Familias Mexicanas-americanas: Las Tradiciones/Los Eventos Especiales

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Familias Mexicanas-americanas: Las Tradiciones/Los Eventos Especiales

Nombre:________________________ Fecha:______________________

Exceeds Standard

Meets Standard

Near Standard

Below Standard

La Gramática

Use 5 different of boot verbs

o-ue, e-ie, and e-i

20 pts

Student’s essay showed mastery of the grammar and included a minimum of 5 boot verbs.

(20 -18)

Student’s essay showed some mastery of the grammar. Included between 3 & 4 boot verbs

Student’s essay did not show mastery of the grammar and/or insufficient evidence of grammar mastery. The student used less than 3 boot verbs.


Inaccurate grammar interfered with the meaning of the student’s presentation.

Essay included just 1 or no boot verbs.


El Vocabulario

Use of family vocabulary from Unit I.

20 pts

Student demonstrated mastery of family vocabulary. The student used a minimum of 5 vocabulary words.


Student demonstrated appropriate use of vocabulary that mostly relates to the family. The student used between 3 & 4 vocabulary words.


Insufficient use of vocabulary (3 or less words) or insufficient evidence of student’s knowledge about the family.


Insufficient vocabulary/ may not relate to the family. The student used 1 or no vocabulary words.


La Presentación

Student should memorize their lines and demonstrate their understanding of the words they speak. Their visual/spoken contribution should enhance the presentation.

(20 pts)

Student’s presentation was memorized, clear, fluent, and effectively expressed the intended meaning. Visual/ Speaking component effectively enhanced the presentation.


Student’s presentation was mostly memorized, but notes were occasionally used. Speaking/Visual component enhanced the presentation.


Presentation was not entirely memorized, and use of notes detracted from expression or meaning. Speaking/Visual component did not enhance the presentation. (14-12)

Student read from note cards for most of the presentation. The speaking/visual component added little to the presentation.


La Información Cultural

Presentation must include and explain each section of the triangle and must explain the “why”

(30 pts)

Student described each section of the triangle with great detail and answered all questions successfully. Why the tradition is practiced and the comparisons and differences between both their family tradition and the one depicted in the “Cuadros de familia” packet.

Student described the cultural importance of the family tradition answering most questions of the cultural triangle successfully. Presentation demonstrates knowledge of why the family tradition is practiced and compares/contrast the both.


Student described some cultural importance of the family tradition; answered a few questions of the triangle successfully. Student attempted to compare & contrast both traditions.


Insufficient description of each section of the triangle; lack of detail . Did not answer questions successfully. Student did not attempt to compare & contrast the both traditions.

Sustained level of difficulty/Organization

10 pts

Mostly complex & compound sentences. The essay is 3 or more paragraphs in length.


Mixture of simple and complex sentences. Is 2 ½- 3 paragraphs in length.


Mostly simple sentences. Is 1 1/2 – 2 paragraphs in length.


Short, choppy sentences or sentence fragments. Is 1 or less paragraphs in length.


________5 pts hoja “Tradiciones de Familias”

Nota Final:____________
Directory: uploaded -> faculty
faculty -> Welcome to Boerne High School
faculty -> Option 1: Choose one of the following questions and answer it in an extended single-paragraph essay or two shorter single paragraph if that fits your content Choose among these topics
faculty -> College Planning Night for Juniors & Parents
faculty -> Welcome to back to school night
faculty -> Ap world History
faculty -> Final Exam World Civilization Heers Spring 2007
faculty -> Perk h495 ap art history 2012-13 fine arts department course Outline Jean Thobaben
faculty -> Inconvenient Truth Essay! Remember to answer the following questions in a typed essay
faculty -> Becoming a Cultural Insider: How Holidays Can Help esl students' Acculturation and Language Learning
faculty -> Amistad: The Federal Courts and the Challenge to Slavery Teaching Activities

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