tend to the people while remaining effective. The most effective leader cares for the most vulnerable people.

Violence is often utilized by leaders that wishes to accomplish a goal that the people may disagree on. For example, the study based on Milgram’s labs show that the German officers were just ‘doing their jobs’ according to the study. Power and violence is used together to control people regardless of their beliefs. Just like Jack, Hitler also utilized violence to bring fear upon the soldiers and people in the concentration camps. It is a human instinct to stay away from injuries and death. Therefore, using it against the will of the people will allow the leader to control the people. Once violence gets uncontrollable, it may lead to genocides like the one that was started by Hitler. Utilizing violence as a fear factor is absolutely abusing authority and power which is not an attribute of a good leader. An attribute of good leadership is ensuring the well-being of the people. Evidently, when Sam and Eric proclaims that “He [Jack] hurts us”, it is an indication of using fear against the will of the choir boys. When Jack commands the choir boys to tie up Samneric in preparation to beat them, the boys do as Jack commands while he reveals his tyrant-like leadership style. This is evident because eventually, Samneric gets tied up. As proven in this novel alongside with factual history, leading with fear and violence does not end with an advancing society. Conversely, it finishes with an incomplete and broken society that cannot be sustained by itself. sometimes, being attentive to suggestions and leading with respect leads to a more stable democratic society that is run without complications. An example given in the story is when Ralph implemented the conch into the group of boys. The conch gave a chance for everyone to gather, and freedom of speech regardless of strength and age. By demonstrating this act of democracy, Ralph is able to display his respect and compassion to all of his people without discrimination. Whereas, Jack accentuates his love for only the independent and strong people in his group.

Sustainability is an essential part of a successful society. One may understand that violence plays a crucial role in the fear factor. Thus, violence has many negative effects on people. Due to the cruel nature of violence, fatalities and major injuries are bound to occur. Death without representation is a significant indication of an unstable society. In the novel, one may discover that once the reign of Jack begins, characters start to face fatalities.

Although it may seem that Jack’s group is thriving, it is only for a short period of time. If the time period was extended, they would have to keep in consideration shelter, food during winter, and fire for heat. However, with limited supplies and no intent of thinking logically, the boy will not be successful for long. On the contrary, Ralph would utilize his logic to build a plan and take action to keep the boys surviving if no rescue is available. Jack’s barbaric decisions could lead to more fatalities and put more lives at risk due to poor decision making.

Ralph’s tremendous success allows readers to see that Ralph’s leadership approach was much more effective than that of Jack’s. Ralph mentions that “we must make fire”, which indicates that he focuses on the necessities for the boys. Without the rescue fire, it would be very difficult for them to be seen by passing ships. By prioritizing rescue, Ralph shows how effective his leadership is by displaying his worry for the well-being of his peers. Also, by creating a democratic system, this allows order and law to take into effect. Ralph states that “I’ll[he] give the conch to the next person to speak.”, and this implements the democratic assembly. According to Golding, people are born bad. Without law in effect, people will go savage. Therefore, Ralph creates structure as well as allowing everyone to freely express their opinions. This allows for a more functional and advancing society.

With more violence happening in the world, we can only rely on our leaders to step up and lead with care and respect to all people regardless of gender, age, or culture. It is proven throughout the book and in real life that leading with honour is superior to leading with fear. Ralph leads with respect and honour which allowed him to become a more effective, caring, and superior leader. Jack uses fear by using violence to manipulate the choir boy’s thoughts. Additionally, Jack’s method of leadership is not sustainable due to the nature of violence and savagery. Finally, the success of Ralph proves that leading with honour and respect is much more effective than leading with fear. Utilizing violence to lead with fear is not sustainable, inhumane, and displays lack of respect towards the people. A true leader should be willing to carry the weight with the people and take action. “The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” (Ray Kroc) Ralph is a prime example of where his morals reflect his ability to lead a group efficiently. Prioritizing and giving equal opportunities to everyone translates to his ability to guide as a chief that is leading with honour and respect.
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