Instructions for Completing Application

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2017 Academic Award Application


Instructions for Completing Application

  1. Award Information and Eligibility

  1. Applicant Information

  1. Applicant Essays

  1. Education

  1. Letters of Recommendation

  1. Applicant’s Declaration

  1. Parent’s Declaration

  1. FAWCO Club’s Declaration

  1. Photo and Proof of Payment Information

  1. Checklist

Instructions for Completing Academic Awards Application

  1. Download the application packet

There are 10 sections to the application:

      1. Award Information and Eligibility

      2. Applicant Information

      3. Essays

        1. Proposed Plan of Study

        2. Biographical Essay

      4. Secondary Education

        1. Secondary School Diploma

        2. Secondary Schools

        3. Post-Secondary Schools

        4. Plans for Study

        5. Academic Accomplishments

        6. Non-Academic Accomplishments

        7. Transcripts

      5. Letters of Recommendation

      6. Applicant’s Declaration

      7. Parent’s Declaration

      8. FAWCO Declaration

      9. Photo and Proof of Payment Information

      10. Checklist

  1. Read through the entire application so that you know what is needed.

  2. Gather the necessary information needed to complete the application.

  3. Complete the application.  

▪ Only requested documents will be considered.

▪ Review and edit the application.

▪ It is advisable to zip all documents together in a WinZip file.

▪ Save a copy of the application email for your records.

  1. Send the application to the FAWCO Foundation Education Awards Administrator, Jen Todd, at as a Word document.

  2. Submit the application by JANUARY 27, 2017. You will receive email confirmation indicating that the application has been received.

  3. For further information and questions contact the Education Awards Administrator:

  4. Other:

  • Application fees are not refundable.

  • The Education Awards Administrator will review applications for completeness. Late or incomplete applications will be disqualified and will not be further considered.

  • After the application deadline an appointed Awards Selection Committee, headed by the Education Awards Administrator, will review all applications and select a recipient for the award.

  • Award recipients will be announced at the biennial FAWCO Conference in Mumbai, India at the beginning of April 2017.

  • Award recipients will receive notification via email from the Education Award Administrator shortly thereafter. Results will be posted on the FAWCO Foundation website following the conference.

  • The award funds will be disbursed once the recipient has completed and signed the Statement of Agreement provided by the FAWCO Foundation and has returned it with official proof of enrollment in classes from the proposed school or university. With prompt fulfillment of these requirements, most recipients receive their funding towards the end of the summer following the award announcement. Award recipients attending summer courses can receive funds in late spring.

A: Awards Information and Eligibility
Academic Studies Awards

These awards recognize achievement in areas such as leadership, extracurricular and non-academic activities, as well as high academic performance.

The Five Awards:

  • The AWG Paris IT for Young Women Award $4,000

For undergraduate or graduate study in information technology, including the study of computer and telecommunications systems, software and application development, information management, and mobile computing.

  • Viola Wheeler Arts Award $4,000

For undergraduate or graduate study in the history, theory and/or practice of the performing arts, visual arts, film and media arts, architecture or graphic arts.

  • Humanities Award, sponsored in part by AAWE Paris in memory of Gertrude de Gallaix $4,000

For undergraduate or graduate study in the field of education, law, social sciences, history, politics, international relations, communication, journalism or languages.

  • Caroline Newton Humanities Award $4,000

For undergraduate or graduate study in the field of education, law, social sciences, politics, international relations, communications, journalism, history or languages.

  • Science Award, sponsored in part by AIWC Genoa, in memory of Frieda Bacigalupo Nataili $4,000

For undergraduate or graduate study of scientific subjects (e.g., biology, chemistry), mathematics, medicine, engineering, environmental studies, computer science, economics or business administration.

Academic Studies Award Guidelines

  • Academic Study Awards are for study during the 2017-2018 academic year, and may include Summer 2017 study.

  • The course of study for the Academic Awards must begin by the first of February in the year following the award year.

  • Only one of each award is given per year for $4,000.

  • There will be one recipient for each award.

  • Previous Academic award recipients may not reapply. Dual Cultural recipients, however, are eligible to apply for an academic award.

Applicants must:

  • Have a parent who is a member in good standing of a FAWCO or FAUSA Club. They must have been a member for a minimum of one year at the application deadline date.

  • Be between the ages of 17 and 27 at the application deadline date.

  • Have at least one year (two semesters) remaining in his/her studies to be eligible for an Academic Award.

  • Complete and submit the 2017 FAWCO Foundation Academic Award Application.

Applicants may:

  • Study in any country.

  • Apply for only one Academic Award per year.

B: Applicant Information

    1. Place an X next to the award for which you are applying:

  IT for Young Women Award

  Viola Wheeler Arts Award

  Humanities Award

Caroline Newton Humanities Award

  Science Award

2. Prior Applications:

  1. I have previously applied for a FAWCO Foundation Education Award  YES      NO

  2. If, YES, indicate Award and Year Applied: 

  1. Applicant Information:

  • Name:

  • Home address:

  • Telephone:

  • E-mail Address:

  • Date of Birth:

  • Place of birth: City, Country:

  • Countries of Citizenship:

  • FAWCO or FAUSA Club:

  • How long has your parent been a member?

C: Applicant Essays

Since the FAWCO Foundation is unable to conduct personal interviews, two essays are required. These essays are designed to enable the Awards Committee to learn more about the applicants than their grades, scores and recommendations can indicate. The essays should reflect an applicant's own ideas and opinions and not those of a relative, friend or counselor. The members of the Awards Committee need and want to know the applicants themselves.

Each essay must:

  • Be typed or inserted in this application in an 11-point font.

  • NOT exceed the limit of 200-word maximum per essay

  • Address the requested topic. Essays that do not will not be considered.

    1. Proposed Plans for Study Essay (200-word maximum)

In this essay, please describe:

  • Your major field of study and why you chose this field

  • In detail, your proposed course of study.

Type or insert Proposed Plan for Study Essay text here.

  1. Biographical essay (200-word maximum)

In this essay, please write about one of the following topics:

  • A significant experience in your life

  • An activity or interest that has been particularly meaningful to you

  • A school, community or world event to which you have had a strong reaction

Type or insert Biographical Essay text here.

D: Education

1. Secondary School Diploma / Certificate.

Give the name and address of the secondary school from which you have received or expect to receive a diploma. Please do not translate name of the school or diploma.

Name of School

Address of School

(City, Country)

Dates Attended

Diploma and

Date received or expected





  1. Secondary Schools

Beginning with most recent, please list the names, addresses and dates of attendance of any other secondary schools. This is not required for applicants already studying in university. If you already have a secondary school diploma, you don’t need to fill this out.

Name of School

Address of School

(City, Country)



Diploma and

Date received or expected













  1. Post-Secondary Education

Beginning with the most recent, please list the names, addresses and dates for institution(s) of higher learning attended.

Name of Institution

Address of School

(City, Country)



Diploma and

Date received or expected













  1. Plans for Study in 2017–2018

  1. Please list the names and addresses of institutions to which you have applied:

Name of Institution

Address of Institution

(City, Country)

Planned Field of Study













  1. Date that planned study program will begin:

  2. Total estimated expenses for 2017/2018 (in US $): $

  1. Academic Accomplishments

Type or insert your Academic Accomplishments in an 11-point font. Limit to one page or less.

Briefly list and describe any academic achievements* or recognition you have received, such as

  • Honor Roll

  • National Merit

  • Scholarships

  • Academic competitions, such as Science Fairs, Spelling Bees, Math Competitions, Speech or Debate Tournaments, etc.

*There are schools outside the US that do not give awards for academic achievement. Please make a note if this is the case.

Type or insert your list and description of Academic Achievements on this page.

  1. Non-Academic Accomplishments

Type or insert your Academic Accomplishments in an 11-point font. Limit to one page or less.

Briefly list and describe any academic achievements or recognition you have received, such as

  • Principal extracurricular, community, church related or family activities

  • Hobbies and special interests

  • Events and/or major accomplishments, including musical, dramatic, athletic or other activity

  • Positions of leadership held

  • Non-academic honors and recognition

  • Work experience, paid or volunteer

Type or insert your list and description of Non-Academic Achievements on this page.

  1. Transcripts

  • Include the transcripts from the last two years, including Fall 2016.

  • Your transcripts must be in English with an explanation of the applicant’s grading system or grade equivalents (i.e., 10=A+, etc.).

  • Your transcripts do not need to be officially stamped or notarized copies.

  • Scan and attach your transcripts on the following pages. You may add pages.

  • If your Fall 2016 transcripts are not given out until the end of January 2017, as is the case in some European schools, please contact the Education Awards Administrator at

Insert your transcripts here. You may add pages.

E: Letters of Recommendation

1. Two signed Letters of Recommendation must to be emailed DIRECTLY from a teacher/professional to The teacher/professional should know the applicant well but not be related to him/her by blood. Specifically,

• One from a teacher, professor or professional colleague

• One from a professional person who is not a member of your family

2. Letters must be in English, or with an English translation attached. Letters must be signed electronically by the author, or printed, signed, then scanned and emailed to the Awards Program Administrator.

3. Applicants are advised to request letters early as teachers/professionals need lead time to respond in a timely manner. Late or unsigned letters will not be accepted. Deadline for Letters of Recommendation is January 27, 2017.

F: Applicant’s Declaration To be completed by the applicant.

I declare that:

  • All the information given in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, factually correct.

  • The requested essays have been written by me, without assistance from any other person.

  • I have not received prior academic awards from The FAWCO Foundation.

  • I am the eligible child of a FAWCO or FAUSA club member in good standing.

  • I am not a dependent of a FAWCO, The FAWCO Foundation or FAUSA current or prospective Board member.

Insert scanned image of applicant’s signature here

Date of application (DD MONTH YYYY):

G: Parent’s Declaration To be completed by applicant’s parent.
I declare that:

  • I am a member in good standing of a FAWCO Club.

  • I have been, or will have been, a member for at least one year on 27 January 2017.

Name of Applicant’s Parent:

Insert scanned image of parent’s signature here.

Date of application (DD MONTH YYYY):

H: FAWCO or FAUSA Declaration To be completed by the FAWCO Club Representative, Club President, or FAUSA President.
I verify that this application has been completed correctly. I affirm that the applicant’s parent is:

Name of applicant’s parent:
Parent is a member of the following FAWCO Club:
Date the parent joined the above mentioned FAWCO Club:
Insert scanned image of FAWCO Representative or Club President signature here.
Name of FAWCO Club Representative, Club President or FAUSA President:
I: Photo and Proof of Payment Information

        1. Photo

  • Please ensure your photo is clear and in color.

  • You should be smiling in the photo because it will be used for the awards presentation in Mumbai.

  • Attach a recent full-face photo. It should be passport-sized.

Insert photo here.

2. Proof of Payment

Payment of the US$25 Non-Refundable Application Fees may be made either by check or online.

a. A check for US$25 may be mailed to the FAWCO Foundation Assistant Treasurer in the United States. On the memo line, please enter the name of the award you are applying for.
Kathy Coughlan

433 S Ridge Road

Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

b. Payment online

  • Go to

  • Click ‘Donate,’ in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Then Click the ‘Donate’ button for ‘Awards,’ in the right-hand column.

  • Use a PayPal account or credit card to process the transaction.

  • Insert proof of payment of US$25 Non-Refundable Application Fee here:

Insert image of receipt here.

J: Application Checklist

Completed Application, which includes:

Biographical Essay

Plan of Study Essay

Academic Achievements

Non-Academic Achievements

Two-Year Transcripts, incl. Fall 2016

Two Signed Letters of Recommendation

Signed Declarations

Passport-sized Photo

Proof of Payment of $25 Application Fee

Revision 10/2016 Moede & de Groot

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