How the Suez Canal was an innovation that directly impacted the War?

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How the Suez Canal was an innovation that directly impacted the War?

The Suez Canal is an innovation that has directly impacted the War. This artificial waterway was used for faster transportation, and if a country owns this popular canal, then they will have power. The World War I has a great connection with the Suez Canal since it was used during few battles.

The World War I took place during 1914 to 1918, which was the time period where the Suez Canal was controlled by the British forces since Egypt was one of Britain’s colonies. Europe was divided into countries. There were republics such as France and Portugal, most were monarchies, constitutional monarchies such as the Great Britain, and the autocracies such as Russia. Except, they all still shared similarities. There are still three monumental buildings that express the connection between the countries. The St. Pancras Railway Station in England that shows the European communication and industry, the Town Hall in Belgium that shows the public participation in government, and the Opera House that shows the common interest in fine arts. There were three powers in Europe, Britain, France, and Germany that controlled around 80 percent of the World’s inhabited surface and about 50 percent of the World’s international trade. Although they were all powerful, Germany’s rapid rise in the military and industrial power alarmed Britain and France. That is why European countries agreed to help the underdog or the losing side. Except, the real cause of World War I was the incident where a Serbian terrorist shot Austria’s Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife during his visit to Serbia. This happened because Austria wanted the agreement of Serbia for some of their land to be taken over by the Austrian, so the Archduke wanted to talk with the Serbians. Except, since the Serbians didn’t like the idea, a terrorist has shot the Archduke. Austria and Serbia didn’t know how to handle the situation, and so they began a war. Russia, France, and Britain allied with Serbia while Germany allied with Austria. This was the beginning of the Great War.

The Suez Canal is constructed in Egypt. It was a fasted way to trade items from Europe to Asia or vice versa. During 1914 to 1918, the Britain forces controlled the Suez Canal. In 1916, the Senussi, a tribe of Sufis in Libya and Egypt, fought battles with the British guards in the Suez Canal to take over the Canal. In the end, the Senussi lost and they were forced out of Egypt. These battles were part of the Great War since the Ottoman Empire, German Empire, and the Senussi fought with the British Empire for the Suez Canal and other reasons during the WWI. Another way to see how the Suez Canal is related to the Great War is because the British Empire Forces had power during the War for many reasons but also because they had control over the Suez Canal.

In conclusion, the Suez Canal is directly impacted to the Great War because the Canal was one of the reasons why there were battles during the WWI and also because the Canal was the location where few battles occurred.

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