Deep Run High School Virginia and United States Government Honors 2015-2016

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Deep Run High School
Virginia and United States Government - Honors

Mr. Rob Rumans
Office Hours : Monday 12 :40 – 1 :12

Wednesdays 12 :15 – 12 :48

Course Description
This course will focus on mastery of knowledge that enables citizens to participate effectively in civic and economic life. Students will examine fundamental constitutional principles, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, the political culture, the policy-making process at each level of government, and the operation of the United States market economy. The study of government identifies the personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in the civic life of an increasingly diverse democratic society.

Civic education also must emphasize the intellectual skills required for responsible citizenship. Students will practice these skills as they extend their understanding of Virginia and United States Government.

Required Materials
I attempt to utilize the laptop as much as possible. All notes and assignments are administered electronically. All assignments should be submitted electronically. You may still find the following items useful:
- (1) 3-subject notebook

- Blue or black ink pens

- colored pencils

- Two highlighters, any color

Please make the following appreciated contributions to the class:

Block 1 – One box of aloe-free tissues

Block 2 – One box of aloe-free tissues

Block 3 – One box of latex-free Band-Aids

Block 5 – One box of aloe-free tissues

Block 6 – One package of blue or black ink pens

Course Content
Political philosophies that shaped the development of Virginia and United States constitutional government.

Concepts of democracy

The Constitution of the United States


Local, state, and national elections

The organization and powers of the national government

The organization and powers of the state and local governments

Public Policy

The Federal Judiciary

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Foreign Policy and National Security

Comparative Politics

Economic Systems
Class Expectations
1. Respect yourself, the teacher and others.

2. I dismiss you, not the bell.

3. Be prepared for class each day.

4. Silence all cell phones before class and store them away. After your first warning, it will be collected.

5. Use your laptops responsibly. Stay on task.
Grading Policy
Grades will be determined by a combination of tests, student blogs, projects, quizzes, homework and classwork.
Your grade will be calculated with the following method:

- 50% Tests/projects/blog

- 30% Quizzes

- 20% Classwork/Homework

The Henrico County grading scale is as follows:

A (90-100) B (80-89) C (70-79) D (65-69) F (64 and below)
Tests: Tests will be given as part of each study unit. Tests will be announced ahead of time in class, posted on the board and listed on the website calendar. Tests will consist of a variety of multiple choice, matching and short answer questions. Each test will also require essay responses from your choice of questions. The possible essay questions will be included on the study guide. This not only allows you to be well prepared for each test but also necessitates a strong response to score well. Any material discussed in class (maps, charts, artwork, readings, etc.) is fair game. Study guides and other review materials will be available on the class website before all tests. To do your best in this class, you are highly encouraged to review the material routinely, not cram before the test.
Blog: Each student will be expected to maintain a blog. A blog has been created for you through We will go through the process of using your blog together in class. Throughout the year, you will be asked to respond to a question or consider an issue based on recent classroom content. You must keep your blog current as they will be graded once at the end of every marking period for a test/project grade. I strongly encourage you to not fall behind. Refer to the Blog Assignment document found on the Assignments page.
Projects: Students will be assigned projects throughout the year. Some units will culminate with a project rather than a test. Other projects will help prepare us for unit tests. Students will receive instructions sheets for each project with clear guidelines and any rubrics. Projects will usually be technology-based, in-class group assignments or research projects and will often involve a class presentation. Technological difficulties are not acceptable reasons for a project to be turned in late. Utilizing Google Docs for group work is highly advised to aid in collaboration.
Quizzes: Quizzes will be given to assess student progress. Quizzes may vary from multiple-choice, matching, or short answer questions. Graded quizzes will be returned for use as study materials. On occasion results from a game of Kahoot may also be used as a quiz grade.
Classwork/Homework : These assignments will consist of a wide variety of activities. They will vary from review or critical thinking questions based on that day’s content, a primary source analysis such as a document or a collection of images. Homework assignments may also include readings to prepare for the next class or blogging assignments.

Please note: If you have any questions about your grade or need extra help, please see me before or after school or during office hours.

Deep Run Retest Policy
Any student who fails a major project/assessment has the opportunity for reassessment. If a student wishes to redo a failed project or retake a failed assessment, he or she must ask the teacher within one week of receiving the failing grade. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the teacher and make remediation plans before school, during office hours, or after school. This will vary depending on the teacher’s availability. Students will not be given the same assessment they have already taken. A 65 is the lowest passing grade on the new grading scale; therefore, students are retesting for a 65.
Also, a student who receives a 9-week average of 0-54 can receive a one-time average of 55 for MP1 OR MP2 only.
Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated at all. This includes but is not limited to talking during a test, copying information verbatim on an assignment, sharing information about tests and assignments by written or electronic means, or using the Internet inappropriately. Any of these actions will result in the student earning a zero for that assignment along with appropriate administrative action. This is not something I take lightly. Do not do it.
Computer Issues and Cell Phones
Any student found using their computer or phone for any reason other than US/VA History (online games, shopping, work for another class, non-academic websites, texting, etc.) will first receive a warning. A second offense will result in the collection of their laptop or phone which will likely result in an inability to complete that days assignments.
Attendance Policy
Students should arrive to the classroom on time. Any student not in the classroom when the bell rings must bring a pass or will be counted tardy. Excessive tardiness will be reported to parents and administration. Excessive absences or tardies will negatively impact your success in this class and for you seniors, impact your exam exemption status. Keep in mind, more than six unexcused tardies to school will result in you taking each and every one of your final exams. First and Second blocks, heed this warning! Any combination of more than 10 total absences, excused or unexcused, will result in your inability to be exempt from final exams.
Make-up Work and Late Work Policy

  • All work due on the date of an absence must be turned in the day you return to school. (tests arrangements must be made the day you return to school.)

  • Only missing work due to excused absences will be granted full credit.

  • It is your responsibility to obtain make-up work from me before or after class, from a friend or online. Our class website includes daily classroom agendas and all documents and assignments.

  • All make-up work must be done in that many days of which you were absent. For example, if you miss two days due to an illness, you have two class days to complete the missed assignments.

  • All of the assignments in this course are designed to help you master the course content and succeed on assessments. It is important that you complete them all, on time or late.

  • Late work will always be accepted. Late assignments will lose 10% a day to a maximum of 30%. This means that late work can still be turned in for the current marking period at any time. An assignment more than three days late will be able to earn up to a maximum of 70%. I want you to do the work.

  • The start of a new marking period is the deadline for outstanding make up work. For example, Q1 work may not be submitted after the first day of Q2. Exceptions will only be made for extenuating circumstances.


A classroom set of textbooks will be available. They can be found in the classroom bookcase. If you would like a textbook issued to you, please let me know. We will otherwise utilize the textbook as a classroom resource.

United States and Virginia History Syllabus
Please detach this page from the syllabus and retain the syllabus for your records. This syllabus is a binding agreement. Your signatures indicate your understanding and acceptance of our classroom policies. Return this signature page as your first homework assignment.
Parents: Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you might have. Please access our classroom website at to help support your son or daughter to succeed. There you will find daily agendas, assignments, a calendar of events and a weekly blog I will use to keep you informed about our classroom activities. I hope that we all have a successful school year.
I have read and understand the expectations and procedures set forth in this syllabus. Please sign, date, and complete the information below. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions at any time.
Student: Name (please print) _________________________________________
Student Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _____________
Student Email: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________
Parent/ Guardian Name (please print): __________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: _____________
Parent Email: ______________________________________
Parent Phone Number: _______________________________

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