Huck Finn Jim the Hero Chapters 12-16 its all about jim

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Huck Finn Jim the Hero

  • Chapters 12-16


  • Jim shelters Huck
    • What does he build on the raft?
      • Wigwam pg 64
  • Jim teaches Huck
    • Borrowing versus stealing pg. 65
      • Pap’s view
      • Widow’s view
        • It’s evil and no one who is worth anything would do it
      • Jim’s view
        • They’re both right—so how do they fix it?
          • Pick some things on the list never to borrow again: crabapples (gross) & p’simmons (not in season)

Jim reveals his internal conflict

  • Take care of Huck? Or Take care of me?
  • Jim takes risks for Huck. He acts as a father-figure. What is the risk?
    • Adventure 1
      • Wrecked steamboat pg 66—who wants to explore? Who does he wish was with him? Why?
      • Jim Turner debacle
      • Where is the raft?
      • They steal the skiff & leave the men stranded—start to feel guilty
      • Invent a story to tell the ferryboat man—why?
    • No more adventures!—Jim’s declaration: will it work?

Jim reveals his wisdom

  • King Solomon: Reveals a respect for human life that he sees more readily as a slave. Pg 77-78
  • Sees all men as the same; a statement of EQUALITY OF HUMANS! Huck doesn’t get it.

Jim reveals his superiority

    • Calls Huck “trash”—Spike Lee’s version
  • Establishes himself as the superior. What is the risk of this? What power does Huck have?
  • HUCKS RESPONSE: he apologizes to Jim, showing an acceptance of equal rank if not inferiority.

Jim’s Tragedies

  • Huck’s changing morality: Internal conflict—
  • to turn him in or not?
    • After much debate and a night where he is so miserable he almost wished he was dead, Huck ignores society’s view of right and wrong and chooses his own path
  • Missing Cairo—
  • Steamboat hits them!
    • Jim is separated from Huck who could pose as his owner.

Building Jim’s Character

  • You will be assigned a particular portion of Jim’s character and it is your job to develop his role as the father figure throughout the novel. You are to use examples from chapters 1-16 to help you develop Jim’s character.
  • Be prepared to share!

Example 1 (group 1a and 1b)

  • Examples of Jim being the Brunt of Practical jokes
    • The Hat incident of Chapter 2
    • The Snake incident of Chapter 10

Example 2 (group 2a & 2b)

  • Examples of Jim’s intelligence
    • Jim’s fortune telling enterprise of chapter 4:
    • Jim’s insight into King Solomon of chapter 14:

Example 3 (group 3a & 3b)

  • Examples of Jim’s compassion
    • Jim upset about King Solomon in chapter 14
    • Jim taking care of Huck & shielding him from the dead man in chapter 9

Example 4 (group 4a & 4b)

  • Examples of Jim’s Superiority
    • Jim upset about the Adventure on the steamboat in chapter 12 and 13:
    • Jim calling Huck “trash” in chapter 15:

The Declaration of Independence

  • Turn to page 170—the DOI as a 5 part structure

The Declaration of Jim

The Declaration of Jim

  • Now that you have analyzed the Declaration and what Jim from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn might say, write Jim’s personal Declaration of Independence. It should be at least one page—hand written or ½ page typed. See rubric on Ms. C’s website for details on grading

Rubric—20 points

Directory: cms -> lib -> NC01001395 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 1453
1453 -> Introduction PowerPoint Welcome to Ms. Carmichael’s English 4 Class you know you best
1453 -> How to make a thesis Part I the Thesis Continuum
1453 -> Instructions of how to make a turkey sandwich. Remember, you need to be as specific as possible; pretend as though you are talking to an alien Now, try again, and remember to start from the
1453 -> The Rape of the Lock
1453 -> “The Crisis”—Number 1 Thomas Paine What would inspire you to fight for your country?
1453 -> Respond to the following quote using the questions as a guide. You must have 5-7 sentences of response
1453 -> English 4 Research Paper
1453 -> Day What will be accomplished Homework
1453 -> Individualism a romantic and Transcendental Thought Transcendentalism
1453 -> Self analysis of the outline

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