I Re-arrange the mixed-up sentences of this newspaper report

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1. Model

Newspaper stories are good examples of economical narrative writing. The writer tells the story clearly in as few words as possible.

Divide the following report from BBC News into five short paragraphs and punctuate it, taking particular care to mark any direct speech.
wild pigeons in llanelli wales may be fed contraceptives in an effort to cut their numbers in the town centre they could be put in birdseed as council officers look at ways to prevent droppings dirtying shop fronts another option being considered is the use of a mechanical hawk to scare the birds away carmarthenshire council said people were ignoring signs urging them not to feed pigeons so it has to look for other ways to solve the problem it said it had received complaints from traders and visitors alike about the mess llanelli town centre manager andrew shufflebotham said the birds carry disease and chemicals in their droppings were damaging buildings feral pigeons roosting and feeding in llanelli town centre are a costly nuisance he said he said it was disappointing that some people continued to feed them it is not natural for pigeons to rely on humans for their food what we get is a population of lazy urban birds destroying the cleanliness of the town centre the council is looking at various options to reduce and eventually get rid of the pigeons in the town centre

2. Organising a story

News reports are usually written in short paragraphs: the first generally summarises the story, while the last often includes a quotation. Narrative tenses and linking words for time are key organisational features.

i) Re-arrange the mixed-up sentences of this newspaper report http://msnbc.msn.com/id/10300876/

ii) Provide the report with a headline of no more than 12 words

  1. "As I understand it, he reached into his pocket, pulled out two purple-tinted packets and handed them to his teacher," said Capt. John Darby, of the Philadelphia police.

  2. Authorities said they recovered one pound of marijuana with a $4,500 street value and a minimal amount of crack cocaine.

  3. "I'm surprised, because I never would have imagined they had that over there," said Ivory Dowling, a neighbor.

  4. Investigators said that at about 9:50 a.m. Friday, Butler's 2-year-old son showed up at his day-care center with 11 packets of crack cocaine in his pockets.

  5. Investigators said that the teacher discovered cocaine in the packets.

  6. Investigators said they later searched Butler's home on North 15th Street and arrested Luke after finding more drugs.

  7. "It's terrible," said Mary Jones, another neighbor. "It's sad; the mama [is] real nice."

  8. PHILADELPHIA - Police said they have arrested a mother and her roommate after the mother's son came to his daycare center with crack cocaine.

  9. Police said they have arrested 22-year-old Tonetta Luke and 26-year-old Shanice Butler, charging them with child endangerment and drug possession.

  10. Police said they took Butler into custody when she came to get her son and 5-year-old daughter from day care.

  11. When the teacher checked the boy's pockets, she found an additional nine packets of crack cocaine.

  12. 3. First paragraph

Write a suitable first paragraph for this newspaper report by summarising the whole story in one sentence. You should also write a short headline.

Ian and Sue Baughan, who have four children, said 19-year-old Johan Egelstedt was perfect for the post.

He was detained at Heathrow airport when he arrived on Monday, and immigration officials were to fly him back to Sweden until the Baughans intervened. Mr Egelstedt was then allowed to stay for seven days with the couple at their home in Leicester.

"We are all outraged that the authorities have to deport him," said Mrs Baughan, ages 38. "The only reason he cannot stay is because he is a man."

Mr Egelstedt said: "I've a friend who went to France as a male au pair without any trouble. I don't see why I cannot do the same here."

The immigration service states that an au pair must be "an unmarried girl ages 17 - 27 inclusive without dependants."

4. Body text

Here you have the first and last paragraphs of a newspaper report, but the middle section is missing. Using your imagination, write a few paragraphs to complete the missing information.
The Golden Hoard that Lost its Glitter
The retired Suffolk gardener who will become a millionaire after finding a hoard of Roman gold and silver now wishes it had never happened.

"We expect the next thing will be begging letters, and what are we supposed to do about them? There are times we wish this had never happened."

5. Editorial articles - homework

Editorial articles are extended critical articles, usually dealing with ‘hard’ news (Politics; serious crime; scientific breakthroughs). They are written in longer paragraphs, and their structure and content is closer to essay writing. The first paragraph provides background – an anecdote, reference to another article or real-world occurrence; this is followed by several paragraphs of critical argument, arranged in a logical and/or chronological order, while the final paragraph often features a quote, idiomatic phrase, cliché or proverb.

Your task is to write an editorial article on a topical subject which interests or provokes you. You must give your editorial a title, an introductory paragraph, several (5-7) body text paragraphs presenting and developing your critical stance, and a concluding paragraph, preferably ending with a quote, idiomatic phrase, cliché or proverb. The total length should be around 450 words.

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