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Humanities 1 Syllabus

Professor Robert Cannon



Fall 2017

Classroom: CC 210

MW 8-9:25

3 units

Section 10919

Office hours: Wednesdays 9:30-10:30, CC 254-no appointment necessary-just drop in!

Course description: An introduction to the general concepts of the Humanities. Mythology, music, history, philosophy, painting, drama, sculpture and architecture are studied and compared in relation to their background, medium, organization, and style. The course surveys in depth the classical heritage of Greece and Rome. Emphasis is placed upon the awareness of the cultural heritage, values, and perspectives as revealed in the arts.

The Work:

Ancient Greece-Martin

Reading assignments I provide at my website


You will do several kinds of writing in this class:

1. Take exams and quizzes: one midterm, one comprehensive final, four reading quizzes.

2. Video assignments-four, due one week after the video is shown.

3. Two writing assignments.
All exams and quizzes must be done in GREEN BOOKS available from the bookstore. Use a NEW green book for each test.
ARITHMETIC-how are you evaluated?
Midterm: One midterm @ 50 points. A study guide will be distributed one week before the midterm and the final exam.
Final: One comprehensive final exam@ 100 points. YOU CANNOT PASS THE CLASS IF YOU DON’T TAKE THE FINAL. NO MAKE-UP FINALS.
Quizzes: Four reading quizzes @ 20 points each
Video reports: Four at 25 points each (see below).
Writing assignments: Two assignments @ 25 points maximum each

Midterm Test 50 points

Final Exam 100 points

Quizzes 80 points

Video reports 100 points

Writing assignments 50 points

Total 380 points possible, not counting extra credit

Extra credit-Classroom participation: I add up to 25 points for completion of in-class assignments, good attendance and participation in discussions. You can also do an extra-credit museum visit report worth 25 points by going to the Getty Museum in Malibu, visiting the Greek and Roman collections, and writing a two page, word-processed, double-spaced report on what you saw there. What was most interesting to you? Bring in the report along with your ticket of admission by the end of the 13th week of class.


The Work-Part Two

Tentative schedule of exams: Subject to change
Reading quizzes-weeks 3, 7, 11, 13

Midterms-weeks 9

Reading assignments-due in weeks 8 and 13

Final-week 16

Incompletes: A grade of “Incomplete” may only be granted at the very end of the term when 90% of the course work has been satisfactorily completed by the student, but an unforeseen event or illness prevents the student from completing the coursework. “Incomplete” grade situations are extremely rare, and are entirely at the discretion of the instructor, within the parameters set above.
Participation: Class participation includes coming to class on time, having readings done before class begins, being willing to ask questions and arguing or advancing ideas, and joining discussions. In other words, sit and deliver.
Quizzes: If you miss a quiz or midterm, the only time you can make it up is before the next class, in my office, and only with a medical excuse.
All exams: Questions will be short-answer or essay.
Exam etiquette: Once you start a test you must turn it in before you leave the room and you may not come back until the last student has completed the exam. Use the restroom before the test.

My Website


Click on Los Angeles Valley College and then Humanities 1
Always check the site on Thursday night. I post assignments and announcements then.
Important Information
ATTENDANCE: Attendance counts! I take attendance into account in figuring your final grade. If you come to class regularly and you have almost enough points for the next highest grade a good attendance record will be very helpful. A student who stops coming to class but fails to go through the drop procedure will get a fail at the end of the semester. Students may be excluded if they are absent more than three classes during the semester unless advance notification is given to me.

CELL PHONES: Turn them off before you come into class

COMPUTER USE is acceptable except on exams
TAPING; Taping of lectures is not allowed unless you have a disability and have registered with the DSPS office.
Schedule-Part One
(Subject to change)
Introduction, pre-history, and Mesopotamia
Early Greece-Minoans, Mycenaeans
Poets-Homer-Iliad, Odyssey
Poets-Sappho, others
Archaic Age/ Rise of Athens
Greek theater
Athens: The Golden Age/Pericles
Artistic Expression
Decline of classical age and rise of Alexander

Schedule Part Two-Rome

Early Rome
Traditions and Values
Roman Republic
Julius Caesar
Augustus and the Empire
Roman philosophy
Roman Literature
Roman Art and Architecture

VIDEO ASSIGNMENTS-due on Wednesday one week after the video was shown. Each report must be a minimum of two pages long, word-processed and spell-checked.

Videos will be shown in the class. You are to write:
A summary of each video describing what it is about
An evaluation of how successful the video was in presenting the information to you

Things to look for in evaluating a video:

Does the video “show” (movie footage, location shots, maps, still photos, etc.) or does it “tell” (talking heads, narrator)
What you liked about the video and why
What you didn’t like about the video and why

Writing Assignments

1. Toxaris, A Dialogue of Friendship: Due in week 8
2. Cicero: On Friendship: Due in week 13.
Specific questions to be answered will be handed out later
Do you need assistance?
If you need help with studying or understanding the textbook go to the STUDY CENTER in LRC or ask me.
If you are having issues with your writing (and many people do) go to the WRITING CENTER in the LRC.
If you can use some extra money for fees, books, or general living expenses go to the FINANCIAL AID office in the Student Services Center, first floor, 818.947.2412
Student Learning Objectives
As a result of completing this course students will develop and improve basic communication skills; be acquainted with the historical and cultural development of the classical period; be aware of mankind’s creative background and appreciate his or her creative achievements; understand the inter-relationships which exist between a variety of disciplines within the cultural framework.
Accommodation / Access

If you are a student with a disability requiring classroom accommodations, and have not contacted SSD, do so in a timely manner. SSD is located in the Student Services Annex, Room 175 or call SSD at (818) 947-2681 or TTD (818) 947-2680 to meet with an SSD counselor. If SSD has already sent the memo to instructor confirming accommodations required by student for this class, please meet with me to discuss arrangements.

Plagiarism and Student Conduct: Plagiarism is the use of the words and/or ideas of others without clearly acknowledging their source. Plagiarism, intentional or unintentional, is considered academic dishonesty and is not tolerated. Anyone found to be plagiarizing or cheating on assignments or tests will (1) receive a zero (fail) on the assignment or test and (2) be referred to the Vice President of Student Services for further disciplinary action following due process. For further information you may refer to the Standards of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Action in the current Schedule of Classes and Catalog.
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