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  • Develop a Student EPIC Leadership Team (Students can
  • make presentations to student government and
  • leadership groups)
  • Develop Community Service/Service Learning Goals
  • that include the EPIC theme
  • Develop goals for schools to integrate our success
  • Descriptors as the common language
  • Introduce to the PTA and link discussions to what
  • Parents are already doing at home
  • Put EPIC in your school/parent newsletter
  • Send home family discussion starters
  • Devote a page in the student handbook to EPIC
  • Have made or have students make by contests banners,
  • posters, bumper stickers, t-shirts, murals, etc. that
  • will display messages about EPIC throughout the
  • school and community
  • Connect with existing community wide events
  • Plan and organize at least one community wide event
  • such as a kickoff and at least one school event a year such
  • as a kickoff or celebration
  • Continue training new staff and community members
  • About EPIC
  • Ideas for Implementation
  • Have an EPIC Sports Program
  • Make EPIC Rock Gardens or Name Community Parks as
  • EPIC Parks
  • Make sure your school marquees proclaim you are an
  • EPIC school
  • Have EPIC essay contests and use quotes or maxims as
  • the introduction to the essay
  • Have booklists available to all students that hallmark
  • the EPIC traits
  • Have themed EPIC assemblies
  • Ideas for Implementation
  • Open rewards for acting with EPIC traits
  • EPIC ceremonies and rituals
  • EPIC Pride campaign
  • EPIC Student newspaper where “hero” stories are
  • highlighted
  • EPIC honor roll
  • Peer and cross-age mentoring
  • Calendars, notices and fliers
  • Make EPIC a part of Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Play-
  • ground and School Buses

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