Expository Essay/Slideshow Presentation Project

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Expository Essay/Slideshow Presentation Project

  • Mrs. Gibson
  • 5th grade reading
  • Parts of the Project
  • Part 1: Organize the Essay
  • Write an introduction and attention getter
  • List the ingredients and explain the steps in the recipe
  • Conclude the essay with reasons to try the recipe
  • Strawberry Pizzazz
  • Have you ever been sitting at home on a hot summer day and wanted something refreshing to drink? You go into the kitchen and there you find the same old thing, soft drinks and Kool-aid. Well, I have an idea, why not try Strawberry Pizzazz. It is a fruity, refreshing drink that will definitely quench your thirst on a steamy summer day.
  • Making Strawberry Pizzazz is fairly simple. You will need: 1 can of frozen pink lemonade, 1 two liter bottle of ginger ale, 1 pint fresh strawberries, 1 container of Cool Whip, ice and a blender. First, you slice your strawberries up into the blender. Then add your ice. Next, you pour in your can of pink lemonade and about 2 cups of ginger ale. Finally, you blend the ingredients until completely mixed. When finished, pour into cups and top with Cool Whip
  • Now you have made Strawberry Pizzazz. So, the next time you are sitting at home on a hot summer day, wishing for a refreshing drink, why not blend up some Strawberry Pizzazz and sit back under the shade tree, relax, and enjoy.
  • Part 2: Create a presentation
  • Prepare to talk for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Have the recipe prepared or be able to prepare it during your talk
  • Be responsible for all the materials you need for the presentation
  • Strawberry Pizzazz
  • Ingredients
  • Process
  • Slice strawberries into a blender
  • Add ice
  • Pour in can of pink lemonade
  • Add about two cups of ginger ale
  • Blend ingredients until completely mixed
  • Top with Cool Whip
  • This is how you will be graded.
  • Expository essay/ presentation
  • Name_________________________
  • Written essay Possible Points Self Teacher
  • Introduction 30
  • Materials 6
  • Methods 6
  • Persuasion of reader 6
  • Conclusion 6
  • PowerPoint/ oral presentation 60
  • Creativity 6
  • Attractiveness 6
  • 5-10 slides 6
  • Ability to capture audience’s attention 6
  • Voice 6
  • Poise 6
  • Uses correct grammar 6
  • 5-10 Minutes 6
  • Relativity 6
  • Collaboration of speech and PowerPoint 6
  • Total points earned _____________
  • Comments:
  • 200

Download 4.73 Kb.

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