English Language Placement Exam (elpe) Undergraduate Information Fall, 2014 uc entry Level Writing Requiement

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English Language Placement Exam (ELPE) Undergraduate Information Fall, 2014

UC Entry Level Writing Requiement

  • “All students entering UC as freshmen must demonstrate their command of the English language by fulfilling the Entry Level Writing Requirement”
  • UC Office of the President

Who should take the ELPE

  • All entering internatiional freshmen at UCSB must take the ELPE at unless they have satisfied the ELWR by scoring:
    • 30 or better on the ACT Combined/English writing test; or
    • 680 or better on SAT Reasoning Test, Writing section or
    • 3 or above on AP Examination in English; or

Exemptions from ELPE, cont.

    • 5 or above on International Baccalaureate High Level English A exam or
    • 6 or above on an International Baccalaureate
    • Standard Level English A exam or
    • - if you have taken the AWPE, a passing score of 4, 5 or 6

ELPE Format

  • You will read a passage (about one page and a half) and respond to a prompt based on the passage
  • You will have two hours to complete the exam
  • In responding, you should use an academic essay (not informal) style

ELPE Evaluation

  • Your essay will be evaluated on the following:
    • organization
    • development (appropriate response to the writing prompt)
    • appropriate vocabulary
    • grammatical accuracy

ELPE Date/Time/Place

  • Time: Friday, September 26
  • 9:00 a.m. - noon
  • (Please arrive between 8:30-8:40
  • for ID check & seating)
  • Place: Chemistry 1179

What to bring to the ELPE

    • Photo ID (UCSB ID, passport, driver’s license)
    • Your perm number
    • Pen or pencil (either is fine)
  • (Please note: Dictionaries not permitted for this exam)

ELPE Placements

  • Linguistics 3A – Academic English
  • Linguistics 3B - Academic English
  • Linguistics 3C - Academic English
  • * Linguistics 12 - Approaches to University Writing for Multilingual Students (parallel to Writing 1)
  • * Writing 1 – Approaches to University Writing
  • Writing 2 - Academic Writing
  • * Fulfills Entry Level Writing Requirement, needed for enrollment in Writing 2

ELPE Placements

  • Posted by perm number for written exams and completed oral exams
  • Place: 3rd floor South Hall – in the glass
  • case between 3503 and 3505
  • (Look for English for Multilingual Students sign as you come down
  • the hallway)
  • Times: By Tuesday, Sept. 30, 10:00 a.m.

Other Questions You May Have

  • Q: I signed up for the AWPE. Should I take the ELPE too?
  • A: No. If you are taking the AWPE, we will give you a placement from that exam.

Other Questions You May Have

  • Q: Could I cancel the AWPE I registered for and take the ELPE instead?
  • A: You should take the AWPE if you registered for that exam.

Contact Information

  • EMS Program Assistant:
  • Sara Williams
  • swilliams@hfa.ucsb.edu
  • 893-7258
  • EMS Director:
  • Dr. Jan Frodesen
  • frodesen@linguistics.ucsb.edu
  • Fall Quarter October 2-December 19
  • Acting EMS Director:
  • Dr. Judy Gough
  • gough@linguistics.ucsb.edu
  • website: www.ems.ucsb.edu
  • (These slides will be posted on the EMS website)

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