Grade Field Trip to Austin

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4th Grade Field Trip to Austin
We are excited to announce that this year the fourth grade class will once again be traveling to Austin, Texas for our field trip on May 24th. The cost of this trip is $80. We know that this can be a large amount of money, so we have set up an option for a payment plan and fundraising for your child. You also have the option of just paying the full $80 up front if you wish to do so. The field trip is contracted through Education in Action, a non-profit company out of Dallas that specializes in TEKS based field trips for schools. This is the same company that we utilized last year for our trip to Austin.
We will be looking for parent volunteers to help with fundraising ideas and chaperoning on the field trip. Chaperons will also pay the $80 fee for themselves. Each chaperon will be expected to lead a group of students and teach/mentor them throughout the day. Without chaperones, this trip will not be possible! We appreciate you!
Below you can find a more detailed description of our field trip outline:

Proud to Be Texan

4th Grade Social Studies Program

Travel from your school to Austin to explore the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and the Texas State Capitol.  Students learn about Texas history and government with a focus on early explorers, the Texas Revolution and the legislative process. 

Program is aligned with 4th grade social studies TEKS.


Price includes:

  • Coordinating educator's  participation fee

  • TEKS-based curriculum, pre, during and post-program activities

  • Pre-program curriculum training for each participating teacher and chaperone

  • TEKS-based curriculum journal for each participant

  • Round-trip charter bus transportation from your school

  • T-shirt for each student, teacher and chaperone

  • Pizza lunch

  • Education in Action facilitator on each bus to lead student activities during travel

  • Education in Action program director (travels with your group) to coordinate all details

All participants bring their own sack dinner and drink.

One teacher or parent chaperone for every 10 students is required, two adults for every 10 students are recommended. Total number of adults is limited to two for every 10 students.

Example of our day:
6:00am – Students arrive at the school and load on to Sierra Trailways Buses, head out for Austin. EIA guides lead the students in educational activities the whole trip. The kids really enjoyed the ride last year!
9:30am- Students arrive at the State Capitol where they are lead by EIA guides, students will be shown historical paintings, senate and house of representative chambers, building details, and sometimes they are even able to meet and talk with a local state representative if they are in their offices on that day. Students are taken around the capitol in small groups so they have a more detailed tour and time to ask questions.
11:30am-4th grade students meet-up outside of capitol to take a group photo for Timbers
11:45am-Students walk to the Bob Bullock State History Museum (only 3 blocks away)
12:00pm- Students eat a pizza lunch (included in the price of the field trip)
12:30pm- Students break back into small groups to explore the Museum, during this time the chaperones and teachers guide students through their tour book to answer questions from each exhibit.
3:00pm- Student gather back up to watch an incredible 4-D movie about Texas
3:45-4:00pm- Student proceed back to the buses to head home, EIA will play games and conduct a game show aboard all the buses to review the days events, student will eat dinner on the bus on the way home.
7:30pm- Students arrive home at Timbers
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