Writing Week 12 Peer Editing Activity Exchange Papers with a partner (only pairs) mla format

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Writing Week 12

MLA Format

  • Look at your partner's paper.
    • Is it Times New Roman 12 pt font?
    • One Inch margins?
    • Double-spaced?
    • Is there a works cited page with at least TWO sources?
    • Does the Works Cited page appear to be done correctly?

Read your partner's paper

  • As you read your partner's paper
    • Is the claim specific?
    • Is it supported by facts, statistics, and expert opinion?
    • Is there a clear thesis?
    • Are there topic sentences?
    • Is there a conclusion?

What do you think?

  • Now that you have finished reading each other's papers, talk about :
    • What do you think of the essay?
    • Is it enjoyable to read?
    • Do you agree or disagree with the claim?
    • Is the essay persuasive?

Give the paper back

  • Look at your own paper
  • Read it aloud and look for mistakes in it
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and word choice on your paper.
  • Look over your paper with a partner.
  • Try to find mistakes together and fix them.
  • Look for awkward phrases that should be written more clearly.

Look at the rubric 4

  • Look at the Rubric 4.
  • If your paper was graded today, how do you think you would do.
  • Read over the rubric and give yourself a score.
  • Have your partner read your paper again and give it a score.

Open your book p.128

  • Let's talk about language usage
  • Read pages 128 and 129
  • What is offensive language?
  • What is pretentious language?
  • What slang? What are obsolete expressions?

Read the example on p. 130

  • Read this essay and talk about it in groups.
  • Essay is biased.
  • Over-emotionally charged appeal
  • Insulting words and expressions
  • Writer calls girl foolish and compares her to an animal
  • Is not be persuasive

Look at essays on p. 132 and 135

  • Both of these essays use outside sources and evidence to support the claims.
  • What type of evidence do they use?
  • Is it effect?
  • Are the essays convincing?


  • Next week is week 13.
  • I want you to correct and fix all errors on essay 4 that you discovered and turn it in next week. I want the copy from class today AND a repaired copy with appropriate changes. The two essays should be stapled together with the good one first.


  • 20% of your grade is a final portfolio.
  • Next week, please bring essay 1, 2, and 3 to class to work on repairs.
  • Your portfolio should have Essays 1-4 that I wrote editing marks on and a repaired copy. The rubric is on engrade.
  • The optional essay 5 is due on week 14, the rubric is also on engrade.

Go to: www.swust.edu.cn click the third tab

Click on the third drop down in tab three

This takes you to: www.lib.swust.edu.cn

  • The library website has access to databases, journals, and articles.
  • Most of your sources should be academic such as from journals, essays, or articles.
  • Very few sources should come from www.baidu.com

Search Engines can find information

  • However, when searching for valuable sources that provide evidence such as facts, statistics, and expert opinion, some places are better than others.
  • http://scholar.google.com.hk/


  • By using databases, journals, and scholar.google.com you will find legitimate sources for your paper.
  • You should have CLEAR evidence. Sayings or proverbs are not support.

Download 5.28 Kb.

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