Famous Scientist Presentation Project Due December 8, 2011

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Famous Scientist Presentation Project

Due December 8, 2011

Counts as a Test Grade

My Scientist: ___________________________________________

Assignment: You will research your scientist and prepare a report. Your title page should have: Scientist’s name, your name, and a picture, or drawing of either the scientist or a picture that illustrates something the scientist did.

Page 2: Time line showing 7 major events in scientist’s work—may include significant contributions after death of scientist.

Page 3: You will type a short essay (minimum 400 words) about your scientist significant accomplishments and should tell why he/she should be recognized in a “Scientist Hall of Fame”. (May be longer than 400 words.)

Be sure to write in your own words. (No plagiarism—copying someone else’s work word for word and using it as if it were yours.) You will need at least 2 references that do NOT include Wikipedia. May use more references.

Last Page: References list (Min. 2). Be sure to include the title of the article, page number, date written/published, author’s name.

You may turn in your work by emailing it to me: ahuber.science@gmail.com or by turning it in to your facilitator.






Title Page

10 points

Includes: neatness; scientist’s name, your name, 1 picture or drawing

Includes: scientist name

Your name, 1 picture or drawing

Includes: scientist name and

Your name

No title page

Time line

20 points

Includes 7 or more significant events

Includes 6 significant events

Less than 6 significant events

No time line

Evidence of Fame

20 points

(The essay about work and contributions to science—not personal life.

Evidence included and explained throughout essay and linked to their accomplishment

Experiments and evidence discussed, but not linked to accomplishment

Very little evidence or experiments mentioned in essay

No evidence or explanation

Essay: 35 points

Should address why scientist is famous and give documented support for why he or she should be included in a “Scientist Hall of Fame”

Essay gives 3 documented reasons for Hall of Fame inclusion and tells about his/her major scientific contributions

Essay gives 2 documented reasons for Hall of Fame inclusion and tells about 2 or less significant contributions.

Essay does not include significant contributions or reasons to include in Hall of Fame

Not turned in or is plagiarized.

Form: 15 points

Double spaced,

Times New Roman 12 or 14 font, includes title page, essay, timeline references.

Double spaced,

TNR, 12/14 font; title page, timeline, essay, references.

5 form items are correct.

3 or less form items are correct

Did not follow directions.

Choose one of these Scientist. Put your name by the person you choose. Only one person per class at each school may choose a particular scientist. If you look up your person and want to make a change, you must email me
ahuber.science@gmail.com for permission to change or ask your facilitator to submit your request. When you request a change, tell why you wish to change. (For instance: I looked in these 3 places and did not find enough information.)

Marie Curie Daniel Bernoulli

Anders Celsius William Thornson Kelvin

James Joule James Chadwick

Alessandro Volta Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit

Pierre Curie George Simon Ohm

Henri Becquerel Enrico Fermi

Humphry Davy Dmitri Mendeleev

Niels Bohr Democritus

Archimedes Michael Faraday

Henry G. J. Moseley Antoine Lavoisier

Lise Meitner Robert Bunsen

Wihelm Konrad Rontgen Ernest Rutherford

James Lothar Meyer James Watt

Ole Romer Joseph John Thomson

Issac Newton Albert Einstein

Galileo Galilei Hippocrates

Benjamin Franklin Thomas Alva Edison

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