Global Warming Essay Essential concepts

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Global Warming Essay
Essential concepts: Global warming, global climate change, hurricanes, el nino, la nina, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, methane, greenhouse effect, weather, climate, atmosphere, stratosphere, troposphere, IPCC, proxies, average temperature, Hurricane Katrina, great ocean conveyor, glaciers, ice caps, sea ice, water cycle, hydrologic cycle, stratoshield.

Format (10 points):

  • Cover page with name, class period, date, and title

  • At least three full pages typed, double-spaced, not including cover page

  • 12-point Times New Roman font

  • 1-inch margins

  • Works cited page must be included and formatted correctly

Background Section (40 points):

  • Explain the overall process of global warming.

    • How does it work?

    • What are the major greenhouse gases and where do they come from? Include both natural and manmade sources

  • Explain historical temperature changes

    • How many ice ages have we had? When did they occur?

    • Explain the “Medieval warming period” and the “little ice age”

    • Describe how global temperature, carbon dioxide, and methane levels have changed over the course of human history. Explain reasons for these changes.

  • Explain consequences that are occurring right now as a result of global warming. These should include:

    • Coral reef bleaching

    • Increased droughts

    • Longer and stronger hurricanes

    • Sea level rising

    • Ocean temperature increasing

    • Ocean acidification

Opinion Section (50 points)

  • What effects have humans had on the atmosphere? How does this relate to temperature change and climate?

  • How fast is the global temperature rising? Is this part of a normal cycle or due to human influences?

  • What other factors, besides the greenhouse effect, could account for some of the climate and temperature variations we’ve seen? Example: Increased solar activity

Objective Articles To Read for a Background on Global Warming
Earth 2100: The Effects of Greenhouse Gases

Excellent article about global warming, its causes and effects.

US EPA Global Warming Site

The official website on global warming from the EPA. Contains the most recent facts and figures about climate change.
Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions

This is a last of FAQs published by NOAA, a government agency that is in charge of much of the global climate change research.
Videos To Watch for Ideas From Both Sides
The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See”

Presents arguments for and against taking early action against global climate change.
20/20 John Stossel – The Global Warming Debate”

ABC news special about the opposing views of global warming.
CNN Debate: Bill Nye vs. Richard Lindzen

Bill Nye the Science Guy debates Richard Lindzen, a meteorology professor and global warming skeptic.
Persuasive Articles (Global warming is completely caused by human actions)
Global Warming Myths and Facts (Environmental Defense Fund)

Official “Inconvenient Truth” Website: Facts & Evidence

Persuasive Articles (Global warming is a hoax or due to natural causes)
Top 10 Global Warming Myths

Global Warming Hoax: Facts and Fictions of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth


Download 12.22 Kb.

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